Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Real Message...

What a predicament.

Nancy Pelosi went out and bought herself enough "Conservative Democrat" Candidates to ensure herself a position as Speaker of the House, Control of the Senate hinges on less than 6500 votes in Virginia, and today, the President came out and switched Parties.

Donald Rumsfeld will be beheaded at dawn Tommorrow, and John Bolton and Condi Rice will most likely be dealt with next week.

Dick Cheney is safe because he shoots back.

I cannot describe to you the feeling of absolute disgust and betrayal that I felt today as I listened to the President, with his Lame Duck Tail tucked firmly between his legs, begging the Democrats not to impeach him, and promising to do whatever they want for the next two years.

But then again, I can't really blame him. How many of us could have withstood the rehtorical beating the President has taken for the last six years?

The Voters have spoken.

We love Democrats now.

War is too horrible, whether it is declared ON US, or BY US. It costs too much to win, it is too bloody, too unpleasant.

It is too hard to take responsibility for our OWN well being, we need help from Government.

The Economy really is much too strong, and all of this success is bad for Democrats. Success on a National Level does not create enough victims.

We rich people who make at least $25,000.00 per year don't really need to keep more of our own money. The Evil Corporations for which we work do not really need to make a profit, they only exist to provide jobs, and the CEO really does make way too much money.

We Americans really do want to pay for one another's health care, whether there is any money left over in our paychecks for groceries or not.

Illegal Immigrants really should be forgiven, and given all of the Rights afforded bona-fide American Citizens, no matter how many of them there are, or what it does to our Country. After all, Mexican Style Socialism really isn't that bad. The Illegals should be allowed to vote it in here if they want. I mean, they tried so hard and overcame so many obstacles to come here illegally...

And the President MUST be impeached, because since Bill Clinton, ALL Presidents must always be impeached, from now on.

After all, the Liberal Agenda won, didn't it?

No, it didn't.

The Democrats who won Yesterday ran as "Blue Dog" Democrats, or Conservative Democrats, and the whole turn-around was decided by about 50,000 votes total, Nation Wide.
That's hardly a Mandate.

At least not a Mandate for the kind of changes that the Democrats have planned for our Country.

The Republicans lost Yesterday because they got too comfortable with Power. They became more interested in retaining Power than they were in LEADING.

They were more interested in what the New York Times had to say about them than they were in what their constituents expected when we elected them.

They ran on the concept of Limited Government, and then passed the largest Entitlement Program in American History.

And we threw the Bums out.

My biggest regret is that we failed to remove all of the Fecal Matter from the Conservative Punchbowl.

And I am afraid that the wrong message has been transmitted to the remaining floaters. I'm afraid that John McCain will believe that Americans want more Moderate Behavior.

More Centrism.


This Country leans RIGHT.

The Democrats understand this, they just don't care. They believe that the American Voter does not really know what is best for us, so they pretend to be Conservatives in order to get elected, and then once installed in office, they elect Nancy Pelosi, and her "San Francisco Liberal" Agenda to the position of Leadership.

That is not what most Americans want, no matter what the outcome of Yesterday's Elections.

Denny Hastert needs to go. John McCain needs to go.

We need new blood, new faces, new LEADERS. We need spokesmen who can articulate the Conservative Message in a forceful and understandable way.

We need a new Ronald Reagan, and a new Newt Gingrich.

The real message of Yesterday's Elections is this:

Conservatism WINS, every time it's tried.

No matter who tries it.


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