Thursday, November 09, 2006

New Tone...

The President met with Nancy Pelosi today.

They both pledged to extend the hand of Bi-Partisanship, and to work together to solve the problems that America faces.

Well, I guess it would do her good to try new things.

I don't buy it.

She has already stated that any Democrat who cooperated with Republicans on anything during the 109th Congress will be denied a position of significance in the 110th. (Even if disgraced, impeached bribe-takers get the job instead.)

I think the President is blowing it, big time.

He has an opportunity which has never before presented itself in the History of the World.

As a matter of fact, the outgoing Republican controlled Legislature has a similar opportunity.

Here's what they should do.

First, the Congress and Senate should call an Emergency session and De-Fund the War.

Then they should repeal the Tax Cuts. ALL of them.

After that, they should repeal Medicare Part B, No Child Left Behind, and the Highway Bill.

Then they should adjourn, and the President should, through Recess Appointment, install every single Judicial Nominee he has ever wanted, and then expand the Supreme Court to Twenty Justices, all by Recess Appointment. (There is nothing in the Constitution defining how many Justices can or should be on the Supreme Court, and the President has the power, NAY! The RESPONSIBILITY to nominate Judges and SC Justices.)

THEN, the President should address the Nation, on Christmas Eve on Television from the Oval Office. (I would even set it for 8:00 pm, and stroll in at 8: 05, and force every network to show five minutes of my empty chair.)

And here is how it should go.

(The President walks into the room, crosses between the desk and cameras, nonchalantly tosses a small box and a Manila Folder onto the desk, and sits down.)

"My Fellow Americans:

"When I first took office in January of 2001, I attempted to bring a 'New Tone' to Washington, a new spirit of cooperation and harmony between the two major Political Parties which I had hoped would help our Nation move past the unpleasantness we all endured during the previous Administration.

"It was my desire to advance an agenda which would represent the Voters who sent me here, while also giving a legitimate voice to the Minority Party, so that each and every American would recieve their fair share of Representation in Washington, as is their right as Citizens of this great Nation.

"I have been met with hatred, slander, obstruction, and sabotage at every turn from the Democrat Party.

"They have opposed me, virtually in lock-step, on my Judicial Nominees, my Tax Initiatives to strengthen and grow our Economy, my programs and efforts to uncover the plans of those around the World who have declared War against this Great Nation, and have even accused me and my administration, and even our Troops, of War Crimes for doing the things that we found necessary, if unpleasant, to attempt to keep the Citizens of the United States safe from attack on our own Soil.

"On November 7th, the American People went to the polls, and voted. They chose to turn the gavels of power over to the Democrats who have systematically stood in the way of each and every thing that I, and the Republicans in the House and Senate have attempted to do, In spite of my attempts to reach out to them, and cooperate.

"So, Tonight, I have come before you to announce that that the 'New Tone' is no more. The Voters have spoken, and I have heard you.

"This Election has shown me that the American People do not want the things that I tried to institute, so over the past few days, I and the outgoing Legislature have un-done everything we passed since I took office.

"The other thing that I learned in November is that the American People actually LIKE the tactics of Obstructionism and Divisive Partisanship. After all, the party that has used these tactics for the last six years was rewarded with a Majority in Both Houses of Congress.

"In this box are One Hundred brand new Ink Pens, and they only write one word.


"I solemnly promise to VETO every single piece of Legislation that reaches my desk until the end of my Presidency.

"On the very last day I am in office, I will Veto something, on Television.

"While the American People saw fit to give the Democrat Party, which Vetoed my 'New Tone' of cooperation, the reigns of Power for the next two years, they evidently did NOT see fit to give them Veto Proof Majorities in either House.

"There is one other issue that I must address, and then I will let you go back to watching 'Deal or No Deal', and that is the issue of my Manilla Folder here.

"In this Folder, I have a Blanket Presidential Pardon. It applies to War Crimes committed in Afghanistan and Iraq, and covers each and every person who has been, currently is, or ever will be accused, investigated, or convicted of War Crimes as a result of my use of the U.S. Military during my Presidency, from the lowliest Private on the ground, right on up to myself.

"I will now sign this document, here in plain view of the American People... (signs the Paper, and then holds it up for the cameras...) as is my right and privilege as President of the United States. So, now we will not be bothered by useless investigations, subpoenas, or Impeachment Hearings, and the Incoming Democrat Legislature can get about the business of drafting Legislation for me to Veto.

"To those of you who have supported me, I thank you.

"To the rest of you, who have stood in my way since the beginning of my Presidency, have fun choking down the excrement sandwich you yourselves have taught me so well how to serve up.

"Thank you, and Good Night."

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