Friday, June 17, 2005

The Blogosphere, Talk Radio, and FOX News...

In my recent post about the Downing Street Memo, I expressed concern over what the Mainstream (Leftist) Press would do with it. I was convinced that they would give this memo the "Dan Rather" treatment, focusing on a couple of distortable sentences, starting them spinning, and then beating us over the head with it until we collapsed into a persistant, vegetative state.
What I didn't take into consideration was you good people...The Bloggers.
You are the reason that stories like that cannot get any traction anymore.The Press floats these spinning trial balloons, and the bloggers Google them, learn the details, and shoot them down, one right after the other. We aren't listening to the Press anymore for our opinions, we listen to the press for ideas on subjects for discussions among ourselves. We then form our opinions based on whatever information we have gathered from all of our sources.Their spinners stop spinning, and the truth comes out.
The same thing happens with Talk Radio. The reason that Talk Radio is predominantly conservative is that the hosts and the callers discuss all aspects of any subject they settle upon, and logic usually leads to a conservative conclusion. It has nothing to do with marketing, indoctrination, or spin.
We in America have the most informed and educated population in the history of the world, and we are starting to pay attention. We are beginning to demand that our leaders pay attention to us as well. If a politician makes a campaign promise in today's America, he had better be prepared to keep it. If he doesn't, he will be confronted with never-ending soundbites of his own voice making ,and then breaking it. ("Read my lips... no new taxes!")
FOX news is another enigma that the left cannot seem to wrap their collective brain around. FOX's commentary is decidedly conservative (a fact which they make no attempt to hide, by the way), but their news coverage is just news.They just put the information out there without shading, without spin, without agenda, and because of this, Fox News has become wildly popular.
Knowledge is power, and the left has lost their decades long monopoly of the information stream. As a result, they now are getting louder, more outrageous, more ridiculous. They can't understand why more people don't accept their indoctrination anymore. The reason is that we are talking to each other. About EVERYTHING.
So, keep reading, keep writing, keep listening, keep talking. Never let up in your pursuit of the truth. If you have something to say ,set up your own blog, and say it. If you agree or disagree with anything you read on someone's blog, leave a comment and say so. Heaven knows, if I can do it, ANYONE can.
And finally, thanks for restoring my faith.

P.S. Just an observation, totally off the subject...
Take a look at recent photos of former president Slick Willie Clinton...
Doesn't he kinda look like the Emperor from the Star Wars movies??

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Bush And The War With Iraq

Have you heard of the Downing Street Memo?
Basically, the Downing Street Memo is a top secret document, published internally within the British government, which says that the evidence against Saddam Hussein was completely trumped up, thus proving the illegitimacy of the war in Iraq. Proving that the facts were manipulated to fit the situation, and proving the war-mongering tendencies of president Bush. It says that President Bush had already decided to invade Iraq long before 9/11. If you haven't heard about it yet, you soon will.
The Main Stream (Leftist) Media considers this to be THE smoking gun that they have been looking for.
THEY knew all along that the war against Iraq was wrong. THEY knew it was immoral. THEY knew that they were right, and the illegitamate, selected/not elected President Bush and all his minions were wrong, and you can believe that they will take up this drum and beat it ad-nauseum. (Remember the Bush-National Guard memo story??)
Here's the thing though - real or not, true or not, I don't care.
The truth is that we had unfinished business in Iraq. Saddam Hussein should have been removed from power during the FIRST Gulf War. The only reason he wasn't removed then was that the United Nations begged us not to do it. They wanted to be the ones who got the credit for riegning him in. "Let the sanctions work!!" they cried. Meanwhile, he got to continue to build multi-million dollar palaces, dig bunker complexes and pursue various weapons systems for eleven more years, while the people of Iraq starved and suffered. He ignored SEVENTEEN specific U.N. resolutions against him, while he sold oil vouchers to the leaders of all the U.N nations which opposed us during the run-up to the current action in Iraq. He continued to drop people into plastic shredders, chop off limbs, rape, torture and kill his own people.
The U.N did nothing about any of this except talk about it.
"Stop it, or we will be forced to tell you to stop it again!"
Why is the U.S. still in the U.N. anyway? What have they done for us lately? Am I wrong to assume that with any partnership, there should be some mutual benefit for both parties? They do nothing but soak up money, and continuously attack our national sovreignty. Every last nation in the U.N. (with the possible exception of Great Britain) is jealous of our power, our success, our affluence. France is trying desperately to prove that they are still relevant and still important, Russia is still upset about the whole "cold war" thing, and China is actively ramping up to engage us in open warfare. Why continue to associate with an organization that has such distaste for us? I'm all for taking our football and going home. Enough of this stupidity.
I will never believe that Iraq had absolutely no weapons of mass destruction. If we haven't found them yet, it is only because the U.N. stalled long enough for Hussein to hide them, destroy them, and/or move them out of the country (to Syria?) Who knows, if they could only have stalled a couple more years, maybe Iraq could have developed a nuclear weapon, and then things would have been a lot more interesting.
North Korea already has tested their nuke, and China can now orbit an ICBM with enough range to target the U.S. homeland ( Thank you president Slick Willie.)
Make no mistake. This is not a war about oil. If it was, we would have nuked Bhagdad on the first day and enslaved the Iraqi people immediately. If Bush wanted to lie about WMD's, he would have shipped containers of them over with the first round of troops, and littered the Iraqi countryside with them for all of the reporters to photograph. The fact that Michael Moore is still alive is proof that President Bush is an honest and moral man.(Have you seen the Clinton Death List??)
So publish whatever little piece of paper you happen to find lying around. As long as it makes logical sense to do so, I will continue to give President Bush the benefit of the doubt.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

No Apologies Here...

Well, the results of Terry Schaivo's autopsy were released today, and on the behalf of the conservative community, let me say, we were wrong.
Terry WAS in a persistant vegitative state, she WAS brain dead, she WAS totally dependant upon her feeding tube, she COULDN'T swallow anything, and her husband DIDN'T beat the living snot out of her.We were all wrong about all of it.
By some strange twist of fate, in 1991 she just, for no apparent reason, fell over and landed on the floor, and slipped into a coma, and there remained until the benevolent courts, along with her loving husband, released her from her ongoing misery once and for all. How could we have been so heartless and cruel as to insist that this poor woman remain in that pitiful state for all those years. I am sure that there is an especially hot corner of Hell reserved for those of us who wanted to inflict such torture on such a poor, helpless victim, who, by the way, made her final wishes so abundantly clear to her devoted and doting husband, who stayed faithfully by her side until the very end.
Well then, screw you all.
I refuse to apologize for my opinions about this case. She may have been in a vegetative state. She may never have recovered, but if I made a mistake in my thinking on this one, at least I erred on the side of innocent life.
I don't care what the medical examiner's conclusions were, Michael Schaivo KILLED his wife. If her best interests were what he was after, he wouldn't have raised a family with another woman while he was still married to her. He would have let her family take over her care and the rehabilitation attempts. He would have released her from the sham marriage he clung to for the sole purpose of killing her. He's dirty. I don't care what anybody says.
When you think about it, this case opens the door for us to get rid of a lot of helpless people. We could empty out the nursing homes of America. Think of the time that could be freed up for doctors and nurses to help people who might eventually return to the workforce and pay taxes. Think of the money that the insurance companies will save, now that the only criteria we have to follow is that the patient be dependant on a feeding tube, be unresponsive, and have at least one family member who will swear in court that the patient wouldn't want to live this way. We can now trim out the dead wood and make the world a better place.
Again, screw you.
I can't understand why the left in this country will fight to the death for the rights of the detainees at Git'mo to not have to listen to rap music, and then call me stupid for believing that we shouldn't starve a defensless woman to death. A woman who, by the way, wasn't bothering anyone, and who at least brought some joy and purpose to the lives of her mother, father, brothers and sisters.
A goldfish in a bowl is unable to feed itself, and barely able to think, but we don't starve them to death (at least not on purpose.)
So to all you self-righteous democrats out there, you just continue to champion the rights of murderers, rapists, terrorists and thugs, and I will continue to stand up for innocent unborn babies, comatose hospice residents, those who do not have a voice of their own. We will see at the end who has lays up the most treasures in Heaven.

Monday, June 13, 2005

innocent?? not guilty??

I am so glad that justice has finally been done in the Michael Jackson case.
This poor innocent man has finally been vindicated. I mean, all he really wants to do is show his love for the children. Especially the BOY children. I don't know about you, but I personally LIVE for the day that a rich pop star shows up at my doorstep, wanting to show his love by sleeping in the bed with MY ten year old son. It's a beautiful thing!! Thats what the world really needs anyway, isn't it? More beautiful man-boy love??
Okay, I can't do this anymore. What kind of country do we live in when we can't convict a pedophile who owns his own amusement park, and said on television that he SLEEPS WITH LITTLE BOYS??!!
The only way that justice was done here is that the decision today kept the case out of the hands of the ninth circus court of appeals. (We all know what would have happened if it had gone before that bunch. THEY want to make it LEGAL to rape little boys...)
Well, though, when I think about it, I'm not really surprised. In America, if you have enough money, power, and name recognition, you can dazzle your way out of just about anything, and when a case goes to court, the fate of the defendant is in the hands of twelve people who were too stupid to get out of jury duty. It doesn't bode well, really...
Anyway, I will be curious to know how many of the Michael Jackson jurors are bringing their own children (especially the boys) to the "Neverland Ranch Overnight Victory Sleepover Party" which is sure to ensue, now that MJ has been declared innocent. Nothing to worry about, right?? I mean, a jury of his peers found him innocent, right??
WRONG. What the jury found is that Tom Sneddon did not prove his case beyond a reasonable doubt. Big difference. What they found was that the accuser's mother tried to sue a couple too many people before she let this monster molest her son for a solid year.
By the way, this boy's parents are just as guilty as Jackson is. How many of you out there would let your pre-teen son sleep alone in a bed with a forty-four old un-married man who has had ninety-seven plastic surgeries, and in the past had been charged with child molestation??(Regardless of what the outcome was, if you get charged with child molestation, You don't get to EVER spend time with MY children, I don't care WHO you are.)
The only bright side to this whole mess is that now maybe the Media will shut up about it, and maybe now we can all focus on something important. Like Southpark, which is coming on now.
Gotta go...

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

If A Man Will Not Work, Neither Let Him Eat...

Well general Motors has announced that they will lay off 25,000 workers by 2008, and that they will close an unspecified number of their plants in order to avoid going bankrupt. Does anyone out there think that this will improve the quality or availability of GM vehicles?
One of the main reasons GM is giving for the current mess that they are in is the skyrocketing cost of healthcare and pensions.GM said that healthcare costs for their retired workers add $1500 to the price of every new GM vehicle. Basically, they can no longer afford to keep paying benefits to people who no longer generate any money for the company.
It has occured to me that we spend an awful lot of time in America talking about ways to give money and services to people who don't produce anything. We worry about the poor, the homeless, retirees, Socialist Security recipients, the unemployed, etc, etc, etc... All of these people (with some exceptions) have one thing in common. They don't produce anything. They make no contribution to society.(I am in no way trying to slam the people who recieve pensions from GM. The only thing they are guilty of is buying into a bad deal.)
We live in a society where, for some reason, uselessness and worthlessness must be protected and preserved at all costs.
We abort innocent babies in wholesale numbers (one of which, by the way,could have grown up to figure out the solutions to these very problems) and at the same time support convicted murderers for years and years before we put them to death.(tangient...this is a subject for another posting. Stay tuned...)
Socialist Security is one of my biggest gripes. There is no constitutional provision for it. I never voted for such a thing. I don't want it, I never plan to need it, and if i could opt completely out of it, they could keep the money that I have already paid in to it. It won't be there for me anyway.
President Bush has proposed a plan to privatize a portion of the Socialist Security program. The private accounts would be totally voluntary, and would not affect anyone over 55 years old. Do you know who the loudest opponents of this plan are? They are people over 55, who don't even have a dog in this fight.
They won't be affected in any way, they just don't want ME to have a choice in the matter. Some of them are the very people who voted the stupid thing in to begin with. It drives me crazy. These are the same people who took GI bill money and built their houses, then took the money they should have saved for their retirement and bought land for nearly nothing, so that later they could sell it to one another's grandchildren for ten times (or more) what they paid for it.
Conduct a little experiment on your own. Ask any Socialist Security recipient that you know if they get enough money to live on. Ask them if they would be any better off if they had the money they paid in to the system in a money market account, or stocks and bonds, or ANYWHERE ELSE besides the Socialist Security system. Every last one of them will tell you that it's a bad deal. For some reason though, we can't get rid of it, or improve it, or change it in any way, because all the people on "fixed incomes" will suffer.
The real kicker is that for the most part, it is a REGRESSIVE transfer of wealth. They take money directly from the paychecks of young working people who are trying to get started in life, and give it to retirees who have already made their fortunes (big or small.) Think about the retired people you know. Are they destitute, or do they have savings, land, houses, investment properties, things like that? At the very least, they have children who would not let them starve to death. Would they still take their check if they realized that they are using the power of government to steal it from their grandchildren?
"But they paid that money in for years!!" you scream."They are just getting their own money back!!" you cry. Well, not exactly. Most Socialist Security recipients draw out the money that they paid in within the first five years. After that it's welfare. Plain and simple. I know it's harsh, but it's true.
If something isn't done about this trend, Hillary-care, welfare, Socialist security, et al, will eat up the entire domestic gross product before it is over. The fate of GM will befall the federal government, but not before every working American runs completely out of money. We can't afford any more help from the government.
It's time for EVERYONE to start taking responsibility for their own butt. Save for your own retirement. Provide your own healthcare insurance. Pay your own way. Don't depend on anyone or anything besides yourself for your subsistence. Stop looking for the easy way out. There ain't one.

Monday, June 06, 2005

My Bad...

I'm afraid that my family and I commited a horrible social faux pas this past weekend, And I feel that I must now make it right.
I wish to extend my most sincere apology to the gay community for visiting the Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure theme parks In Orlando, Florida during "Gay Days." Please know that we were unaware that the time periods of our visits coincided, otherwise we would have certainly made other arrangements.I am aware of the importance of this celebration to the gay community, and i deeply regret spending the money we spent, thereby corrupting the data relating to the impact that gays have upon the local economy of Orlando during this time. I promise that this will never happen again.
I promise to never again get in your way while you are waiting in the lines,and for any sideways glances, shocked behavior, or open staring, I am truly sorry.
I hope that you all will accept my humble apology, and be assured that i will make it my goal to persuade all other heterosexual people to avoid Orlando altogether during "Gay Days" from now on.
Thanks! TBC

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The De-generation gap.

Here is a brief recap of recent American history as it pertains to the subject of our discussion tonight.
The World War Two generation raised the Baby Boom generation. The Baby Boomers raised the Me generation, who then raised Generation X. After the Gen-X'ers came Generation Y (or Generation Why??), and the latest group of kids, The Nothing Generation.(More on this in a future blog. This is a great launching pad for a lot of subjects that I like to complain about. Stay tuned...)
Each generation has a more pronounced sense of entitlement than the one which preceded them, and each generation has, in large part, been less productive than the last.
I totally understand how we got here. Everyone wants their kids to have things easier than they had it, and everyone works very hard to that end. The ultimate result is that the kids from each generation get a little bit softer, a little bit fatter, a little bit slower, a little more helpless.
The group of kids my wife teaches, for the most part, dont want to exert any effort for any reason. If it isn't handed to them, they don't want it. Doesn't matter what it is. They toss aside without a backward glance the education that previous generations tried so hard to make available to them. They don't believe that they have to do anything that they don't want to do. They don't respect themselves, the police, teachers, parents, other people's property, other people' personal space, or anything else. There is the occasional kid who stands out from the rest,but those are rare.
The only things that seem to matter to them is entertainment, and sex. Which is funny, because the entertainment that they like is for the most part ridiculous, and they know about as much about sex as a suicide bomber knows about explosives.(Just enough to blow themselves up.)
I want to tell them that they need to get a grip. I wish that I could explain to them that the reason that I have to work sixty-five hours a week in the Florida heat is that when I was their age, I DIDN'T GET IT. I goofed off, didn't pay attention, and I blew it. So now I pay the price. I firmly believe I could have been a rocket surgeon if I had done my best when it counted.
Don't get me wrong, I make decent money. When you look at my paycheck, it would probably seem like an awful lot of money to a high school kid, but when I think about what I have to do every day to get it, I wish I had done things differently.
The reason that they are the way they are is that they have had it too easy. My parents had chores. I had television. The generation today has video games. They don't have time to help with the dishes, they have to beat level 60 on the PS2 version of "Heaven v/s Hell." Good luck getting a 14 year old today to milk a cow. No one ever told them that milk even comes out of a cow. If they saw that happen, they would never touch a glass of milk again.
So they have no character. No work ethic. No sense of responsibility.They are the janitors, fast food workers, convenience store clerks and laborers of the future.(No offense to the people in these fine professions intended.)
Their problems will be further intensified by the fact that our wise and forward-looking government is about to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants who will gladly do these jobs for a fraction of the money the jobs pay now, and THEY WANT to work.
The cold, hard fact is that parents, if they really want their kids to have things easier, are going to have to start letting their kids experience a little bit of adversity. Make them work up a sweat occasionally. Make them do without things sometimes, so that they learn when they are young how to set priorities, they learn how to do things for themselves.
We somehow have to figure out how to raise some responsible adults, or we will all be in trouble.