Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Smart Cars?

The place where I work posted an announcement in their newsletter this month.

It read:

"You spoke, we listened...
Team members have asked if a special parking lot can be created specifically for Hybrid and High Fuel Mileage vehicles, and we at ( huge corporation that you have absolutely heard of) think that this is a great idea.
So, this summer, we will open a special new parking lot which will be restricted to Hybrids and vehicles which meet the standards for high fuel mileage set forth by the LEEDS List". (Whatever that is.)

First of all, NOBODY asked for this.


The people I work with, almost to a man, drive big, huge, monstrous pickup trucks. The only reason they drive the size vehicles they drive is because nobody makes a pickup truck bigger than the ones they currently own, and as soon as Peterbilt comes out with a pickup truck, the parking lot where I work will be covered with them within days.

Second, the place where I work does not really provide the employees with anywhere to park anyway. The closest parking lot to the building in which I work is an eleven minute walk away, and we get ten minute breaks, and a half-hour lunch break. If you leave anything in your vehicle, you have to do without it until the end of the shift. (Which is ten hours.)

But I think it is a great idea.

I think that people who drive Hybrids and such SHOULD be segregated from the rest of the population, and not just in parking lots.

When you do the math, you will learn that you will NEVER drive a Hybrid enough to actually save any money, and more environmental damage is done building a single Hybrid than in building THREE HUMMERS. (Except that they don't build Hummers anymore, but you get the picture.)

And if you believe that they will pump one drop less oil from the ground because you bought a Hybrid, then I don't want to have to deal with you in traffic.

So, when I read that, I did what any logical, thinking, rational person would have done.

I went out and bought a pickup truck twice the size of the one I was currently driving. (A big, blue, 4-wheel drive GMC.) 

And I plan to watch the Hybrid Lot when it opens, and to pay attention to who gets out of the Idiot-mobiles that park there, so that when I see them in the plant, I will know what to expect from them, and I will know not to trust them with anything too important.