Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Last Action Hero...

Did you ever have one of those days when you just want to leave your husband and your children, put on adult diapers and race against a jet airplane 900 miles across the country so that you could kidnap and murder your boyfriend's girlfriend with a B.B. gun and a steel mallet?

Me neither.

Now, I will not indulge in the obvious P.M.S. or Menopause jokes, because that would get ME killed with a B.B. gun and a steel mallet. Besides, anyone who has dealt in close quarters with a woman in the throes of a P.M.S attack knows that this Astronaut situation is relatively mild by comparison...

Sorry. I said I wasn't going to do that.

The real tragedy here is the destruction of the perception of Astronauts as sort of "Super Human" Heroes. They are supposed to be the best and the brightest of all of the best and brightest. I'm no Rocket Scientist, but THEY ARE.

And now this one single nut has destroyed the last bastion of the real American Hero.

Over a man with whom she claims she wasn't even romantically involved. (Rrrriiiiight....)

The American Soldier as a Hero has been over with since about the Viet-Nam War. Everyone has known that the President, whoever he may be, is a lying, cheating power-mad scumbag, and has been ever since Nixon.

Terrell Owens has almost single-handedly transformed professional athletes from Heros into something more akin to Rodeo Clowns.

We lost Cowboys as Heroes last year... although we all sort of knew about Cowboys for a while. (Men walking around in leather chaps and shiny boots? Come on, now...)

And now, we learn that Astronauts are actually human beings, and are prone to random nuttiness as well.

And even Rocket Scientists do stupid, wierd things sometimes. (Probably more often than we know about.)

Which pretty much leaves Rap Artists as the example for all of us to look up to.

So, Yo. This is Tug, an' I'm Audi.

Peace out, yo.



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