Sunday, April 29, 2007

Guess Who...

From Pete Du Pont at the Wall Street Journal Editorial Page...

Rising Tide...
Tax cuts are good for everyone--and everyone knows it but Washington Democrats.

Opposing tax cuts has become the mantra of the liberal left. Sen. John Kerry wants to roll back Bush's "unaffordable tax cuts." Senator Mark Dayton (D., Minn.) called the cuts "dangerous and destructive and dishonorable." Bill Clinton in 2003 said the cuts were "way too big to avoid serious harm." And various New York Times editorials called them "economically unsound," claimed that "they will increase the deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars" and said they were unlikely "to stimulate the wallowing economy." Earlier this month House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi promised that the election of a Democratic House in November would result in a "rollback of the tax cuts."

Of course they have it backwards. President Bush's personal income, capital gains and dividend tax rate reductions have created economic growth, significantly increased government tax receipts, and reduced the federal deficit by nearly $130 billion. As the New York Times was forced to admit in its front-page headline on July 9, a "Surprising Jump in Tax Revenues Curbs U.S. Deficit." But it isn't surprising at all; the truth is that when tax rates go down, economic activity goes up.

Mr. Bush signed the most recent tax cuts into law in the spring of 2003. In the past 33 months the size of America's entire economy has increased by 20%--or, as National Review Online's Larry Kudlow put it, "In less than three years, the U.S. economic pie has expanded by $2.2 trillion, an output add-on that is roughly the same size as the total Chinese economy."

So, to answer the question on the photo...

Who is going to pay off President Bush's 380 billion dollar debt?

President Bush.

Unless the Democrats undo what he has done.

The people in the photo are actually the people who are going to pay for your Social Security checks.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Life Is A Highway...

From Matt Drudge at The Drudge Report...

Fri Apr 27 2007 19:51:18 ET

The White House will not attempt to assess until September whether any of the major objectives of the troop increase in Iraq are being achieved, and now accepts that it will take far longer to achieve the results than President Bush envisioned when he announced the strategy, the NY TIMES fronts in Saturday editions.

The timeline administration officials discussed, in on-the-record statements and background interviews, suggests that the White House is now planning to extend the increase in troops well into next year.

That is a radically different timeline from the one envisioned in legislation that passed the House and Senate this week, which the president has vowed to veto.


Nancy Pelosi herself has said that now the Gavels of Power will be in the hands of America's children...

And for whatever reason, last November, the American People, no longer content to let America's children simply kick the back of the seat, fog the windows with their breath and draw pictures, and scream "He's touching me!... Make him STOP!!", saw fit to put the children in the front seat, where they could grab the steering wheel, fiddle with the knobs on the dash, and try to stomp the brake pedal. (Probably for the sheer entertainment value of the situation...)

But the good news is that the President is still driving.

And he is reading the road signs, even if the signs say that the destination is still farther away than he thought it would be when he embarked on this journey.

Childishly wishing the problem of Terrorism away will not get rid of it, and even though we are all getting tired, we cannot just decide to stop and sit down beside of the road, because that would get us nowhere.

And when the President started this trip, he told the children before they ever agreed to get into the car, (which they all did, by the way,) that this could be a ten year journey. Complaining that the trip is too long at this point serves no purpose but to make everyone more miserable.

So, Harry Reid can declare the War "Lost", and say that the Troop Surge is not working before even half of the Troops involved in the Surge are in Theater, but when you hear him say those things, recognize it for what it is...

A tired, spoiled child asking for the seven hundred and thirty-third time...

"Are we there yet?"

Thursday, April 26, 2007


From The Onion...

Middle East Conflict Intensifies As Blah Blah Blah, Etc. Etc.
April 26, 2007 Issue 43•17

"MIDDLE EAST—With the Iraq war in its fifth year, the war in Afghanistan in its sixth, and conflict between Israel and the rest of the region continuing unabated for more than half a century, intelligence sources are warning that a new wave of violence in the Middle East may soon blah blah blah, etc. etc., you know the rest.

"Tensions in the region are extremely high," said U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker, who added the same old same old while answering reporters' questions. "We're disappointed by the events of the last few months, but we're confident that we're about to [yakety yakety yak]."

"The U.N. has issued a strongly worded whatever denouncing someone or something presumably having to do with the vicious explosive things that raged across this, or shattered the predawn calm of that, or ripped suddenly through the other, killing umpteen innocent civilians in a Jerusalem bus or Beirut discotheque or Fallujah mosque or whatever it was this time...

"A certain number of U.S. troops were also killed somewhere in some tragic fashion, while a much greater number were wounded. Meanwhile, impoverished or oppressed supporters of whichever faction carried out the attack or ambush probably celebrated, angering an angry U.S. public that is already angry. Locals are calling for an investigation into excessive force or outright corruption by military or political officials on one of the 15 sides of the various conflicts, although the implicated party has categorically denied wrongdoing, just like they always do, without fail, every time this happens, which is daily, it seems."

Ex freakin' zactly.

I think I may just start getting all of my news about the War from The Onion from now on.

As a matter of fact, I don't even need a new story. I can just come back and read this one again any time I hear of breaking news from Iraq.

It's the same story we have been getting from the Main stream Media for years now, only not as depressing.

I have a theory...

I believe that we probably have already won the War in Iraq, but the News Media refuses to report it, and the President hasn't said so because he wants any Terrorists who might still be lurking around the World to make their way to Iraq so that we can kill them there.

I mean, it's a lot easier than hunting them down and killing them wherever they are... We just tell them where the fight is, and let them come to us.

The Democrats might even be in on the scam... As long as they publicly oppose the President and the War Effort, the Insurgents from Iran, or Saudi Arabia, or where ever they are coming from keep entertaining hope that they can defeat us, and they keep coming, and we keep killing them.

The next time you see a photograph of the President standing beneath that "Mission Accomplished" banner on the deck of that Aircraft Carrier, (and you WILL see one in the next few days...), think of my theory.

How would this situation be different if my theory were true?

How can we be sure it isn't?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Deconstructing The American Hero...

Ranger Alleges Cover-Up in Tillman Case...

"An Army Ranger who was with Pat Tillman when the former football star was cut down by friendly fire in Afghanistan said Tuesday a commanding officer had ordered him to keep quiet about what happened.

"The military at first portrayed Tillman's death as the result of heroic combat with the enemy. Army Spc. Bryan O'Neal told a congressional hearing that when he got the chance to talk to Tillman's brother, who had been in a nearby convoy on the fateful day, "I was ordered not to tell him what happened."

"The revelation came as committee members questioned whether, and when, top Defense officials and the White House knew that Tillman's death in eastern Afghanistan three years ago was actually a result of gunfire from fellow U.S. soldiers.

"We don't know what the secretary of defense knew, we don't know what the White House knew," Waxman said. "What we do know is these were not a series of accidents, these stories. They were calculatedly put out for a public relations purpose. ... Even now there seems to be a cover-up."

Oh, yeah?

Well I don't know what Henry Waxman knew. I believe that HE is hiding something...

No, on second thought, he's not hiding anything. I know exactly what Henry Waxman knows.

Henry Waxman knows that there can be no Heros in this War, neither in Iraq, nor in Afghanistan.

So if it looks like one has cropped up somewhere, we must investigate him or her TO DEATH.

We must examine the circumstances of their heroism, and discredit or at least cast aspersion over any account of heroism, and then accuse the Bush Administration of lies and cover-ups.

And these efforts must be the sole focus of the entire Media, unless there is more death and destruction which can be blamed on the President.

I'll let you in on a secret, if you are interested...

Propaganda and mis-information are Tools of War, and there has never been a Government in the History of Armed Conflict that did not use them in one way or another.

Unless he was intentionally murdered, what would have been wrong with letting Pat Tillman's Family live out the rest of their lives believing that he gave his life for his Country, instead of telling them that he died needlessly as a result of an accident?

If Tillman had died by wrecking his Humvee, would Henry Waxman be participating in Hearings to get to the bottom of things?

Or is this all politically motivated?

One other thing...

The Bush Administration did not tell me that Pat Tillman died a Hero.

I did not hear it from Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, or President Bush.

I heard it from the Media. Ad nauseum.

The same Media who now claim that it was all a lie.

So, what did the Media know, and when did they know it?

What are they covering up now?

What's Wrong With This Statement?

"I'm not going to get into a name-calling match with the administration's chief attack dog..." - Harry Reid, D-Nev.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Life Changes...

Today we went to the Doctor.

I have never liked going to the Doctor, but Today I didn't mind it so much.

I have always believed that Doctors don't really do anything. Medical Science has not actually cured a disease in about 50 years. The last signifigant Medical breakthrough was the discovery of Aspirin.

Since then, Doctors have made a Science of stabilizing Diseases, treating Diseases, managing Diseases, but not actually eliminating or curing diseases, so that they can continue to bill your Insurance Company for whatever ails you until you die from something else.

But Today, I saw a little baby Tugboatcapn put his/her thumb in his/her mouth on an Ultrasound screen.

And I was moved.

I saw that, and I realized that this was the first thing I would see this person do, but not by a long shot the last.

I also realized that I was going to have to be the one to teach this person how, why, and when to do everything that they ever do.

I do not know why God has chosen to entrust such a responsibility to me, of all people, but I plan to take it very seriously.

I did not think that I would ever have any children. I didn't think I wanted any. I thought that if I lived my whole life, and never had a child, that it would be okay.

But Today, I saw my child.

And now, I can't think about anything else.

When I get out of bed in a few hours and go to work, it will be because I want to provide a better life for that child and my Wife. When I recieve the pay for that work, I will use the resources that I have earned not for my own personal gratification, but for preparation for the arrival of that baby.

When I pray, it will not be for my own interests, but for the wisdom and guidance of God to help me to equip that child for his or her role in God's Plan, and for his or her security and happiness.

Both mother and child are doing great, and the baby should be here on or about November 5th.

And I cannot wait to meet my first child...

My Gift from God...

My replacement...

My most important responsibility...

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Thrill Of Agony, And The Victory Of Defeat...


Reid Offers Bleak Assessment of Iraq War

"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday the war in Iraq is "lost," triggering an angry backlash by Republicans, who said the top Democrat had turned his back on the troops."

I strongly disagree.

Harry Reid hasn't turned his back on the troops... He was never facing the troops in the first place.

And I disagree with his statement as well.

The War is absolutely not "lost." We know exactly where it is.

It's in Iraq.

"Reid said he told President Bush on Wednesday he thought the war could not be won through military force, although he said the U.S. could still pursue political, economic and diplomatic means to bring peace to Iraq."

Oh, really?

I'm sure the President had absolutely no idea until Wednesday that Senator Reid felt that way... I mean, it is such an unbelievable change of heart for Senator Reid. He has been so supportive of the War effort until now...

Let's break that statement down, using the context of History, shall we?

Political: Democrats in America attacking President Bush...

Economic: Starving the people of Iraq until they are too weak to fight the insurgents coming from Iran and Syria...

Diplomatic means: Begging, pleading with, and appeasing our Enemies until they are too busy laughing at us to commit mischief...

Peace: The absence of conflict.

Name for me a War in the History of the World that, once engaged, was won through " political, economic and diplomatic means."


One side has to keep shooting until the other side stops shooting back. The first one to stop shooting is the LOSER.

(Oh, yeah, that's right. Senator Reid is not interested in WINNING the War, he simply wants to bring the absence of conflict to Iraq.)

If I were the President, I would thank Senator Reid for his input, and congratulate him. If the War is actually lost, then Senator Reid's efforts have been successful.

America may very well lose this War.

But if we do, it will not be the Insurgents who defeat us.

It will be Senator Reid and the Democrat Party in America.

If only they would pursue actual Victory in the War on Terror with the same passion that they display in their War on the President, and their War on America...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Vote For Sanjaya!!

Are you watching American Idol?

I am... (And yes, I DO actually have a life...)

I'm not totally obsessed with it or anything. I know the names of most of the contestants, and I have a pretty good idea who I want to win, and all...

But this season is going to be tough to predict.

Melinda and Lakisha are head and shoulders above the rest of the women as far as raw singing talent goes, but I am about over both of them. Melinda's doe-eyed amazement at any positive reinforcement from the judges got old really quick, and Lakisha is just, well, grotesque.

Jordan is fairly cute, and talented, but... ehh.

Haley is one of the prettiest women ON television right now, but watching her perform is more pleasant with the sound turned off. If it wasn't for the fact that I believe that if she stays on two more weeks, she will probably perform completely naked, (and who wouldn't want to see THAT?), I would say that she really needs to go home.

Blake Lewis (or, as I call him, Beat-Box Boy,) is one of the most creative performers AI has ever had, but the judges have just about beaten any creativity out of him, so I am losing interest in him as well.

Phil is just wierd, and Chris is unimpressive. (To me, anyway.)

That leaves Sanjaya.

Bang for the buck, it will be hard to get a better entertainment value than Sanjaya will become, should he win. Dump a couple or ten million bucks on that freak and wait a couple of years... You know that he is just a few years away from walking around with a parrot on his shoulder and trying to buy the bones of Richard Nixon, or some such nonsense.

And we almost lost the opportunity to watch him slowly melt down on the public stage. Were it not for the intervention of Howard Stern, a few other Radio Talkers, and the website, he would have gone home weeks ago.

I kinda hope he wins it.

But then again I don't.

There is a fundamental something that bothers me about T.V. shows that have viewers call in and vote on things.

Especially when there is a concerted effort by outside forces to get people to vote for the worst.

It cheapens the act of voting. (Or at least it seems that way to me.)

And if last year's mid terms are any indication, the American People have embraced the practice of voting for the worst.

Voting is a sacred right that should be respected and cherished. It should never be a joke.

Voting for the worst contestant on American Idol is one thing, but voting for the worst in a Congressional or Presidential Election could have disasterous results which could last for decades.

But then again, I'm not all that worried about it... Like I said, I DO have a life.


Or don't.

Just make sure to keep things in perspective if and when your vote might actually be important...

P.S. As a former Guitar Player and semi-professional musician, I have to express my respect for the house band on American Idol. The level of musical diversity that they have to have to do what they do is amazing. The heavy set Guitarist flawlessly pulled off the Carlos Santana leads in the Rob Thomas song that Chris sang this week.

I am apropriately impressed. And you should be as well.

They are VERY good.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Disapprove Of What You Say, And I Will Defend To Your Death My Right To Not Hear It!

Okay, that is not exactly how that quote went when Voltaire said it...

But then again, we in modern America have made a science of twisting the words of famous philosophers and statesmen to fit our own agenda.

I have a question for everyone...

Does Don Imus have Freedom of Speech?

Well, does he?

And if not, then why not?

Has the First Ammendment been repealed and the Drive-By Media failed to report on it? (Or were they restricted from reporting it?!)

Or does it only apply now to John Murtha and John F. Kerry and Cindy Sheehan when they speak out against the President or the War, or to Nancy Pelosi when she is negotiating with State Sponsors of Terrorism around the World?

Does it only apply to people who leak National Security Secrets to the New York Times?

Here's a shocker for you: I have the right to not listen to Don Imus!

And if I hear him accidentally, I have the right to ignore him.

And if he says something that I don't like, and I hear it accidentally and I am offended, then that's my problem.

And if that happens, then I have the right to call him an idiot, or a cadaverous old hack, or a no-talent bore, without fear of losing my job, or having my life ruined, or having to apologize to Al Sharpton.

If you don't like what Don Imus said, then join the rest of the vast, vast majority of Americans, and don't listen to him.

I don't like him. Not one little bit.

And I don't like what he said.

But I will defend to the death his right to say it.

Because at some point, I may say something that YOU don't like. YOU may say something that I don't like.

Where do we draw that line?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Get Off My Back And Get Back To Work!


Office bullying a widespread problem

The office bully has an array of weapons at his disposal, ranging from the subtle silent treatment to not-so-subtle verbal ridicule, the effects of which can ripple through the workplace.

A new study finds that while nearly 30 percent of U.S. workers have endured a punishing boss or co-worker, many individuals would not label themselves as bully targets. For those who do, it’s not just the bully victim who feels the heat. Witnesses in nearby cubicles are affected and show an increase in stress and overall dissatisfaction with their jobs.

As some of you know, I recently changed jobs, and I can say that without question, I have never worked for a harder task-master than the one to whom I currently answer.

He makes me get out of bed earlier, work harder, longer, and under worse working conditions than anyone else I have ever worked for.

And I think he is sleeping with my Wife... (When he sleeps, which is rare...)

You see, he's ME.

And I'm a real pain in the butt to work for.

As a matter of fact, as soon as I read this, I will probably fire myself for insubordination...

From now on, I will have to do my Blogging on my OWN time.

Who do I think I am, anyway?!?

I mean, isn't there something I could be doing to the Truck right now?

Do I think that money grows on trees?

If I don't make money, then I don't make money.

Now, I need to stop complaining and get back to work, or I will BOTH be out of a job.

I hope this little talk has helped me to have a better attitude, and from now on, maybe I will be more of a team player.

Now, if I am done, I have work to do.