Monday, July 28, 2008

Look At The Polls!!

While reading the Drudge report tonight, I found this headline...


And right at the top of the page when I clicked the link, I saw this disclaimer...

WARNING: Polls are snapshots of public opinion, not forecasts of far-off election days!

I remember no such disclaimers appearing above stories of how Obama may be ahead of McCain in the polls...

Here's a forecast of far-off election days for you...

When the Democrat is not ahead by at least double digits in polls of likely voters by this point in the election cycle, the Republican wins in November.

You see, the polls are creations of the News Media, which overwhelmingly support Democrats, and who use these polls as a kind of "Report Card" to guage how well their propaganda is working.

This particular poll appears on the Drudge Report on the same day the the AP reports that we are winning the War in Iraq. (And I know it hurt them to their very soul to have to say that.)

WINNING. Winning a War that every single Democrat was convinced that we (The U.S.) would lose, and that the loss of that War would propel them to political victory without question.

They wanted, needed their Country to lose a War so that they could make political hay out of it.
But alas, that has been denied them. They will instead have to try to sway the American Voting Public with their ideas, their solutions to the problems that We The People face every day.

And what are their ideas?

"We cannot drill our way out of high Gas Prices, we must TAX our way out of them!"

"We cannot privatize our way out of a Socialist Security collapse, we must TAX our way out of it!"

"We cannot expect the public to be responsible for their own healthcare, we must TAX them into Healthcare Security."

"We cannot expect the market to correct the mortgage crisis, we must TAX our way out of it!"

Name for me a Democrat solution to any problem that does not rely on new taxes...

Name for me a society in the history of the world that has taxed itself into prosperity...

Black Jesus Himself has proposed tens of billions of dollars in new taxes to fund his pipe dreams and social engineering.

Does anybody in America believe that these new taxes will only apply to the nameless, faceless "Rich"?

I don't think so.

I don't believe that logical, thinking people in America think that.

The truth is that "The Rich" don't really pay taxes in the first place, and everybody knows that.

"The Rich" run the corporations that we all work for, and when you raise the taxes on a corporation, they add it right in to the cost of business, and pass the increase right along to the consumer.

And "The Idle Rich" like Paris Hilton and Ted Kennedy don't really have an income, and "Wealth" is not taxed in America, only "Income".

Raising taxes on "The Rich" only hurts the middle class, and the working poor. It only hurts the people who are going to work every day, trying to make ends meet and support themselves and their families, and, God Forbid, create a little wealth for themselves and their progeny along the way.

And the more an American Citizen hates "The Rich", and votes his (or her) hatred into power in our Representative Republic, the more he (or she) shoots himself (or herself) in the foot, and cripples their own ability to accumulate wealth.

And the Democrat Party has built their whole electoral platform on hatred of "The Rich", and losing the War in Iraq.

A Chicken in every pot, Healthcare for Everyone, make "The Rich" pay, and George Bush lied.

Are you going to buy into that?

If you do, you are a fool, and have no understanding of how the world works, and you would be doing your fellow man and your Country a service by going out and getting drunk on election day rather than voting either way.

This Election is really a "No Brainer".

And I am no real supporter of John McCain.

I simply can recognize a train wreck when I see one coming, and Obama with a Democrat-controlled House and Senate is a train wreck looking for a place to happen.

Believe the polls if you must, but don't let the polls drive your decision.

The polls are meaningless.

Think for yourself.

No one who believes in the things that have made America great can really vote for the stupidity offered by Obama and his promises.

Not in good conscience.


Mark said...

Saying "We cannot drill our way out of high Gas Prices" is like saying "we can't eat our way out of starvation".

I really don't worry about high taxes myself. I don't pay taxes. Well, I do, but my deductions more than make up the difference.

The problem I have with higher taxes is that they will create a recession, and they do nothing to alleviate the economic problems we face in America.

I don't understand economics, but I have noticed that the lower the taxes, the better the economy, and that's all I need to know.

Trader Rick said...

Where do I sign up for that chicken?

Erudite Hussein Redneck said...

Please join me in extending best wishes to the presumptive Democratic nominee for president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, today, on the occasion of his 47th birthday.

Thank you.


Lone Ranger said...

Wasn't Kerry up about 15 points in the summer before the election? And didn't Gore have the same lead? Obama is in deep trouble.

rich bachelor said...

Yeah, he probably is. He has no ideas of his own.

Then again, neither does McCain. I can't...Both of these guys are bad. This is often the choice...

tugboatcapn said...

Yes, both of these guys are bad.

But one of them is clearly worse than the other.

I am going to have to vote for McCain, as bad as I hate him, because no matter what I think of John McCain, I cannot vote for a Marxist.(No matter how old he is today.)

There are a lot of people who will claim that they will vote for Obama when asked directly by a pollster, but who will not when actually making the choice in the privacy of the voting booth.

As I said in the post, if Obama does not have a double digit lead in the polls right now, he is going to lose in November.

I stick by that prediction.

tugboatcapn said...

Good to see you again, Bachelor...

You too, EHR...