Monday, June 23, 2008

For The Children...

John McCain wants to KILL...



I'm sure glad that Barack Obama decided to avoid the "smear tactics" and "dirty politics" of the 527 groups...

There's no telling how nasty things would have gotten if he hadn't...

I was unaware that John McCain was campaigning on a promise to start drafting ten-year-olds.

And the last I checked, Military Service in the United States was still entirely voluntary.

So, Mom... What if when Alex is eighteen, he decides that he believes in his Country, and whatever cause we may be fighting for by then, and he decides to join the Military in spite of what his pasty-faced, frightened mom says...

Are you going to stop him?


My Wife had a great idea for a response video to this one...

It starts with her chasing Caleb (in his walker) around the living room.

"This is Caleb", she says, wiping strained sweet potatos from Caleb's hands and head.

"He's my first, but most likely not my last.

"He is already a mechanic, and a talented problem solver at seven months. He can operate his walker like a pro, and turn on anything that has a switch.

"My husband and I plan to teach him about what is right with America, and to believe in and be proud of his Country, and to make use of the gift that he has been given by being born here.

"When he grows up, he will be a happy, well adjusted, successful person.

"Barack Obama wants to set up new Pre-Kindergarten Classes so that the purveyors of Marxist Ideology and Political Correctness can have access to Caleb's mind even earlier.

"He wants to eliminate the Homestead Exemption and raise the Inheritance Tax so that the Government can take away any resources that my husband and I can amass instead of letting Caleb use them and build upon them.

"Mr. Obama wants to cheapen Higher Education the way that High school has been cheapened by providing it for everyone free of charge, and free of responsibility.

"He wants to confiscate the fruits of Caleb's own labor when he enters the workforce by raising the Income Tax, and saddling Caleb with the burden of everyone's Healthcare.

"Mr. Obama, were you counting on Caleb to be a slave to your idea of a collective Utopia? Are you counting on him to help you set up your "cradle to grave" Nanny State?

"Because, you can't have him."


It is my job, and the job of my Wife to take that little baby boy, and make a fully-functioning, capable grown man out of him.

And that is what we intend to do.

Caleb will be taught The Truth about the World, and about America, and the way things work, and how to be successful and happy within the parameters which exist here.

I will not allow him to be hobbled by the defective ideology of the leftists and morons who would support a political candidate as flawed and un-American as Barack Obama.

It doesn't matter. After Alex has been raised his whole life on a steady diet of Tofu and Politically Correct Marxist Pacifism, had worn a helmet when he rode his tricycle, went to Public School and did all of his Science Projects on the subject of Global Warming and went home to waste the rest of his day playing video games inside the house, Alex most likely will not be fit for Military Service anyway.

That is why, when they are both grown, Alex will most likely be working for Caleb. (Or someone like him...)

That is, unless Alex figures out early that his parents are clueless, and believes in something bigger than himself and his parents' narrow minded and self-centered priorities, and decides to make something of himself.

In that case, maybe he and Caleb can be golf buddies or something.

But that will be up to Caleb and Alex.


ChefNele said...

Awesome. That would be the most awesome video ever. I hope that Caleb doesn't ever have any golfing buddies, because I hope Caleb can find more useful things to do with his time than play golf. Golf is a "sport" for men who aren't getting any at home.....Worse than that: Golf is Gay. Did I mention that golf has go to be the most retarded "sport" ever invented? However, it does seem to work well as a drinking game, and if thats the case, then Play On! I only wish they wouldn't hide behind it being a sport.....if it really is just a drinking game. Football is the real man's game.....and involves BEER not *Scotch*......anyhow.

I'm just being silly, I am for any sport Caleb wants to play. And I will go watch the game no matter how boring or silly....


tugboatcapn said...

We'll say Drag Racing buddies then...

How's that?

Timothy said...

dems fightin words! How dare you insult the greatest sport ever!!! What sport can both grandfather, father and son play together??? What sport takes skill, and combines it with the beauty of nature? I hope your running knees give out on you, like mine did, and in your middle age, you find yourself playing the greatest sport ever... because you still can! :)

That's all tongue and cheek of course. I used to feel the same way, until my running knees gave out and...


Timothy said...

BTW, Tug, great post!

Ms.Green said...

Barrack would rather Caleb be killed in the womb than in a just war.

Killing for convenience's sake is more honorable to Obama than dying for freedom.

Mark said...

Have you noticed how often Liberals use the phrase, "For the children"? A perfect example of Liberals feel, Conservatives think.

All a politician has to do to get non-thinking lemming mentality bleeding heart liberal sob sisters to champion their cause, however inhumane (like Abortion) is to say "we want to do it for the children".

"We need to keep murdering innocent babies for the children"


Hiding behind our children to advance the decline of human civility in our society.

There doesn't have to be another reason to hate Liberals.

ELAshley said...

I hope you'll be homeschooling... that's the only way you'll accomplish the task you've set yourself.

It's what I'll be doing.

Toad734 said...

But if we are in Iraq for the next 100 years and close to 1000 soldiers are dying each year, no one will enlist and they will have to draft. But if you want to be in Iraq for 100 years, go ahead and vote for McCain

tugboatcapn said...

Toad, do you really want everyone to believe that you are so stupid that you actually believe that John McCain wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years?

Are you so dense that you think that this is the goal of the McCain Administration, to stay in Iraq for 100 years, for no other reason than to be there?

Is that really what you think?

tugboatcapn said...

A word of advice, Toad...

If Democrats and Liberals plan to win the War of Ideas, they are going to HAVE to start being honest about what the actual issues are, and about their actual goals and intentions.

These weak talking points type jabs only make you look like a fool.

Mark said...

Toad doesn't think at all, Tug, He merely repeats things he reads at DU and Kos.

Even if we were in Iraq for 100 more years and even if 1000 soldiers died each of those years, it still wouldn't be as many as died in WW II. Over 200,000 Americans lost their lives in that war alone. Over 40,000 Americans died in WW I, and we were only in that war for a year.

Toad, like all Liberals, is an idiot.

tugboatcapn said...

What annoys me is the false premise.

"John McCain wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years, no matter what the cost."


Even Toad.

What McCain said was that he would finish the job before pulling out so that the people who have already died and made sacrifices there would not have done so for nothing.

McCain's statement was that America would not leave from Iraq in disgrace and defeat on his watch, the way that the Democrats would have us do.

The assertion that McCain wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years is a dishonest point, and I refuse to accept the premise.

If Toad has a legitimate reason for me not to vote for McCain that he would like to discuss, (and there are many...), then I'm all ears.

But that ain't it.