Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In Your Face, Defeatocrats!!

From The Guardian Unlimited... (Tomorrow's issue, no less...)

Bush: There will be no pullout from Iraq while I'm president...

President George Bush sought to buy more time for his Iraq "surge" strategy yesterday by making a risky comparison for the first time with the bloodshed and chaos that followed the US pullout from Vietnam.

Making it clear he will resist congressional pressure next month for an early withdrawal, he signalled that US troops, whom he hailed as the "greatest force for human liberation the world has ever known", will be in Iraq as long as he is president. He also said the consequences of leaving "without getting the job done would be devastating", and "the enemy would follow us home".

The speech was aimed primarily at what White House officials privately describe as the "Defeatocrats", the Democratic congressmen trying to push Mr Bush into an early withdrawal. The issue is set to come to a head next month when the US commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus, gives a progress report to Congress.

Gen Petraeus is expected to say that the surge has produced military successes but that there has only been limited progress on the political front.

Let's see here...

The Military campaign has produced success, but there is only limited progress on the political front?

Could it be that the way to win wars is to send in your Military, and have them kill people and break things until the bad guys stop shooting back?

The time for diplomacy and politics comes after the war has been won or lost.

Politics has never in the history of armed conflict won a war.

Stick to your guns, President Bush.

Those of us who love our country are still behind you.

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