Wednesday, November 05, 2008


On behalf of Conservatives everywhere, I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to President-Elect Barack Obama.

The Democrats fought a good fight, and with the help of wonderful groups like ACORN, with the endorsement of groups like Hamas, the Weather Underground and Al-Qaeda, they have emerged victorious.

And they only had to spend six times as much money as John McCain did to get it.

So now we can all look forward to better days under the wise, articulate, and clean leadership of the Obama Administration.

We will soon enjoy reasonably priced (and Government run) Healthcare, the Oceans will cease to rise, the Environment will soon heal itself, and our Economy will finally get back on track.

We will all begin to enjoy the benifits of spreading the wealth around very soon, and I will no longer have to worry about putting gas in my pickup, or paying my mortgage, or anything.

Racism and discrimination is finally a thing of the past, and our brave fighting men and women will soon be re-deployed to somewhere safe.

What a great time to be an American!

My sincere hope is that the Media will treat Obama as fairly and report his successes and failures as accurately and objectively as they have those of the Bush Administration, and that now that the Republicans are truly the Minority Party, they will be every bit as cooperative and supportive as the Democrats have been toward President Bush.

Oh, and that everyone who voted for him never forgets ALL of the things that Obama promised to do for them, and that they hold him to those promises.

Congratulations, Barack Obama, and may God have mercy on your soul!


Mark said...

As I mentioned, One can only hope an Obama administration will be as effective as the Demoncratically controlled Congress has been the last two years.

pecheur said...

Great post and insights

Ms.Green said...

Tug, some people were very happy about the election.

Those Who are Happy Today

Toad734 said...

Ya, these Bush years have been great, I am sad to see us return to a 90s esque era of peace and prosperity. What a nightmare that was.

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