Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Take That, Republicans!

Well, the Democrats took the House of Representatives.

This is what elected Republicans get for forgetting why we sent them to Washington in the first place.

So, now, for the next two years, we only get to discuss whatever legislation is important to Nancy Pelosi.

So get ready.

There will be subpoenas, investigations, hearings and inquiries.

The Minimum Wage will go up, and so will the cost of everything you need to buy.

We will finally be able to get that un-naturally low National Unemployment number back up to where it needs to be.

Take your money out of your 401k Tommorrow, and buy CD's with it. (Certificates of Deposit, not Compact Disks of Carrie Underwood or K-Fed.)

Buy a Handgun (preferably from a street-corner dealer, so that it cannot be traced) , put it in a zip-lock bag and bury it in your yard. Erect a small cross over it with "Rover" painted on it, so that you can find it quickly.

The "Viet-Namization" of Iraq will begin soon, and America will once again show the World that we cannot be trusted to finish what we start, and that we no longer have the collective stomach to win in armed conflict.

There is some good news, though...

If you and your Wife both make $25,000 or more per year, you are now "The Rich". (As defined by the dominant Party in the U.S. House of Representatives.)

You will soon get the privilege of footing the bill for Bill Gates' Health Care.

I want them to run Hog Wild.

Go ahead, Dems. Do ALL of the things that the Daily KOS crowd wants.

I want voting, thinking, informed Americans to go ahead and get a Belly Full of Democrats, once and for all.

You have two years. Make it count.

Let's hope that the President can find his VETO Pen before things get too far out of hand, and that the Republican Party will learn from this situation.

The American People did not allow the Democrats to win the House because they wanted Democrats in charge, they allowed it to happen because it has become too difficult to tell the difference.

So Congratulations, America!

You voted for "Change", well you're going to get it.

Enjoy it. Love it. Learn from it.

This will indeed be a hard lesson.

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