Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Life Happens...

It's been a busy couple of weeks.

I quit my job last week, and have become a partial partner in a brand new trucking company. I have spent this week hauling loads, and setting up accounts at the various rock and sand mines in the area. I went on my first ever sales call last week, and not only got the contract, but got keys to the gate (so that we can deliver 27/7), and got the business at a higher freight rate than I was being paid working with the old company.

The down side is that it might be a couple of weeks before I get a paycheck. The up side is that (once the money starts to roll in) I will keep more of the money that I generate. (A LOT more.)

It's gonna be good.

I took a late load last night to an asphault plant near Tampa, and didn't get back to the yard until about 9:30, and on the way home (in my car) I was rear-ended by a 16 year-old girl on her way home from soccer practice.

She was aparently multi-tasking, sending very important text-messages with her phone while driving.

No one was seriously hurt, but my beloved Nissan Sentra is toast.

The back bumper, trunk and gas tank are packed up under it so tightly that the rear wheels will no longer roll.

I am as sore as a boil, but otherwise okay.

I took today off (my policy is to take a day off every time I total a car...), and took it easy, but tommorrow it is back to the grind.

Hey, check out my new Baby Ticker in the sidebar!

As Lorena Bobbitt said, it won't be long now!!

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