Monday, June 13, 2005

innocent?? not guilty??

I am so glad that justice has finally been done in the Michael Jackson case.
This poor innocent man has finally been vindicated. I mean, all he really wants to do is show his love for the children. Especially the BOY children. I don't know about you, but I personally LIVE for the day that a rich pop star shows up at my doorstep, wanting to show his love by sleeping in the bed with MY ten year old son. It's a beautiful thing!! Thats what the world really needs anyway, isn't it? More beautiful man-boy love??
Okay, I can't do this anymore. What kind of country do we live in when we can't convict a pedophile who owns his own amusement park, and said on television that he SLEEPS WITH LITTLE BOYS??!!
The only way that justice was done here is that the decision today kept the case out of the hands of the ninth circus court of appeals. (We all know what would have happened if it had gone before that bunch. THEY want to make it LEGAL to rape little boys...)
Well, though, when I think about it, I'm not really surprised. In America, if you have enough money, power, and name recognition, you can dazzle your way out of just about anything, and when a case goes to court, the fate of the defendant is in the hands of twelve people who were too stupid to get out of jury duty. It doesn't bode well, really...
Anyway, I will be curious to know how many of the Michael Jackson jurors are bringing their own children (especially the boys) to the "Neverland Ranch Overnight Victory Sleepover Party" which is sure to ensue, now that MJ has been declared innocent. Nothing to worry about, right?? I mean, a jury of his peers found him innocent, right??
WRONG. What the jury found is that Tom Sneddon did not prove his case beyond a reasonable doubt. Big difference. What they found was that the accuser's mother tried to sue a couple too many people before she let this monster molest her son for a solid year.
By the way, this boy's parents are just as guilty as Jackson is. How many of you out there would let your pre-teen son sleep alone in a bed with a forty-four old un-married man who has had ninety-seven plastic surgeries, and in the past had been charged with child molestation??(Regardless of what the outcome was, if you get charged with child molestation, You don't get to EVER spend time with MY children, I don't care WHO you are.)
The only bright side to this whole mess is that now maybe the Media will shut up about it, and maybe now we can all focus on something important. Like Southpark, which is coming on now.
Gotta go...


Daffy76 said...

I knew you would beat me to this one.

You're absolutely right, the responsibility for this fiasco lies in the hands of the parents and the prosecution team.

I feel for Michael Jackson though. I can honestly say that I believe that he is one of the most mentally ill human beings I have ever laid eyes on. His stardom prevents him from being locked up in the looney bin he should have been placed in about the time he started hacking away at his nose.

For more on this see my blog. I think there will be alot of comments out there on this one today.

Mark said...

One thing the prosector didn't do in prosecuting this case which was, I believe essential if he wanted a conviction: He failed to bring expert testimony regarding the psychological makeup of a pedophile. I have made 2 posts on my blog on this subject. 1 on May 30 and the other this morning. The prosecutor either is not as bright as the media portrays him or he is so supremely egotistical that he thought he could get a conviction based on a case full of holes.

Hetta said...

Finally!!! I see a blog which has some sense in it I agree the media has overhyped the whole MJ case