Monday, September 24, 2007

How to Get Tazered And Dragged Away By The Police...

Ask a Presidential candidate about the "Skull and Bones Society".

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Life Happens...

It's been a busy couple of weeks.

I quit my job last week, and have become a partial partner in a brand new trucking company. I have spent this week hauling loads, and setting up accounts at the various rock and sand mines in the area. I went on my first ever sales call last week, and not only got the contract, but got keys to the gate (so that we can deliver 27/7), and got the business at a higher freight rate than I was being paid working with the old company.

The down side is that it might be a couple of weeks before I get a paycheck. The up side is that (once the money starts to roll in) I will keep more of the money that I generate. (A LOT more.)

It's gonna be good.

I took a late load last night to an asphault plant near Tampa, and didn't get back to the yard until about 9:30, and on the way home (in my car) I was rear-ended by a 16 year-old girl on her way home from soccer practice.

She was aparently multi-tasking, sending very important text-messages with her phone while driving.

No one was seriously hurt, but my beloved Nissan Sentra is toast.

The back bumper, trunk and gas tank are packed up under it so tightly that the rear wheels will no longer roll.

I am as sore as a boil, but otherwise okay.

I took today off (my policy is to take a day off every time I total a car...), and took it easy, but tommorrow it is back to the grind.

Hey, check out my new Baby Ticker in the sidebar!

As Lorena Bobbitt said, it won't be long now!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Think I'm Going To Be Sick!

(But not THIS sick...)

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You Know How We Republicans LOOOOVE Slogans...

I found this at Those

Monday, September 10, 2007

Bringing The Troops Home...

A warrior for God has been called home.

From Coral Ridge Ministries...


FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA., (September 5,2007) — Founder and Senior Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church Succumbs to Complications from Cardiac Arrest.

Dr. D. James Kennedy, founder and senior pastor for 48 years of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church (CRPC) in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., passed away peacefully in his sleep at approximately 2:15 a.m. at his home with his wife and daughter by his bedside, following complications from a cardiac event last December.

He was 76.

Dr. Kennedy was a voice of Truth for many, many years, and as far as I can tell, his theology was spot-on.

He will be sorely missed, but we must rejoice for him because he is now basking in the Glory of God's reward, and enjoying the treasures that he laid up in Heaven.

His Earthly battles are over.

Manipulating Ignorance, The Favorite Pass-Time Of Democrats

"With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed. Consequently he who moulds public sentiment, goes deeper than he who enacts statutes or pronounces decisions. He makes statutes and decisions possible or impossible to be executed... " Abraham Lincoln

From the International Herald Tribune...

Democrats make pre-emptive strike on Iraq reports
(That means that the reports are GOOD for America.)

WASHINGTON: Leading Democrats on Sunday preemptively assailed the expected findings on Iraq due this week from the top U.S. general in Iraq as "dead, flat wrong" and said that President George W. Bush's calls for continued patience there would simply extend an "unconscionable" and "completely unacceptable" policy.

The pointed comments from the Democrats, including Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and a presidential hopeful, and Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, seemed designed to undercut the impact of the much-awaited reports from General David Petraeus and Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador in Baghdad.

"This president has no plan how to win and/or how to leave," said Biden, before whose committee Petraeus and Crocker will testify on Tuesday. He said that Bush was putting American troops "into the middle of a civil war to maintain the status quo," adding, "that is unconscionable, and he's wrong."

But Republicans laid down their own markers. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said that the troop increase was "undeniably working" and that "the only way we're going to lose this war is to have politicians in Washington undercut the surge."

Rather than withdrawing, he said on Fox, "Now's the time to pour it on."

Let me ask you a question.

Would you rather the United States WIN the War in Iraq, or LOSE it?

Do you have any doubt what the Democrats are trying to do here?

Is it working?

Are you willing to let them do it?

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Michael Moore: "I've Run Out Of Ideas."

Michael Moore had ideas?


Moore takes parting shot at Bush in rockstar flick.

Filmmaker Michael Moore on Saturday predicted a landslide victory for the Democrats in the 2008 presidential election, but is taking no chances, rallying US liberals in his latest documentary.

"The potential for a (Democratic) landslide is enormous. People do not want to vote for the Republicans," he told reporters at the Toronto film festival premiere of his "Captain Mike Across America."

"The United States is a liberal country," he insisted.

"The majority of Americans are liberal. They hate that word and they'll never use it, but if you ask them, 'Do you think women should be paid the same as men; do you think that we need assault weapons laws; do you think the minimum wage should be raised' ... the majority of Americans take a liberal position on every issue, except capital punishment."

But voters were simply not presented with a strong-enough Democratic candidate in Kerry, he said. "They don't want to go into a polling booth and vote for a weenie for president."


Ask me those questions. Never mind, I'll ask myself.

Tug, do you think that women should be paid the same as men?

Tug: "Absolutely. My Wife makes more money than I do, and she doesn't work as many hours. I think that this is very unfair. Never mind that she invested in a college educataion for herself, she shouldn't be paid more than a man, no matter what."

"Actually, I believe that excellence should be rewarded, even at the expense of mediocrity. Sex does not enter into the equasion."

Tug, do you think that we need assault weapons laws?

Tug: "Absolutely. I believe that each and every American Citizen over the age of 18 should be required to own an assault weapon, and a supply of amunition. Those of us who can afford that type of thing should be allowed to own BlackHawk Helicopters, Tanks, and even Battleships and Aircraft Carriers. The purpose of the Second Ammendment is not to permit us to protect ourselves from one another, nor to allow us to hunt game, it is to allow us to protect our Freedom from oppressive Government.

"So if the Government can have a Nuclear Weapon, then I should be allowed to own one as well. Any governmental restriction on my ability to do so is a violation of my Constitutional Rights."

Tug, Do you believe that the Minimum Wage should be raised?

Tug: "Absolutely. I think it should be $250.00 per hour. (And time and a half for overtime.) America's Teenagers need extra money in order to pay the high tuition costs for College, which have been caused by Government loans and Pell Grants. The more Teenagers who can pay their own way through school on their own, the less Government money they will need. (Look into who it is that actually works for Minimum Wage.) "

Are these "Liberal" positions, in the modern sense of the word?

But then again, this was Michael Moore, and as far as I can tell, he has only ever had two ideas in his life.

1.) Tear down America.

2.) Tear down President Bush.

So, if he is indeed out of ideas now, that is a good thing.