Friday, July 15, 2005

Told Ya...

Are you sick of the Karl Rove story NOW??

I tried to warn everyone to just wait a while before we all decided to label Mr. Rove a traitor, that the Grand Jury was still out, that we didn't have all the facts yet. (If you go to the link, READ THE WHOLE STORY....)

It seems that this story was drummed up by the (non-partisan?) Media in order to take down one of the President's confidants. (Rove's source was a reporter...) and now journalists are in jail, and Rove, it appears, will go free to advise the President another day.

Mr. Rove was just too juicy a target for the left (I still think because of that stupid movie...) to wait on. I mean the dream of people like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi is to lobotomize George W. Bush, don't you think?

But the Left was wrong on this one, just like I said. So there. I know that some on the left will continue in their denial or look now for another victim, but Karl Rove has not lied, has cooperated fully with the investigation, is not a traitor, and will not be removed from the Bush administration over this. The truth is that Karl Rove is too smart to get caught in something like this. I'm not saying that he is as innocent as a newborn non-aborted baby, I'm just saying he won't be caught in anything this stupid and trivial. The Left may as well set their sights on someone else.

I will accept apologies from those of you who said that I was wrong on my comments page. (Don't worry, I'm not holding my breath.)

I for one am STILL sick of hearing about it. I still contend that this was a non-story from the beginning. It was a distraction from more important news stories...

Like these;

An Army Medic was shot by insurgents (murderous Islamic terrorist scum) in Iraq, Survived the attack, and then located the sniper, secured him with handcuffs, and gave MEDICAL ATTENTION TO THE MAN WHO HAD JUST TRIED TO KILL HIM! Why isn't this on the front page of every American newspaper?

Sandy Berger, former Clinton White House National Security Advisor apologizes for what he calls an "honest mistake." Honest Mistake?!?! The dude crammed sensitive National Security documents into his socks and drawers and took them home and destroyed them!! Want to talk about traitors now??

All of the highly trained and talented engineers at NASA can't seem to figure out why the "Check Engine" light on the space shuttle Discovery won't go off. After much thought and deliberation, they have decided to try "wiggling the wires." Where do I sign up to be in the space program??

Another false memo story? Will they never learn??

Senate Democrats disclose information about a top secret spy satellite program? Do you want to talk about traitorous information leakers now??

Let's talk about something important for a while and leave this dead end story alone, shall we?


Erudite Redneck said...

Oh, come on, dude, Just one lil congressional investigation? C'mon! Please????

Ken Starr set the standard for investigating stupid shit that didn't deserve the time or expense.

Only thing Pelosi' said in monthst that I agree with:

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and other party leaders asked Speaker Dennis Hastert on Friday to let Congress hold hearings into the controversy regardless of the criminal probe now under way.

"In previous Republican Congresses the fact that a criminal investigation was under way did not prevent extensive hearings from being held on other, much less significant matters," Pelosi wrote.

I will never, ever foget or forgive the treatment the Man from Hope got. Everrrrrrr.

No offense. It ain't policy or philosophy that drives me in this. It ain't even partisanship. I freely admit that I'm out for pure political revenge.

Mark said...

Tug, You said, I tried to warn everyone to just wait a while before we all decided to label Mr. Rove a traitor.
Too late!
That troll that calls himself Bruiser, who uses my blog to post hateful attacks on Bush and the Republicans, has already stated that Rove is a traitor. See my blog post on my response to an objection.

tugboatcapn said...

Yeah, I saw that stuff that Luiser put up on your site, Mark.
I thought your post was brilliant, by the way.
Until Bruiser learns to string two coherent sentences together, I wouldn't worry about him too much.

ER, I must say, I am a little disappointed, but I understand your sentiments...
It must be tough to be on the losing end so often lately.
My sympathies...

tugboatcapn said...

The main difference between this latest round with Rove and the Ken Starr investigations is that former President Clinton was found guilty of contempt of court and lost his Law License for a year (not that that made any difference) and Mr. Rove has been exonerated...

Erudite Redneck said...

Sigh. You got that losin' end thing right.

Sorry for lettin' my bitterness leak onto yer blog.

By the way, I'm addin' you to my blogroll. :-)

Balloon Pirate said...

Thanks for copying and pasting straight out of the GOP talking points playbook there, sparky.

Rove has been exonerated? Oh, that's right--because you said it, it must be true. Never mind that there's still an ongoing investigation being fueled by a bunch of VERY pissed off CIA ops. Because you've said it, it must be true.

Maybe he will be found complicit in this investigation, maybe he won't. My guess is that he won't. Not because he wasn't involved, but because he is totally willing to throw anyone under the bus to save his ass. Some mid-to-lower level flunky will take the hit for this, and Rove will get away.

By the way, remember what this is all about? Joe Wilson reveals that Bush LIED TO CONGRESS AND THE UNITED STATES during the State of the Union address about yellowcake uranium being shipped from Niger to Iraq. There was nothing to support this point. In fact there was far more information that DISPROVED the point. Ambassador Wilson, who cold have just toed the same line that eveyone else did, but instead he stood up and told the truth. Shortly afterwards, Novak reveals his wife is a CIA Op. Remember all that now?

The investigation is far from over. But your proclamation that he's 'exonerated' is pure GOP attack dog bullshit, which, if I'm not mistaken, you're probably referencing right now to rep;y to this comment.


tugboatcapn said...

I don't reference anything to reply to comments like this, nor do I have a GOP talking points manual.
If you will look up the State of the Union address, you will find that the President said that Iraq TRIED TO PURCHASE Yellow Cake Uranium from Niger, not that any had actually been shipped, A fact that Wilson's own report confirmed.
President Bush never lied to congress, and if you have concrete evidence that he did, I would love to see it.
You are right on one point, this investigation IS far from over as a whole, but the part of it that pertains to Karl Rove is. Nobody is going to have to take a fall for him, there WAS NO CRIME COMMITTED WHERE HE WAS CONCERNED.
And while we are talking about stuff like this, You can believe that I am usually right about these things. Talking points handbook or not. If I say it,YOU CAN BELIEVE IT.
Read the links in my post.

tugboatcapn said...

And don' call me "Sparky."
My handle is TUG.

carrier said...

Rove is a lying dog. He claims that a journalist tipped him off, but that he can't remember which one. Right.

Doesn't it bother you just a little, that the White House ridiculed the notion the leak had originated from WH staff and now freely admit that it did? That in itself proves they were lying in the first place. We can't trust anything these people tell us. I know, you think the war in Iraq is a good thing, but just the fact that they felt it was necessary to mislead the public should make you question their integrity.

Rove knew the information, but he didn't get it from the press corp. Who has been whispering in Mr. Roves ear?

And again, tell me why we would trust a guy who while a Young Republican in college, bugged his own telephone and then accused the opposition of the crime?

Or pilfered the stationary from his opposite number, and used the stationary as invitations to a underage kegger.

And was fired by George Sr., by the way...for guess what? That's right. leaking information! Google it. I'm not making this stuff up.

Rove is a traitor, even if he accidently leaked the information...regardless of where it came from, he of all people should have known the possible ramifications of his loose lips. He betrayed the confidence of a US intelligence agent and all the people that worked covert operations with her. Including agents still in the field.

In order to help win an election this guy jeopardized the lives of an unknown number of agents of your government. That's the kind of guy you want hanging around the Oval Office?

Rove is a traitor. And when he is judged to be so, he should be just plain hung.

tugboatcapn said...

Carrier, didn't you yourself make the point last night that Rove had no way of knowing the information that he is accused of leaking?
Or did I misunderstand you?
Or are you now backpeddling in order to not have to give up your assertion that Rove is a traitor?
What he is accused of doing (if he was guilty of it, which he isn't) is not nearly as serious as things that some of your own guys have done on videotape.(You want the links?)
You are defending a losing position, my friend.
I like you Carrier, as I do your brother, but you both have a habit of not letting the facts get in the way of your opinions.

tugboatcapn said...

And ER, I am honored!
Thank you. I will reciprocate in kind...

Balloon Pirate said...


I agree that you don't reference anything. You make this stuff up out of pure pig shit. But golly isn't it funny that everything you're saying seems to mirror almost exactly the GOP Talking Points Memo That's being passed around the neocon lipflappers that make the talking head rounds these days?

Maybe it's just you guys found the same pig.

Oh, and I'll stop calling you Sparky. After all that nickname infers a certain level of brightness that you don't seem to have.


tugboatcapn said...

Keep hammering me...
It doesn't make you right.
And even if I do get this stuff from a talking points bulletin, YOUR SIDE STILL LOST THIS ONE.

mlwhitt said...

All I can say is Vote Libertarian. It's the only chance this country has. All the Demos and Repubs do is fight and fight and never get anything done.

tugboatcapn said...

And I will ask you as I do everyone who visits my blog, keep the profanity to a minimum. There is no need for that within an intelligent conversation about important issues.

tugboatcapn said...

mlwhitt, I totally agree, just not yet.
The Libertarian Party IS the only hope that this country has. We just don't have enough candidates or enough support yet to have any power. Even if a Libertarian candidate was to be elected, there are not enough of us yet to effect any real change.
The main trap that we have to avoid is getting caught up in the "legalization of drugs" argument. That destroys Libertarian credibility where ever it comes up.
Libertarians will be in a much better position a few years down the road. For now, We need to vote Republican, and donate our money to the Libertarian Party.

tugboatcapn said...

And Pirate, The facts are the facts, whether you get them from a memo or not.
Oh, and Thanks for the website, by the way...It may come in handy later on.

carrier said...

Actually I said he shouldn't have known; not that he couldn't have known. I maintain that his act was one of treason. And you are right, there certainly are more treacherous individuals in Washington. The person that let Karl Rove know the identity of an undercover operative for one.

Still you didn't answer my question. Does it bother you that they lied about any knowledge of the leak in the first place? McClellan said at the time that it was ridiculuos to suggest that Karl Rove had anything to do with it, but now it is clear he did have something to do with it. That is a fact, do you let it get in the way of your opinion?

This stuff isn't being fabricated by the media, it is being uncovered by an ongoing investigation. I admit your crowing is amusing, but it may be premature on your part to get too cocky on this one Tug.

tugboatcapn said...

Rove's source would be Robert Novak.
And yes, if it is true, it would bother me. I'm just not ready to believe it is true yet.
There are reporters all over this story, and even if Rove DID out Valerie Plame as a CIA agent, she was not on covert assignment at the time. The law that Rove was accused of violating does not apply to her in this situation.
Back to my original assertion, THIS IS A NON STORY.
The New York Times demanded the investigation in the first place, and it has yet to bring down a single republican. Nobody has been proven a traitor as yet.
And I am not being any more cocky than you guys were being last night when you thought the evidence was on your side.

tugboatcapn said...

By the way, I am glad that you are amused by all of this...
I don't set policy, and neither does anyone who comments here.
Basically, to me this is a video game.
I want everyone to have fun...

tugboatcapn said...

Nobody has commented on any of the "More Important" news stories in my post.
I'm a little disappointed....

Mark said...

Tug, I won't respond to those who resort to personal attacks, as you know. I would suggest that you do the same, but as long as you are going to argue with these guys, why don't you point out that the reporters called Rove? Not the other way around. If he was trying to leak info to the press why didn't he call them? How about the fact that at the time of the alledged outing one could have called the CIA and asked if Valerie Prame worked there and they would have said yes. If she had been an undercover agent, they would deny any knowledge of her. Tell them to read the law he is supposed to have broken. It doesn't apply. There was no crime at all.
this is a blatant attempt by certain Bush haters to discredit the Bush administration and since they have been unsuccessful so far they try doing it by making up lies. And your new friends have bought the lie.
Tell them they just hate Bush so much (without a valid reason, mind you) that they are willing to believe lies about him and also to spread them. 36 different news outlets have admitted that he is not guilty of any crimes and they are liberal. Your new friends are typical of the Bush haters in America. they repeat the mantra of the left so often that they begin to believe it. And when they have no valid facts to back up the lies they spew, they resort to personal attacks. This is why I ignore them. There is no convincing people who are not rational. Now I know thet will troll on over to my blog to attack me, and I will not delete their hateful attacks. I find I don't have to. They show what they are with their own words.

tugboatcapn said...

Yeah! What Mark said,you guys!!
(How was that??)

tugboatcapn said...

Mark, If they can't believe the New York Times, They are never going to believe matter what I tell them.

Balloon Pirate said...

I'll keep this G-rated as per your request, but as far as intelligent conversation--it's severely lacking in here.

You want to talk about something important.

Ok, how about the fact that the President of the United States deliberately mislead this country into a war--one which he has grossly underestimated the amount of time money and manpower it will take to 'win,' as if it is winnable in any way shape or form.

You can spend your time arguing and parsing about who called who, who did what and all that other crap. But if you want to get to 'the big story,' it is above.

And now, information from many many places is coming forward that is showing just how much of a hardon Bush and his neocon buddies had for this war. So much so, that anyone who disagreed or disputed evidence was ignored, or if they went public, were punished.

That's what the Valerie Plame investigation is about. Punishing Joe Wilson for openly disagreeing with the president.

As for Rove: Karl Rove is a man who, as a reporter once said, is found standing on the sidewalk in front of every house fire saying 'I don't know how to use matches.'

Now you can parse this and play your GOP Talking Points game and turn this any way you want. But the bottom line is:

YOUR President is at best a failure, at worst a treasonous failure. One who deliberately parsed information to invade a country that, while admittedly corrupt and yes, evil, was not, nor should have been, the object of our attention at that point. Our only hope is that we can survive this without irreperable damage to our country.

And then there's people like you, who for some reason think that any American who disagrees with you is also a traitor.

And as far as the "YOUR President" line, that's a direct steal from Tom DeLay when talking about Clinton.

Are we having fun yet?


tugboatcapn said...

Okay Pirate, let me get this straight...
I'm stupid,The President lied, The war is Un-winnable and imoral, The President lied, Karl Rove is an evil traitor, as is every American who questions republicans? Oh, and The President lied...?


Let me save you some time composing your next brilliantly intelligent and forward thinking comment.
Just type in "I HATE GWB".
That's all that you seem to be able to say.(Profanity or not.)

Now chime back in with some more old, tired, boring rhetoric about who lied to the country.
I'm tired of arguing with you. From now on,You will be ignored here.

Balloon Pirate said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Balloon Pirate said...

That's right, sparky--ignore the truth.
It's what you're best at.

I win

Too bad the country's losing under Bush


Marie's Two Cents said...

This is amusing. Throw the Libs a Bone and they bite every time. Crashing into each other on thier way to the microphone they cant get to fast enough for a photo op calling for Bush's head, and any member of his Administration they can. This was a brilliant yet comical plan. I couldnt help but laugh as I watched all the Libs one after another after another hit that microphone! I like the wounded Medic shot by terrorist scum and still tried to help the terrorist scum that shot him story. As for Traitors, I am more interested in what they are going to do with Sandy Berger. I have been waiting for more than just an apology for quite a while. Great Site by the way :-)

Balloon Pirate said...

That's it--stay on message...No, the GOP's not destroying the country--no, the GOP's not rewriting every rule in favor of the ultra-rich ultra-right, no, the government isn't lying and sending our troops thousands of miles away to fight and die for no damn reason other than because your president wanted what he thought was an easy target.

No, Karl Rove isn't an evil, malicious manimpulator who turned a war hero into a villain and a coward into a war-hero president, no, the religious right is doing its best to take away fundamental freedoms from anyone who disagree with them, no, we'er not turning into a fascist state.

It's those darn Democrats fault.

Keep on message keep on message.

Keep your head in the sand, redstaters!


Mark said...

I told ya, Tug. Whenever the Bush haters have a point to make they resort to personal attacks and name calling. Why? because they have no valid argument. And while we're on the subject of validity, Did you ever notice how quick they are to say what's wrong with America, but they have no solutions?
It seems that repectfulness is not an option when dealing with those that they disagree with.

tugboatcapn said...

Where the heck did I put my talking points memo??

Mark,I'll have to get back to you after I study up.

I hate being the only one without a memo...