Monday, August 07, 2006


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U.N. Draft Breaks France-U.S. Impasse...
By NICK WADHAMS, Associated Press Writer Sat Aug 5, 7:01 PM ET

( Oh, Boy...)

UNITED NATIONS - The U.S. and France agreed Saturday on a draft Security Council resolution that seeks a full halt to fighting in Lebanon, breaking a three-week impasse caused partly by Washington's refusal to press Isreal to end its offensive against Hezbollah.

Despite the agreement, fighting raged on. Israeli naval commandos struck the southern port of Tyre before dawn, while Israeli air raids killed at least eight people across Lebanon and a rain of Hezbollah rockets on northern Israel killed three civilians.

The resolution would chart a path toward a lasting peace with a cease-fire monitored by international troops.

No, it wouldn't.

I am so sick of this type of thinking that I cannot stand it.

If a U.N. Resolution would bring Peace between Israel and Islamic Terrorists, there would be Peace already.

Do you want to know how the U.N. can bring Peace, LASTING Peace to the Middle East?

They can BUTT OUT.

Sit down, and shut up.

If the World is really interested in lasting Peace in that region, then we all need to get out of Israel's way, sell them whatever they need, and let them handle their business.

And if they take the whole Nation of Lebanon, they should be allowed to keep the land as a Spoil of War, drive the Lebanese People out, and let the rough end drag.

There needs to be an example made here.

Israel was attacked. Their Soldiers were killed and kidnapped.

They responded.

If they take over any land in this conflict, they have paid for it with the blood of their Soldiers and Civilians.

They should be allowed to push this as far as they want, and to keep whatever they take.

The Arab World needs to be shown that there is a price to be paid for allowing this type of hatred and animosity to fester among them.

They need to be shown that there is a price to be paid for teaching this type of hatred to their children in their schools.

They need to pay a price for attacking their neighbors.

Any manipulation of this situation from outside is a Victory for Hezbollah.

All a cease-fire would do at this point is allow Hezbollah to re-arm and re-supply.

The World MUST stay out of this, and let Israel defeat this group of Terrorists. We all need to let Israel cripple Hezbollah as an organization, to the point that they are no longer able to mount an attack against anyone.

We must get out of the way and let Israel make people PAY for what they have done, and what they have tolerated among themselves.

Or else, we will only give the people of the World the impression that they have no responsibility to oppose hatred and bigotry when it flares up among them because the U.N. will save them from the consequences of allowing these things to gain a foothold in their culture.

The World MUST let this play out to it's inevitable conclusion.

It is the only path to Peace.

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