Sunday, December 02, 2007

New Partner...

I have set up a Blog for Caleb (known henceforth on the Blogosphere as "Milkmonster.")

If anyone is interested, they can find it at , Or "Caleb's Corner".

Needless to say, Comment Moderation is enabled there (he will read it someday...) but leave a comment anyway. I'll post it unless it is un-postable. (We all know how to behave...)

There will be news and photos for all those who are interested in Milkmonster's progress and growth, and when he is old enough, he will take it over and run it himself.

If I have the patience and time, and if he shows interest in maintaining it, I believe that it will be an interesting project.

I am writing it as if he is writing it himself, (yeah, I know it's cheesy...) but his mom and I can post for him, and I hope that eventually it really will be him posting.

It's his Blog, so it will be all about him until he takes it in a different direction.

Check it out!

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