Monday, July 28, 2008

Look At The Polls!!

While reading the Drudge report tonight, I found this headline...


And right at the top of the page when I clicked the link, I saw this disclaimer...

WARNING: Polls are snapshots of public opinion, not forecasts of far-off election days!

I remember no such disclaimers appearing above stories of how Obama may be ahead of McCain in the polls...

Here's a forecast of far-off election days for you...

When the Democrat is not ahead by at least double digits in polls of likely voters by this point in the election cycle, the Republican wins in November.

You see, the polls are creations of the News Media, which overwhelmingly support Democrats, and who use these polls as a kind of "Report Card" to guage how well their propaganda is working.

This particular poll appears on the Drudge Report on the same day the the AP reports that we are winning the War in Iraq. (And I know it hurt them to their very soul to have to say that.)

WINNING. Winning a War that every single Democrat was convinced that we (The U.S.) would lose, and that the loss of that War would propel them to political victory without question.

They wanted, needed their Country to lose a War so that they could make political hay out of it.
But alas, that has been denied them. They will instead have to try to sway the American Voting Public with their ideas, their solutions to the problems that We The People face every day.

And what are their ideas?

"We cannot drill our way out of high Gas Prices, we must TAX our way out of them!"

"We cannot privatize our way out of a Socialist Security collapse, we must TAX our way out of it!"

"We cannot expect the public to be responsible for their own healthcare, we must TAX them into Healthcare Security."

"We cannot expect the market to correct the mortgage crisis, we must TAX our way out of it!"

Name for me a Democrat solution to any problem that does not rely on new taxes...

Name for me a society in the history of the world that has taxed itself into prosperity...

Black Jesus Himself has proposed tens of billions of dollars in new taxes to fund his pipe dreams and social engineering.

Does anybody in America believe that these new taxes will only apply to the nameless, faceless "Rich"?

I don't think so.

I don't believe that logical, thinking people in America think that.

The truth is that "The Rich" don't really pay taxes in the first place, and everybody knows that.

"The Rich" run the corporations that we all work for, and when you raise the taxes on a corporation, they add it right in to the cost of business, and pass the increase right along to the consumer.

And "The Idle Rich" like Paris Hilton and Ted Kennedy don't really have an income, and "Wealth" is not taxed in America, only "Income".

Raising taxes on "The Rich" only hurts the middle class, and the working poor. It only hurts the people who are going to work every day, trying to make ends meet and support themselves and their families, and, God Forbid, create a little wealth for themselves and their progeny along the way.

And the more an American Citizen hates "The Rich", and votes his (or her) hatred into power in our Representative Republic, the more he (or she) shoots himself (or herself) in the foot, and cripples their own ability to accumulate wealth.

And the Democrat Party has built their whole electoral platform on hatred of "The Rich", and losing the War in Iraq.

A Chicken in every pot, Healthcare for Everyone, make "The Rich" pay, and George Bush lied.

Are you going to buy into that?

If you do, you are a fool, and have no understanding of how the world works, and you would be doing your fellow man and your Country a service by going out and getting drunk on election day rather than voting either way.

This Election is really a "No Brainer".

And I am no real supporter of John McCain.

I simply can recognize a train wreck when I see one coming, and Obama with a Democrat-controlled House and Senate is a train wreck looking for a place to happen.

Believe the polls if you must, but don't let the polls drive your decision.

The polls are meaningless.

Think for yourself.

No one who believes in the things that have made America great can really vote for the stupidity offered by Obama and his promises.

Not in good conscience.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Caleb's Morning Menu:

1 whole banana.
1 whole grilled cheese sandwich (crusts removed.)
1 4oz container yogurt (w/strawberries.)
10 whole graham crackers.
1 cup Cheerios.
1 4oz piece baked dinner ham.
10 oz baby formula.
1 Gerber Baby Carrot Pinwheel Cracker.
12 oz ice water.

He's eight months old!

This could get to be a problem reeeeeal quick-like.

Now, granted, we didn't sit him in the highchair and shovel all of this to him at one sitting. He nibbles and snacks all along during the day. We put half a graham cracker on the tray of his walker along with his sippy cup of water, and he eats some, drops some, mushes some into a paste using water from his sippy cup, and smears some in his hair. (As a matter of fact, feeding him is sort of like taking handfuls of food, and tossing it into a running fan.)

But the majority of what I listed above ended up in his belly.

And that is just this morning.

(He has almost completely given up on baby food of any type now. All he does with that is spit it back at you as soon as he knows he has enough of a mouthful to get some distance with it.)

It seems like his appetite has increased somewhat over the past few days. He may be building up to a major growth spurt or something. Any day now, I expect to kiss him goodbye in his crib in the morning before I leave, and find him mowing the grass when I come back home that afternoon...

He says his first official word now. He started on Monday.

Any guesses what the word is?

That's right! "MAMA."

After all I have done for that boy, all the sacrifice, all the late nights and long hours, this is the thanks I get. His first word was "Mama"...

I see how it is...

(He has another word as of yesterday... "Puppy". So you see where Daddy fits in to the equation here... Somewhere below the Dog on the list...)

(NOTE: To qualify as an official word, we have to be sure that he understands the meaning and can use the word in context. Whether he gets the pronunciation exactly right is less important, although he must get that pretty close most of the time for the word to count.

(For example: If he crawls after the dog saying "Pupupupup", and will sit up and look at the dog and try to repeat the word when we say it to him, "Puppy" counts.)

(You get the picture.)

Anyway, as long as he stays as happy, healthy and bright as he is right now, he can have whatever he wants to eat, as far as I'm concerned.

And I know that Caleb is WAY more important to me as a Blog subject than he is to anyone else who may visit here, but when I write about him, I don't get angry, I don't get disgusted, and I don't have 100 comment long arguments with people who have it wrong on almost every subject.

And since this is a hobby, then I might as well enjoy doing it.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

For Sale...


1993 Freightliner FLD 120 -

Blue W/ (Clean!) Blue Cloth Interior - 70 Inch Sleeper Bunk, Full Air Fairings - Cab Extenders - All Steel Wheels (11R22.5's) - Am/Fm - 10 foot tall Chrome straight 7 inch Smokestack, N14 Cummins (Mechanical Fuel Pump) - 13 Speed - Jake Brakes - 3:58 Rears - 239 Inch Wheelbase...

New Batteries, New Steer Tires, New Wet Line Kit...

Not Perfect - Needs minor work, A/C needs Freon, needs paint job, runs/drives great!

$6000.00* OBO - Serious Inquiries Only Please!

*Diesel Fuel NOT included!!

Monday, July 07, 2008

It's Not My Business...

I am thinking of starting a business with my eight month old son, Caleb, as my business partner.

Caleb has, in the past two weeks, gotten really, really good at crawling, and at sitting up, and he can pull himself into a standing position if he has something to hold on to.

So, now, he has to be watched every single second that he is not in his crib, or his playpen. (And if he's awake in his crib, you had better go and get him, or he will try to climb out.)

He is fascinated by electrical cords, dirty shoes, the dog, dust balls from the floor, week-old cheerios from under Mommy's chair, books on the bookshelf, half-empty soda cups, the drapes, the trash can, computer keyboards... Basically anything that he can destroy, that can hurt him, or is too nasty for him to put into his mouth, and can be hidden in some obscure place where his Mom and I cannot find it.

The geniuses who built our house put an electrical outlet in the middle of the living room floor, and cleverly hid it underneath an X cut in the carpet. His Mommy plugs her laptop into it so that she can work in the living room, and watch him at the same time.

So, most of her day is spent watching him dig in the hole in the carpet, and taking the laptop cord away from him.

He goes after it like a robot.

So here is my business idea...

For a small fee, I will come and child-proof your house.

It should be easy... All I have to do is put Caleb on the floor, and within twenty minutes, he will show me every single thing in the whole house that a baby shouldn't have.

Then all that has to be done is remove all of the furniture, and place everything in the house on shelves at least eight feet from the floor.

Then, we nail all of the cabinet doors shut with twenty-penny nails, turn the electricity off from all of the wall outlets at the breaker box, and hire a maid to vacuum the whole house all day every day.

Then, your house will be child proof. (Mostly.)

But before I start this business, I need to have a lawyer or two to draw up a seventy-two page waiver releasing me from any liability if your baby still figures out how to hurt himself after we have child-proofed your house...

Hhmmn... Maybe this idea still needs a little work...