Thursday, July 14, 2005

Much Ado About Nothing...

Is anyone besides me sick of hearing about what a heinous criminal Karl Rove is?

The facts of the Karl Rove scandal, as I understand them, are (And please correct me if I am wrong, But back it up with factual information...)

Karl Rove, at the end of a telephone conversation about a totally different subject with a reporter, may or may not have mentioned the name of a CIA agent, who was not on covert assignment at the time, and had not been for nine years prior, and whom everyone in Washington who would recognize her name knew worked for the CIA, and he may or may not have warned the reporter not to pursue the story too hard because it was nothing in the first place.


Why is this even news? The Grand Jury has not even said if a crime was commited or not, and we have Nancy Pelosi calling for Rove's head?
Why is this such a big story? I'll tell you why...It's because Pelosi and her ilk believe that Rove is the power behind the throne. They believe that President Bush cannot function without Karl Rove. (Yes, I watched the movie about "Bush's Brain" too, I just don't believe everything I see on T.V.)
Read the law again, all of you who think that Rove should be raped repeatedly in prison for this horrible crime that he has committed. Nothing in the law applies to the woman who was reportedly named. If anything, Rove tried to prevent a story from being written that would have disclosed her identity, if everyone hadn't known it already.
And by the way, hasn't this same woman appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine twice since she was supposedly outed by the supposedly unnamed source, supposedly Rove? She's really trying to keep a low profile, isn't she?

Don't get me wrong...If Karl Rove has committed a crime and is found guilty, I will support his punnishment right along with the rest of you. Criminals have no place in Presidential administrations and I don't want them there.
But make no mistake, losing Rove will not cripple the President. Rove works for President Bush, not the other way around. If Rove is fired or imprisoned, The President knows where there are ten more just like him.

I wonder why the New York Times has decided to leave Judith Miller rotting in jail? If Rove was her source, then why doesn't she say so and go home?
Maybe because Rove is not her source? If not, then who is?? It's a mystery!

All I know is that I am tired of hearing about it. The press should report on it when they have new information about it, and stop trying to beat me over the head with it. I get it already. The Media doesn't like Karl Rove. I picked up on that one pretty quick...

By the way, anyone who doesn't believe that the mainstream press has a negative Bias against the Bush administration should listen to the press conference with Scott McClellan yesterday. The reporters screamed at him, yelled at him, did everything but throw feces and urine at the poor man, simply because he refused to comment on an ongoing investigation. (You never saw Janet Reno get thet treatment...)

When you couple a twenty-four hour news cycle with ten different cable news networks competing with each other, and then throw in a decidedly negative bias toward the President, you are bound to have situations like this, I guess.
I will be glad, though, when the news coverage returns to stories about people falling into wood chippers, and John McCain starring in "R" rated movies(!) and other trivia.

This other stuff just makes my head hurt...


rich bachelor said...

I seem to recall Reno getting the same treatment, actually, and with good reason.
As I said in a comment on Maness's blog lately, it seems that it's really Novak who exposed an undercover operative, and deserves something in the way of punishment, or at least scrutiny. True; Plame is no longer seeking anonymity, but she's no longer a secret agent, either.
What was that thing about McCain?

Mark said...

And please correct me if I am wrong, But back it up with factual information...)

Oh, Tug, when you say things like that it is like dangling the proverbial carrot in front of the likes of that Toad, that haunts our blog sites.
They will be here before the days out spewing their typical mean spirited unfounded extreme liberal rhetoric with no facts to back it up. You've no doubt noticed that I stopped responding to them altogether, at least until they can present a lucid argument without resorting to personal attacks and name calling.

Mark said...

Bachelor, (sigh) You are missing a valid point in this argument.
you said, "it seems that it's really Novak who exposed an undercover operative"
The valid point? Valerie Brame was NOY an undercover operative at the time, and was not covered under the law that the LIbs are claiming Rove is guilty of violating. In short. There was no "outing" because she was already outed, in that, she was not doing classified worka anymore. It is a non-issue.
What it is, is a blatant attempt to discredit Rove and by discrediting him, discredit the Bush administration.
They failed in that endeavor once, but I have to give the Libs credit. At least they don't give up easily.

tugboatcapn said...

Mark, do you remember when you said I had "cajones"?

Go back and read my response to that comment if you can find it...

rich bachelor said...

Well, at very least it seems that Novak thought that he was, unless everything I've heard is wrong. It also seems that Plame (or Brame, whatever) was still undercover at the time, unless everything I've heard is wrong.
so-is everything I've heard wrong? Or do you have some documentation for me? I recognize that the zeal on a lot of people's part to take down Rove might have colored the story, but I'd like to see some documentation too, that he didn't just leak some disinformation in order to discredit two liberal media outlets, which grew into this storm we're in the middle of now.
Y'know, like they did to CBS.

carrier said...

An even more interesting question is how did Rove come by the information that was passed on. This woman was on a list of undercover operatives that is known to only four or five key members of the administration, supposedly not including the vice-president. Rove shouldn't have even known she was an agent.

It was said that everyone in Washington knew Valerie Plame was CIA, that just isn't true. Even though Plame had been assigned to a desk, she retained her OC status because she was still listed as being employed by the agency front company. Rove as a political operative should not have known about her at all.

This information was according to Larry Johnson who is a retired CIA analyst. The integrity of our national security was compromised by someone, how can you be tired of hearing about that?

tugboatcapn said...

Well, Carrier, Mr.Rove says he didn't know.
So now here we are.
Either he is lying about not leaking information to which he had no access, or he is telling the truth about not knowing, or he made the whole thing up just to make the Media look stupid.
I would like to point out that on Joe Wilson's own website, he talked about his wife's position with the CIA before the conversation between Rove and Novak.
In any case, whatever Karl Rove said about a woman who may or may not have been an active CIA operative at the time, nothing he has said has been rebroadcast on Al Jezeera to encourage terrorists to kill American soldiers.
You guys sure know how to pick which tree to bark around...

carrier said...

Nice smoke and mirrors. There was a leak. The leaker was Karl Rove. Does it really matter that he never said her name? He identified her as Wilson's wife. He sold out an undercover agent of the US government. I don't even care why he did it. He did it! All the other bologna is irrelevant, Karl Rove is a traitor.

I can't find any evidence at Wilson's website that he ever mentioned his wife working for the CIA.

Toad734 said...

I personally got tired of hearing what a scum bag Clinton was. If one is a scumbag the other is a scumbag.

I have a post I want you to read