Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thoughts On Talking Donkeys, Talking Elephants, And Talking Dogs...

Did you watch the CNN-YouBoob Democrat Debate the other night?

Me neither.

I was amazed that the potential candidates for the most powerful position in the world are frightened to appear on the Fox News Network and spew their talking points before an actual newsman, so they chose instead to go to CNN and answer questions from snowmen, sock puppets, and animated cartoon characters.

It appears that the gavels of power are indeed in the hands of America's children.

While listening to the ensuing coverage of this nonsense in the days since, I have been reminded of a story that I heard a long time ago, but has stuck with me...

The story tells of a man who saw a classified ad in the newspaper which read: "FOR SALE: Talking dog, 10 years old, $10.00. Call (telephone number.)"

The man was intrigued, so he dialed the number and asked if the ad was for real.

"It is", replied the voice on the other end. "Come on by and check him out."

So the man drove to the house where the supposed talking dog was being offered for sale, and knocked on the door.

He was invited inside, and offered an opportunity to talk to the dog before he made his decision.

After exchanging pleasantries with the dog (who could indeed talk, and very well...) he asked the dog how he learned to talk.

"Well," the dog began, "when I was a puppy, I was trained as a seeing-eye dog and assigned to a sweet old blind woman who lived in New York City. She believed that I could learn to talk, and spent several years patiently working with me. I finally got the hang of it."

"Where is she now?" the man asked.

"She was killed in the World Trade Center Bombings on 9/11. I managed to dig myself out of the rubble, and began searching for her, but I never found her."

"That's so sad!" said the man, almost in tears.

"Yes... I was, however able to save the lives of seventy-four survivors who were trapped in the rubble. Because I could talk, I was able to direct rescuers to the exact spot where people were buried, and even comfort the victims while they waited for help to arrive.

"After that, I joined the Army, and went to Afghanistan to fight in the War on Terror. I was able to learn the language over there, and move among the Taliban Fighters, learn their secrets and plans, and report them to the American Forces. I pulled two tours of duty, and was given the Congressional Medal of Honor."

"Amazing!" exclaimed the man. "How did you come to live down here in Florida?"

"Well, by this time, I had faced death so many times, and done so much during my short life, that I began to wonder what it would be like to be a regular old dog, and live with a normal family as their pet. I ran away, made my way down to Florida and retired, so to speak. "

The man turned to the man who was selling the dog. "That's the most amazing story I have ever heard! I'll take the dog. I have one question, however..."

"Okay," replied the seller. "Shoot..."

"Why would anyone in their right mind sell such an incredible dog for only ten Dollars?"


It doesn't matter whether you are listening to the first potential female President, the first potential black President, or a talking dog...

You'd best be sure that you understand exactly what is being said, and whether or not you can rely on it before you decide to buy anything.

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