Sunday, April 30, 2006

Today Was A Good Day.

Boy, am I tired...

My Wife, my brother in law, and my two sisters in law, and I went tubing down the Rainbow River in Western Central Florida today. We are tired, sunburned, soggy, and happy.

I did not know how badly I needed this trip. It was a 4 mile, 3 1/2 hour drift on a round float down a very beautiful, litter free waterway that God made just for my enjoyment. We saw spiders, and bugs, and Cranes eating little fishes, and River Otters, and Cypress Trees, and Moss covered Rocks, and underwater grass. We played, and talked, and connected, and squirted each other with water guns, and forgot about all of the struggles of everyday life for 3 1/2 hours.

It was very relaxing.

When we reached the parking lot at the end of the float, The Lord provided a Hot Dog Stand, and we snacked on Hot Dogs and Chips, and canned sodas, and we were refreshed.

On the trip home, we stopped at a gas station, and I found out that $5.00 worth of boiled peanuts creates a carload of happy women, and this is a very good thing.

Tommorrow, we will all return to the grind. But Today, we stepped outside of our daily lives, and played like children.

I would not have gone on this trip, ever, had it not been for my Wife. Given my choice, I would sit inside the house every spare minute, watching television and surfing the internet. But she remembered doing this as a young child, and she wanted me to experience the wonder and joy that she felt then.

It worked.

I haven't been as happy as I was on that river in a long, long time.

There is really no point or punchline to this post. I am not trying to educate anyone, or offer any commentary on the state of the World, or offer any solutions to the problems that we face.

We will always have problems.

I am simply sharing my account of one day in my life when I was happy. Unreservedly, unashamedly, undeniably happy.

Days like this are the reason that we work. They are the reason that family and friends are important.

They are the reason that we live.

Have them every chance you get.

We only live once.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Snow Brainer...

Okay, that was a really bad pun... Sorry.

"Tony already knows most of you, but he has agreed to accept the job anyway." - President George W. Bush, introducing his new Press Secretary Tony Snow to the White House Press Corpse. (Typo intentional. - TBC)

From, via the Drudge Report.

Bush Taps Snow As New Press Secretary
Apr 26, 10:12 AM (ET)By TERENCE HUNT

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush on Wednesday named conservative commentator Tony Snow as White House press secretary, putting a new face on a troubled administration.
Snow, a Fox news pundit and former speechwriter in the White House under Bush's father, replaced Scott McClellan who resigned in a personnel shuffle intended to re-energize the White House and lift the president's record-low approval ratings.

"My job is to make decisions and his job is to help explain those decisions to the press corps and the American people," Bush said, with Snow and McClellan at his side in the White House briefing room.

Tony announced on his show last week that the White House had aproached him about the job. The word on the street is that Snow delayed accepting the job in order to negotiate a little real power for himself. He reportedly accepted the job with the stipulation that he gets to sit in on policy discussions in the White House, be allowed to voice his opinion directly to the President, and have a say in how information will be presented to the Press.

I believe that this is appropriate. Scott McClellan was repeatedly left flapping in the wind over the last three years, and I do not blame his successor for attempting to protect himself. I also am aware that Snow took a significant pay cut in taking this position. There should be some payoff for that as well.

Tony Snow is no lock-step Republican Yes Man. He has repeatedly disagreed publicly with the President and his policies, (usually on the same issues that I disagreed with him on...) but he has defended the President on the issues on which he has been unfairly attacked.

I believe that Tony Snow is a very intelligent, very Conservative, straight talking, clear thinking man, who truly wants what is best for this Country. He has a great reputation as a fair and thorough Journalist, and an honest, no nonsense political commentator. He has been in contact with politically aware American Citizens from both sides of the political divide through his Radio Call-in Show for years now.

He knows and understands the attitudes and opinions of the American people.

He also has a low tollerance for B.S., and is not afraid to set the record straight, should he become aware that it is being distorted.

I believe that he will be a valuable addition to the Bush Team.

I also believe that the White House Press Corps is going to have their hands full.

This is a very good day.

I only hope that Tony Snow will use this new position to continue to speak Truth to Power, whether it is to the President, or more importantly, to the unofficial Fourth Branch of Government, the News Media.

It's about time that someone started to hold them to a standard of Truth so that they might begin to regain their credibility.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I've Got It!!

How much are you paying for Gasoline where you live?

Today, I filled up the Work Car at the Kangaroo station about a mile from where I work.

10.803 gallons at $2.97 per gallon (87 Octane), for a total expenditure of $32.18.

I had been 378 miles on the last tankful, so my car got 35.91 miles per gallon.

That's pretty good for a $900.00 car, by anyone's standards.

I believe that I can make it do better, though. I was discussing this with my Wife the other night, and I told her that theoretically, if I added a Turbocharger to it, it should make it burn the fuel that it does burn a whole lot more efficiently, and should increase the fuel mileage by at least 5 to 7 MPG. Furthermore, a larger inlet pipe and throttle body would free up the airflow coming in to the engine, and should increase the fuel mileage by another 3 to 5 MPG. A Header and larger exhaust system, and eliminating the Catalytic Converter would probably be good for another 8 to 10 MPG.

Replacing the stock 13" Rims and Tires with a set of 18" wheels would reduce the engine RPM's at highway speeds, and should increase the fuel mileage by another 4 or 5 MPG.

(I still haven't yet figured out how to sell her on a Nitrous System as a Gas Saving investment. If I come up with anything, I'll let you know...)

But while I was thinking about all of this, it occured to me that the problem that I have with high Gasoline prices has nothing to do with the price of Gasoline.


I mean, think about it...If we did not have to pay for our own Gas, it wouldn't matter if the price was high or not.

And then it hit me. I know what would fix this whole problem.


It's so simple! I don't understand why no one has proposed this before!

A single payer, Taxpayer supported, Government administered, free to the end user Gasoline for every American Citizen (and Undocumented Immigrant) system.

The government could take over the Oil Industry, give free Gasoline to everybody, and pay for it with Tax Money.

Any profits could be rolled right back into the system, rather than going to pay salaries to overpaid Oil Executives, and Profiteering Stock Holders, who steal their dividends directly from the pockets of the Working Poor, and the Middle Class.

It is the only solution!

I mean, everybody has to have Gasoline, don't they?

Why shouldn't the Government provide it for us all? (Except the Rich, of course. Screw them. Let them pay for their own Gasoline.)

This could be done without making everyone convert their cars over to some non-existent pipe dream alternative fuel, without disturbing any Pristeen Wildernesses, and without building any new refineries.

And here is the best part...

If the Republican led Congress and Senate were to pass this, and President Bush signs it into Law, then Republicans would remain in power for the rest of my Grandchildren's lives!

Win, Win, Win!!

I mean, Gasoline IS an Inalienable Human Right, isn't it?

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Clinton Legacy

Does the name Mary McCarthy mean anything to any of you?

It should, and if it doesn't yet, it soon will.

She was a National Security Council staff member in the inspector general's office of the CIA, during the Clinton Administration. She was held over in the CIA by the Bush Administration in the interest of avoiding the destruction of the careers of everyone who worked for Clinton.

She is the source of the leaked information regarding the Secret Prisons where captured Al-Qaeda members were supposedly being held, in several European Countries that have been Allies of the U.S. in the War on Terror.

Whether these prisons actually exist or not has not been proven yet. One theory is that the information was bogus, and that it was floated as a "Sting" operation, in order to entrap leakers in the CIA.

It worked.

But whether the prisons exist or not is irrelevant. The fact that they were classified information is not in dispute, and she leaked it. And she does not have Presidential Authority to declassify information, like the President and the Vice President have.

That is Treason. Not "dissent", not "free speech", not a heroic American exercise of Constitutional Rights.

Treason. (There IS such a thing.)

And where are the people who have been calling for Scooter Libby's, Karl Rove's, Dick Cheney's and President Bush's heads for the crime of "leaking" the identity of Valerie Plame (who was NOT covert at the time?)

They are all over TV, claiming that since the information that McCarthy leaked was true (which we don't know yet), and since it was damaging to the Bush Administration (in their opinion), then she is a hero. A "whistle blower", not a Treasonous spy trying to undermine a sitting President during a time of War.

But that is not surprising. According to these people, and according to a lot of Americans, President Bush can do absolutely nothing right, and any means that have to be employed to discredit him and his administration, from Lying, to Spying, to leaking information about our Country's most secret and strategically important programs, is fair game.

To them, President Bush is the only criminal, no matter what anyone else does or says, because they believe that this is what the Republicans believed when Clinton was President. They believe that the Republicans constantly attacked Clinton for being corrupt, and that is how Republicans gained their power.

Never mind that the allegations against Clinton were true...

What does any of this have to do with President Clinton's Legacy?

A lot.

President Clinton believed that he was above the Law, for all intents and purposes, and he succeeded in convincing a lot of Americans that he should be. So now, Americans have been convinced that all Presidents believe that they are, and should be, above the Law.

President Clinton and his Administration took illegal Campaign Contributions from Foriegn Countries in exchange for Missile Technologies, Nuclear Materials, and political influence, so now, Americans believe that all Presidents and their Administrations are self serving and corrupt.

President Clinton put a whole host of his friends from Arkansas in positions of National Power when he became President, so now Americans believe that all Presidents engage in "Cronyism".

President Clinton lied and got caught, so now Americans believe that all Presidents lie with impunity.

Clinton set an example of incompetence, corruption and self-serving behavior which has poisoned the political process in America, and his influence is manifested daily in the hate filled attacks against President Bush by Clinton's Party.

This is Clinton's Legacy.

This is the price that America is paying for deciding that Character did not matter in Presidential Elections.

America will eventually right itself, but for decades to come, every time the White House, the Congress or the Senate changes hands, we will suffer a whole new barrage of attacks from the losing party against the winners, as a direct result of Clinton's effect on the attitude of Americans regarding their Elected Leaders.

This cannot be good for America.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

My God Is Able To Deliver Me...

The story is told of a man who had lived his whole life on the banks of a large river.

One rainy season, the river overflowed it's banks and flooded his house.

He retreated to the upper floor, and began to pray.

"God, please deliver me from the flood."

After a couple of hours, he heard a knock on his window, and opened it up to see a man in a boat.

"I'm here to rescue you", the boatman said.

"No, I'm okay." replied the man. "God will take care of me."

As the waters continued to rise, the man was forced to climb outside, and take refuge on his roof. After a while, another man drifted by in another boat, and offered to rescue the man from his roof.

"No, I'm okay. God will take care of me..." he said.

In a few more hours, the man was clinging to the top of his chimney, as the flood waters raged all around him.

A helicopter flew up and hovered overhead. As the crew dropped a rope down to him, he waved them off, saying "No thanks, God will save me!"

They left, and he drowned.

When he stood before God, he asked "Why did You not save me? I had faith, I prayed, and You still let me drown. Why, oh Lord?"

The Lord replied "Well, I sent two boats and a helicopter..."

The World is a scary place lately. There are wars, and rumors of wars. There are Enemies plotting to overthrow our Country both outside our borders, and within. There are individuals, factions, and organizations who want to overthrow our Government, take away our Freedoms, and destroy our way of life. They would not bat an eye at the prospect of murdering every single American to accomplish their goals.

And while these problems are developing, and worsening, we in America are tearing each other apart over whether or not we should respond to these threats, or beg our enemies for mercy.

The thought of turning the thermostat too low for comfort in the cells of the enemy combatants (who would murder whole cities full of Americans, if they could figure out how...) that we have captured is far too torturous to bear, for some of us.

These are very hard problems to solve. As a matter of fact, we as mere human beings are not able to solve them. Not on our own.

But God can.

I am not afraid of the World, because I know that if I trust Him to, God can, and will deliver me.

God has been very good to me. He has placed me in the greatest Nation on Earth, and has blessed me with the freedom to worship Him any way I see fit. He has blessed me with material things at a level that most of the World cannot even imagine. He has given me the freedom, and the drive and ambition to try to better myself and my situation any way that I can think of, and the conscience and awareness to realize that I should try to share these blessings with every human being in the World. He also blessed me with the realization that my well being is my own responsibility, and that I have a role in society that is unique, and if I shirk my responsibility in any way, then what I am here to do does not get done.

And He blessed me with the common sense to realize that these things are indeed blessings from Him, and that these blessings should be protected and preserved.

To that end, He has blessed me with a Government that has the weapons and tools to protect me, my family, and our Society from threats against our Freedoms and our lifestyle. He has blessed my Country with (some) leaders who realize that protecting our Freedom and our lifestyle is not only their job, but their Christian Responsibility. (No matter who attacks them because of it.)

Whenever I am confronted by people who want to be pacifists, and hide from the problems of the World behind the robes of Jesus, (because EVERYBODY knows that Jesus did not condone violence, don'tcha know...), I think of this quote. It isn't from the Bible, but God also blessed me with the ability to recognize truth and incorporate common sense into my opinions and lifestyle, even if it did not come directly from the Bible. (God blesses different people in different ways, I guess.)

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." --George Orwell

When you complain about how evil the President is for taking us to War, and you scream that Jesus was a Pacifist, and would never condone violence, and you tell me that I am wrong for wanting to deal forcefully with our Enemies around the World, remember that someone paid for your right to do that with their life.

Someone engaged in War, for your right to be a pacifist.

God helps those who help themselves.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Next Frontier...

How many Generations of Americans should be forced to put up with the crap coming from Iran?

When I was a little boy, I remember all of the adults in my life being worried about events occuring in Iran. I vividly remember the 444 day long Iran Hostage Crisis in the latter part of the Carter Administration, and I also vividly remember when it ended.

On the same day that Ronald Reagan was sworn into office.

The message was forever burned into my developing brain. Democrats beg and plead, attempt to negotiate, and accept abuse from thugs and bullies on an International Scale.


The whole World knew that in 1980. (About half of the American public are a little slow on the uptake, though...)

The Government of Iran, flying in the face of the whole World, is currently, actively, and publicly pursuing a Nuclear Weapons program. They are making no secret of the fact that they intend to use these Weapons to eradicate a neighboring soveriegn Nation. (Israel.)

They have also made no secret of the fact that they hate America as an entity, and Iran has for twenty years been a hotbed of Terrorist support and activity against American interests all over the World.

I say if the Government of Iran wants a Nuclear Weapon that badly, then we should give them one.

Right in the middle of downtown Tehran.

From 30,000 feet.

And make it one that is big enough to get the job done.

In my Great Grandparent's and Grandparent's day, all of the trouble in the World came from Japan and Germany.

That came to a screeching halt when the U.S. dropped a couple of Atomic Bombs on Japan. (Germany knew it was coming, and decided that they didn't want one.)

Since we did that, we have had nothing but love and affection from Japan. They have been one of our most steadfast and dependable Allies. They try to immitate our culture, our traditions, and our language.

Because we demonstrated that we could, and would, kick their butt.

The same thing would work with Iran, if we would only do it.

Not only would it work in Iran, but it would convert a large percentage of the Muslim World in general into fans of America.

Muslims respect displays of awsome power. They have no respect for grovelers or negotiators.

That's a fact.

If we want to insure that Terrorism, Israel style, does not find it's way to our soil, then Iran has to be dealt with, and dealt with forcefully.

I for one am glad that the President keeps saying that all options are on the table when it comes to Iran.

I hope he is serious.

Monday, April 17, 2006

What The World Needs Now Is Another Folk Singer...

Like I need a hole in my head.


Are you sitting down?

Can you handle this shocking developement?

Neil Young has written a PROTEST ALBUM!!

From Netscape News...

Neil Young urges Bush impeachment on protest album
By Steve Gorman

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Veteran rocker Neil Young has recorded a protest album featuring an anti-Iraq war track with "a holy vow to never kill again" and a song titled "Let's Impeach the President," the singer said on Monday.

The 10-track set, called "Living with War," was recorded this month by a "power trio" -- electric guitar, bass and drums -- plus trumpet and a 100 voices, the 60-year-old Canadian-born musician announced on his Web site.

I thought Neil Young was dead. (He looks dead, anyway...)

I have never liked Neil Young. At all. Ever. I don't understand how he ever got famous.

When he plays Acoustic Guitar, he is pretty good, I guess, although I personally know about thirty guys who are better. When he plays with Distortion, he is terrible. They should take Guitars AWAY from people who play like he does when he tries to "rock".

But I could even forgive him for that. (I personally know about thirty guys who are worse.) (But not much.)

My problem with Neil Young is that he won't shut up.

When he sings, dogs howl. Buzzards fall from the sky. Milk curdles in refrigerators within a fifty mile radius.

Yoko Ono gets Jealous.

I couldn't care less what his politics are. (Although I personally don't agree with them.) He is entitled to his own opinion.

Just do us all a favor and paint it on a sign.

No, I take that back. I DO care what his politics are, and I don't believe that I should have to pay to hear about them. If you want to make albums to promote your political agenda, give them away.

Mr. Young, if you want my $11.50, sing about love. Sing about drugs. Sing about dogs, or being sick, or working hard, or about searching for a Heart Of Gold, and Gettin' Old.

No, even THAT wouldn't get it for me, not now. I don't want to hear it. I don't want to hear it from RELEVANT artists, I don't want to hear it from GOOD artists, and I CERTAINLY don't want to hear it from an impressionist who only does impressions of cats having sex.

To quote a good band from about the same time period in which people cared what Neil Young thought...

I hope Neil Young will remember, a Southern Man don't need him around anyhow.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Where Are You Going With This, Tug?

While doing research for a recent post dealing with polls, I took an unscientific poll here at my house in order to determine the attitudes, beliefs, and living situations of Americans.

My sample size was three.

I made some very interesting discoveries.

I learned through my poll that 66% of Americans are Conservative Republicans, Christians (Baptists, to be exact,) Free Market Capitolists, and American Idol Fans.

Tonight Bucky Covington went home. (On American Idol, that is...)

(Why can't we get rid of Ace?)

I liked Bucky. He is related (by marriage) to the daughter of the Bass Player from my old band in North Carolina, and lives in Rockingham. (Where the Race Track is.)

I've never been to a NASCAR Race there, but I have been down the Drag Strip there a few times. It's a pretty good Quarter Mile Strip, much better than the one that I went to in Bradenton Fl, this past Saturday.

My wife thinks that she wants me to start building another Race Car, but I am not sure that she realizes what a can of worms she is opening there...

I would love to build a Pro Street Car, but I would not be able to afford the gas to drive it, with Gas prices as high as they are.

You do realize why Gas prices have jumped recently, don't you?

It is because the Environmental Regulations which were suspended after Hurricane Katrina have been reinstated. This, coupled with increased demand, and our Government's unwillingness to pursue Domestic Oil Sources such as ANWAR and those in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida, have lead to the increases.

If only some Senator or Congressman had thought to attatch ANWAR Drilling to President Bush's Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit, then maybe we would be well on our way to a solution to this problem.

I mean, I need Gasoline just as much as Seniors need free drugs, don't I?

But then again, maybe I could benefit from free prescription drugs myself.

Which leads me to the point of my post...

Attention Deficit Disorder is a difficult master to serve.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Tugboatcapn's Strategy for Democrat Victory...

Okay, Dems, forget about Tom DeLay. He's a dead end. When all of the facts finally come out, he will be exonerated. His stepping down has only made him more dangerous to you politically, and you know this.

Forget about Karl Rove as well. You are not smarter than he is, and that is why you are scared of him, and why you hate him so much. That is also why you will never pin anything illegal on him. He is, and will remain three steps ahead of you.

Forget about impeaching President Bush too. That ain't going to happen. Even as we speak, more and more evidence is surfacing that proves that he was right about Iraq, Saddam Hussein, and Al-Qaeda all along.

He has been right about all of it, whether you will admit it or not. Go ahead and live in denial if you choose.

Facts are facts. Get over it.

Go ahead and quote all of the approval number polls you want. We all know that your side manipulates those as well. You might as well read a phone book to us. (Those of us who pay attention and think, anyway...)

Like it or not, we are in Iraq. For the long haul.

Setting time limits for withdrawal will only cause the people of Iraq to construct a rushed, faulty Government which will be doomed to failure, and will only serve to undermine the image of America, Worldwide, (Which, I believe, is the goal of a lot of you,) and to nullify the contributions of all those who have fallen in the pursuit of the noble effort in which we find ourselves engaged.

So, unless that is your goal, disregard the recent statements of your fallen champion of the 2004 Presidential Race. He is spouting anti-American nonsense. Short sighted rhetoric, nothing more.

If you want to regain your power through the next two election cycles, I will tell you how to do it. I can tell you how without fear, because I know that you will never do it.


First, you must let go of your hatred and fear of the Republicans who are currently in power. Hatred and fear do not win elections.

Secondly, you have to abandon the whole "Culture of Corruption" tactic, because, as much as you would like to convince the American public otherwise, Republicans have by no means cornered the market on corruption.

(Do you trust the Wall Street Journal?)

Thirdly, you must admit that America indeed has enemies, and that those enemies have to be dealt with forcefully. These enemies cannot be reasoned with, and must be defeated, whatever the cost.

Fourthly, (is that a word?) you must denounce killers, former Klansmen, and lunatics, and remove them from your midst. (Follow the links.)

(Unless you do this, thinking Americans will never take you seriously. You have become, and will continue to be characatures of yourselves.)

Fifth, you MUST abandon your stance on Illegal Immigration, and come up with a Real World, workable plan to stem the tide of Illegals across our Southern Border, and propose a workable plan to deal with the Illegals who are already here, without making them Citizens.

The first Political Party to do this will be in power for the forseeable future.

So far, neither Party seems interested in dealing with this problem in any real way, so this issue is there for the taking. The American People are desperately seeking real leadership here.

Lead, already. (If you are able.)

Sixth, support strong, honest, idealistic leaders. (If you have any.) Be honest about who and what you are, and what you really support, and want. Stop lying to the American People about what you will do if you are returned to power, and let us choose you for ourselves, if indeed we want you.

Seventh, accept defeat gracefully, if you lose. Stop with the Lawyers, already. Forget about achieving you goals through the courts.

You lost in '00, and again in '04, and you would have appeared a lot more mature and worthy of power if you had simply accepted that fact, rather than dragging America through lengthy Court Battles, and years of denial about how it went.

It cheapened the Electoral Process, and left a bad taste in the mouths of American voters, of all Political stripes.

If you could do these few simple things, you would make a lot more progress toward regaining power than you will by demonizing Rush Limbaugh, President Bush, Tom DeLay, and Karl Rove.

If you can't, then get used to the Minority spot within our Government.

It's the best you will be able to do with your current tactics.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Get Rich Quick!

I recently received a letter in the mail asking me to participate in a "program" which promises to bury me in money within three months.

This is an old scheme, and I have seen it before, myself, but I have never known or heard of anyone who has tried it.

It goes like this.

The letter that I received has six names and addresses on it. I am supposed to send one dollar bill to each of the names on the list, and wrap it with a note reading "Please add me to your mailing list." Then, I remove the top name, move all the other names up one space, and add my name to the bottom.

I then buy a list of 200 names and addresses from a mailing list company, for $37.00. (The company information is conveniently provided right on the letter.)

I then will print up 200 copies of the letter, with my amended list of names to the 200 people from my list, and mail them out.

Within three months, I am supposed to receive over $800,000 in the mail, one dollar at a time.

I am supposed to wait about six months and do it again, this time with the names from the notes I receive with each dollar bill. (It's supposed to work better the second time around...)

I was about to throw the letter away, but I started thinking about it, and I will admit that I am intrigued.

The first major problem that I see with it is that most people, I believe, would simply throw it away rather than participate. (Like I almost did.)

But what if they didn't?

Let's say that I sent out 200 letters, and of the 200, 5 people responded. I would receive $5.00. Then they sent out 200 letters each with my name on them, and 5 of those people responded.

I would receive $25.00.

Then those 25 people sent out 200 letters each, and 5 of those people responded.


These 125 people send out 200 letters, I receive $625.00.

These 625 people send their letters, 5 of each group respond, and I receive $3125.00.

Those 3125 people send their letters, and I would receive $15625.00. By now, I have received $19,530.00.

And that's with five participants from each group of letters.

When you run the numbers with 20 participants, instead of 5, it goes into the millions. WAY into the millions.

I'll need a ream of paper, 206 envelopes, about $85.00 for postage, and $37.00 for my mailing list. Total investment will be about $140.00, and if the money starts coming in, then my job becomes opening mail, compiling a mailing list, and disposing of used envelopes (for $1.00 each.)

But I could use an extra Twenty Grand. (At least...)

It's an interesting concept.

I think I'm going to do it. So if you receive a letter like this in the next few months, go ahead and do it. You might be contributing to the Tugboatcapn Early Retirement Fund. (And you might get rich yourself in the process!)

What do you think?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Too Young To Fall In Love...


Teacher charged with raping student 28 times
Police: Rachel Holt engaged in intercourse with 13-year-old

"NEW YORK (CNN) -- A Delaware schoolteacher was charged Tuesday with 28 counts of raping a minor after she allegedly engaged in a weeklong sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student, police said.

"Police say Holt and the 13-year-old had sex 28 times between March 24 and March 31. Under Delaware law, the boy is too young to consent to sex.

28 times in a week?

Well, he IS 13...

I think she was just helping him with his math homework.

She was teaching him how many times 13 goes into 34.


(Okay, that was in poor taste.)

Hey, do you want some more child molester news?

Check this out...

Porn Sting Nabs Federal Official

LAKELAND - When he wasn't sending pornographic movies to and asking for explicit photos from a teenage girl in Polk County, a Maryland man was bragging about his job as a spokesman at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, law enforcement officers said.

The revelation - actually made to a detective posing as a 14-year-old girl - resulted in the arrest of 55-year-old Brian J. Doyle at his Silver Spring, Md., home Tuesday night, officials said.

During his Internet chats, Doyle quickly revealed his name and job, and he sent his office and government-issued cell phone numbers. The information allowed detectives to quickly verify Doyle's identity, the Polk County Sheriff's Office announced Tuesday night.

This guy didn't actually do anything wrong.

He just thought he did.

That doesn't matter, though. Well, maybe it will to the ACLU, but not to me. This guy is a sicko, and he needs to be put away.

But the spin that the left leaning Radio Talk Show Hosts that I have heard today are trying to put on this situation is not going to fly.

I have heard two different Radio Personalities today say that this is one more black eye for the Bush Administration.


This guy was arrested the moment that the Sheriff's Office knew that they had a case. He was caught red-handed, so to speak, and he confessed.

There was no attempt at a cover-up or spin by the Bush Administration, and he will be punished. There is no political partisan organization rushing to his rescue. (Unless the ACLU shows up, which is a possibility...)

Now when they catch President Bush having sexual escapades inside the Oval Office with a nineteen year old intern, then maybe we will have a real scandal. (Especially if he chooses to lie to a Grand Jury because of it.)

For now, however, this is only the story of a pervert who was pretty good at hiding his perversion.

For the record, I have absolutely no use whatsoever for Child Molesters, no matter how they pursue their victims.

They are not interested in sex. These are people who get sexual satisfaction from destroying innocence, purity, and beauty. In my opinion, they are lower than people who engage in Bestiality. An animal will not fully understand what has happened to it, and will soon forget about the incident. A child remembers forever, and will forever try to understand something that is not understandable. A child remains a victim for the rest of their life, and will be forced to try to interweave the effects of the abuse that they have suffered into the fabric of their life, and to try to deal with the emotional and psycological problems created by the abuse, and with the effect of these problems on each and every relationship in which they participate.


I hope that these two perverts are punished to the fullest extent of the law.

No mercy.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Is Hillary Too Sexy For The White House?

Have you seen "Basic Instinct II"?

Me neither.

And I don't plan to go see it.

Not because I don't like naked women. (I do.)

Not because I think Sharon Stone is way too old to be showing her goodies to American Movie Goers. (I do.)

I won't be seeing "Basic Instinct II" because there are women in the world who are so stupid that I don't want to see them naked.

Sharon Stone is one.

I am not a prude. Anyone who knows me personally will attest to that fact. I like naked women as much as the next guy does, and I am not very picky when it comes to veiwing the female form in it's pristeen, naked glory. I don't much care about age, weight (within reason), or over-all condition. (Again, within reason.)

I like 'em all.

And I love Erotic Movies. The dirtier, the better.

But I have no desire to see anything that Shaorn Stone has to offer, because when she opens her mouth, she shatters the fantasy.

Have you seen this?

From the American Chronicle...

"I think Hillary Clinton is fantastic. But I think it is too soon for her to run. This may sound odd, but a woman should be past her sexuality when she runs. Hillary still has sexual power and I don't think people will accept that. It's too threatening."

Sharon Stone speaking of Hillary Clinton.

Quote taken from "Hollywood Life" magazine.

Okay, first of all, Hillary is disgusting, sexually.

Even her husband thinks so.

As far as anyone knows, Hillary has had sex once. (And that time, it was for political purposes, being that a Gubernatorial Candidate in Arkansas who had a child was more attractive to voters than one who was childless.)

I don't believe that Hillary has any sexual power whatsoever.

But if she did, Ms. Stone believes that that would scare me.

It wouldn't. I am not scared of Sexually powerful women. (I rather enjoy them, if you want to know the truth.)

Ms. Stone seems to think that I would rather have a dried up old Bat running the country than a woman who is pleasing to the senses.

If that were the case, then I would not hesitate to vote for Hillary at the next possible opportunity. Believe me, there is nothing whatsoever about Hillary that is pleasing to MY senses.

This leads me to believe that Ms. Stone has no idea what is sexy anymore. (To me, anyway.)

So the body in which the brain resides that came up with that statement about Hillary does not deserve any of my attention for any reason.

As far as I'm concerened, the only way that Sharon Stone will get any of my money is if she becomes a waitress in the resturaunt at the Flying J truck stop. (And even then, I won't tip her if she tries to enlighten me about her twisted politics.)

I don't care what she says or does anymore.

She is an idiot, (and not just because of that one statement) and I (like most of America, apparently, ) have chosen to ignore her.

Have fun flopping at the box office, Ms. Stone, you self important, egomaniacal snob.

I'll keep my $8.50, thank you...

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Dirty Little Secret About The Illegal Immigration Debate.

Our Government will never pass any meaningful Legislation of any kind to stop the flow of Illegal Immigrants coming into our Country.

That's just a fact.

The truth is that we need a whole lot more Illegals than we now have.

As a matter of fact, unless we change our ways, Economically, we need to set up booths on the Border and issue fake Social Security numbers and Drivers Licenses to Illegals so that they can more easily find work, and so that Taxes can be deducted from their pay, and so we can insure that they NEVER become Legal Citizens.

We need to create an economically depressed and oppressed underclass in America in order to fund this Country's flirtation with Socialism.

Think about this for a moment.

Why is there a Social Security problem looming on the very near horizon? Is it because we don't pay enough into the system? Is it because people are living longer and retiring at the same age? Is it because The President or the Members of Congress don't care?


The reason that there is a Social Security problem looming on the horizon is because there is a Social Security System in the first place.

Think about this one.

The Baby Boomers are beginning to retire. The Baby Boomers have aborted 45 Million Babies over the last thirty years. (It might be more apropriate to call them the "Baby Busters"...)

Do you think that the Baby Boomers are going to refuse to cash their Social Security Checks just because they aborted the workers who would have paid for them to have those checks?

Someone has to pay for the laziness and irresponsibility of Americans over the last forty or fifty years.

Someone has to pay for Americans letting Democrats have control of the National Purse Strings for several whole decades at a time.

So we are going to let Mexicans pay for it.

So get used to Illegal Immigrants. Learn to speak and read Spanish.

'Cause they ain't goin' nowhere.

I think that the image of the Mexican flag on the top of the flagpole, and the American flag upside down underneath it may have been appropriate.

We are in trouble, and Mexicans are going to be used to save us.

Help us, O.B. Juan. You're our only hope...