Thursday, June 16, 2005

Bush And The War With Iraq

Have you heard of the Downing Street Memo?
Basically, the Downing Street Memo is a top secret document, published internally within the British government, which says that the evidence against Saddam Hussein was completely trumped up, thus proving the illegitimacy of the war in Iraq. Proving that the facts were manipulated to fit the situation, and proving the war-mongering tendencies of president Bush. It says that President Bush had already decided to invade Iraq long before 9/11. If you haven't heard about it yet, you soon will.
The Main Stream (Leftist) Media considers this to be THE smoking gun that they have been looking for.
THEY knew all along that the war against Iraq was wrong. THEY knew it was immoral. THEY knew that they were right, and the illegitamate, selected/not elected President Bush and all his minions were wrong, and you can believe that they will take up this drum and beat it ad-nauseum. (Remember the Bush-National Guard memo story??)
Here's the thing though - real or not, true or not, I don't care.
The truth is that we had unfinished business in Iraq. Saddam Hussein should have been removed from power during the FIRST Gulf War. The only reason he wasn't removed then was that the United Nations begged us not to do it. They wanted to be the ones who got the credit for riegning him in. "Let the sanctions work!!" they cried. Meanwhile, he got to continue to build multi-million dollar palaces, dig bunker complexes and pursue various weapons systems for eleven more years, while the people of Iraq starved and suffered. He ignored SEVENTEEN specific U.N. resolutions against him, while he sold oil vouchers to the leaders of all the U.N nations which opposed us during the run-up to the current action in Iraq. He continued to drop people into plastic shredders, chop off limbs, rape, torture and kill his own people.
The U.N did nothing about any of this except talk about it.
"Stop it, or we will be forced to tell you to stop it again!"
Why is the U.S. still in the U.N. anyway? What have they done for us lately? Am I wrong to assume that with any partnership, there should be some mutual benefit for both parties? They do nothing but soak up money, and continuously attack our national sovreignty. Every last nation in the U.N. (with the possible exception of Great Britain) is jealous of our power, our success, our affluence. France is trying desperately to prove that they are still relevant and still important, Russia is still upset about the whole "cold war" thing, and China is actively ramping up to engage us in open warfare. Why continue to associate with an organization that has such distaste for us? I'm all for taking our football and going home. Enough of this stupidity.
I will never believe that Iraq had absolutely no weapons of mass destruction. If we haven't found them yet, it is only because the U.N. stalled long enough for Hussein to hide them, destroy them, and/or move them out of the country (to Syria?) Who knows, if they could only have stalled a couple more years, maybe Iraq could have developed a nuclear weapon, and then things would have been a lot more interesting.
North Korea already has tested their nuke, and China can now orbit an ICBM with enough range to target the U.S. homeland ( Thank you president Slick Willie.)
Make no mistake. This is not a war about oil. If it was, we would have nuked Bhagdad on the first day and enslaved the Iraqi people immediately. If Bush wanted to lie about WMD's, he would have shipped containers of them over with the first round of troops, and littered the Iraqi countryside with them for all of the reporters to photograph. The fact that Michael Moore is still alive is proof that President Bush is an honest and moral man.(Have you seen the Clinton Death List??)
So publish whatever little piece of paper you happen to find lying around. As long as it makes logical sense to do so, I will continue to give President Bush the benefit of the doubt.


Mark said...

Great post, Tug. I haven't seen the memo in question myself, but I have heard credible people who have seen it say that there is not a thing in it that says the war was trumped up for any reason. Those who say it is proof of misdeeds have built a straw man solely for the purpose of knocking it down. This is nothing but a pitiful attempt by the Bush haters to discredit him, and demoralize our people.

chadjohnston1 said...

Hey, I like what you have to say it's pretty good. please keep writing.

Daffy76 said...

"Half the world hates what half the world does every day. Half the world waits while half gets on it with it anyway. Half the world lives, half the world makes, half the world gives, while the other half takes."

-I thought this fit. :)

tugboatcapn said...

Hey!! Rush lyrics!! You are going to make me dig out my old C.D.'s now...

Mark said...

I have seen the memo now. it says nothing that indicates any wrong doing on Bush's part.

carrier said...

You are incredibly misinformed. Everything in the memo reinforces the case that Bush lied through his teeth to drag us into a place we had no business going. We had unfinished business? Right. Bush wanted to get Hussein because his daddy wasn't allowed to do it. For that reason nearly two thousand US soldiers have died. Oh, that's duty and honor for you.
Why do we need the UN you ask. I'll tell you why. We live on a planet, not an island. There are other people here that we need to get along with. We trade with them. We buy their stuff and we sell them ours. They come to see our things and we go to see theirs. Did you know there is a lot of money in the tourist industry? Most of all though WE DON'T WANT THE REST OF THE WORLD THUMBING THEIR COLLECTIVE NOSE AT US AND SAYING SCREW YOU!
Not about oil huh? It is all about oil. There are plenty of dictators in the world killing off thousands of their own citizens. But do we do anything about them? Hell no. There isn't any oil for our oil companies to exploit. Oh you say oil prices aren't going down now that we have control of the oil. That's because Standard oil will be selling it in Europe for a lot more than they could make selling it here. You're right, it isn't about oil. It's the billions of dollars to be made from the sale of oil.
Back to the war. This war is unwinnable and the Bush administration knows it. These insurgents are coming from all over the middle east to kill Americans in Iraq. You think they will ever stop? We will eventually be forced to withdraw when the country gets fed up hearing about it's soldiers dying for a cause nobody was really all that thrilled with in the first place. You were though huh? You think it's great fun sending our army into another country to blow the hell out of everything. Kind of like a video gamre right? And we will have accomplished nothing except for the deaths in vain of thousands of US troops. Oh, I suppose I should mention all the money that me, you and everyone else is paying for the biggest corporation on earth to supply the things a military needs to survive. For five times the amount it should be charging, did I mention that? I'm talking about Haliburton if you haven't figured it out. What do you think happens to the profits made from that deal? A deal that required no bid by the way, just a nod and a handshake.
And remember when we were rolling across the desert killing everything in our paths? Remember how the government was bending over backward to show us how big and powerful we were? I wonder why we don't get to see all those wonderful images now?
The thing that ticks me off the most though is that Bush is making a mockery of our Christian beliefs. Christ never advocated killing, in fact he preached against it. Jesus, unlike Bush was big on diplomacy. He would have made it work instead of killing thousands of innocent citizens for the sake of eliminating one man.
You can give the benefit of doubt to a cold blooded killer if you like, but I'll just go on praying to God that he will put a stop to this madman and his henchmen before they bring our great nation down with them.

tugboatcapn said...

Are you reading this out of a pamphlet? has got to be sending out a talking points guide or something.
You left out the part about Dick Cheney being the Devil and about Global Warming being Bush's fault, but other than that you've repeated every Democratic talking point I've heard in the past two years.
I'm tired of talking to you. I'm sick of arguing ad nauseum with someone who doesn't get it and insists on ignoring half of the equation.
I don't think war is fun. I would much rather our troops be securing our Southern border, but right now they are busy cleaning up a mess that the whole world was either too corrupt or too scared to deal with.
Wake up or shut up. TBC