Wednesday, June 15, 2005

No Apologies Here...

Well, the results of Terry Schaivo's autopsy were released today, and on the behalf of the conservative community, let me say, we were wrong.
Terry WAS in a persistant vegitative state, she WAS brain dead, she WAS totally dependant upon her feeding tube, she COULDN'T swallow anything, and her husband DIDN'T beat the living snot out of her.We were all wrong about all of it.
By some strange twist of fate, in 1991 she just, for no apparent reason, fell over and landed on the floor, and slipped into a coma, and there remained until the benevolent courts, along with her loving husband, released her from her ongoing misery once and for all. How could we have been so heartless and cruel as to insist that this poor woman remain in that pitiful state for all those years. I am sure that there is an especially hot corner of Hell reserved for those of us who wanted to inflict such torture on such a poor, helpless victim, who, by the way, made her final wishes so abundantly clear to her devoted and doting husband, who stayed faithfully by her side until the very end.
Well then, screw you all.
I refuse to apologize for my opinions about this case. She may have been in a vegetative state. She may never have recovered, but if I made a mistake in my thinking on this one, at least I erred on the side of innocent life.
I don't care what the medical examiner's conclusions were, Michael Schaivo KILLED his wife. If her best interests were what he was after, he wouldn't have raised a family with another woman while he was still married to her. He would have let her family take over her care and the rehabilitation attempts. He would have released her from the sham marriage he clung to for the sole purpose of killing her. He's dirty. I don't care what anybody says.
When you think about it, this case opens the door for us to get rid of a lot of helpless people. We could empty out the nursing homes of America. Think of the time that could be freed up for doctors and nurses to help people who might eventually return to the workforce and pay taxes. Think of the money that the insurance companies will save, now that the only criteria we have to follow is that the patient be dependant on a feeding tube, be unresponsive, and have at least one family member who will swear in court that the patient wouldn't want to live this way. We can now trim out the dead wood and make the world a better place.
Again, screw you.
I can't understand why the left in this country will fight to the death for the rights of the detainees at Git'mo to not have to listen to rap music, and then call me stupid for believing that we shouldn't starve a defensless woman to death. A woman who, by the way, wasn't bothering anyone, and who at least brought some joy and purpose to the lives of her mother, father, brothers and sisters.
A goldfish in a bowl is unable to feed itself, and barely able to think, but we don't starve them to death (at least not on purpose.)
So to all you self-righteous democrats out there, you just continue to champion the rights of murderers, rapists, terrorists and thugs, and I will continue to stand up for innocent unborn babies, comatose hospice residents, those who do not have a voice of their own. We will see at the end who has lays up the most treasures in Heaven.


Daffy76 said...

This case should have been thrown out of court from the beginning. If Terry Shiavo's husband had any respect for her as a person, he would not have allowed her picture to be circulated on the news every night for over a year. He didn't care enough about her to save her the humiliation of having her vegetative state advertised to everyone.

I understand that his argument was that she wouldn't have wanted to live like that. Well, she lived like that for what? like 14 years. Why now? Because our country has reached a point where something this foolish actually gets attention.

If you do not want to care for your invalid wife, turn her over to her family who does. It's just cruel to treat them the way he did. And if Terry Shiavo was truly a brain-dead vegetable, then it wouldn't matter to her, whether or not she was alive. This case hurt people with good intentions for no good reason.

My deepest sympathies to Terry's family. How awful!

Mark said...

You said in a comment on my blog that i stole your story for the day. I didn't. you don't have to write another story just cause i wrote about it too, and so, with that in mind, i too, posted a comment on the terri schaivo autopsy that i am quite proud of.
your comment about it is, and always is, quite insightful, and as always, i totally agree.

Xena76 said...

I agree with you completely. As far as I know, everyone alive right this minute relies on nutrition and water for survival - at least everyone I know does. Sure, Terry Shiavo would probably have died eventually from her injuries but if everyone must have nutrition and water for survival, should we have given her no less? If instead this had been a premature infant would the courts have ruled the same way. I know her husband says she didn't want to live like this, but I guess we'll never really know...

Daffy76 said...

Life is not a choice. It's more important than that. I was not asked if I wanted to be born. Therefore, I'm never going to say "I wouldn't want to live like that." Ask most people with congenital birth defects if they wish their parents had aborted them rather than allowing them to live with their condition. Life cannot be duplicated--once you're gone, you're gone.

All we can do is make the best of each day we are given. Even if Terry Schaivo had clearly stated that she didn't want to live in that condition, how do we know she didn't change her mind when she got to that point.

Survival instinct is very strong. Just look at how long the poor thing lasted without food or water--wasn't it something like 16 days?

Toad734 said...

Give me one shred of evidence that Michael killed his wife against her wishes.

jEB bUSH said...

I, Jeb Bush, have no apologies either. I will continue to drag these poor people through the mud so i can make my compassionate conservative point. i will not let her rest in peace.


Jeb Bush '08!

Toad734 said...

So do the children in Iraq count as innocents who can't stand up for themselves?

Oh and by the way, someone who expressed their wishes to their husband that they wouldn't want to live like that should be able to die without the entire world butting into her business.

Terry thanks you for the 15 years of misery she had to endure.

By the way there is no heaven and there certainly isn't any treasures there. I have heard however that there are 70 virgins waiting up there.

tugboatcapn said...

Yes Toad, as a matter of fact I do include the innocent children of Iraq. That is why I support the U. S. military going to Iraq and liberating them from the oppressive regime of Saddam Hussein, who killed millions of innocent people and buried them in mass graves, dropped them into plastic shredders, gassed them, Raped and starved them.
As far as proof that Michael Shaivo Killed his wife goes, He got the court system to order her to be starved to death, that's proof enough for me that he killed her.
If she was a vegitable as you insist that she was, she wasn't suffering for 15 years, she was just there. There was no reason to withhold nutrition and hydration from her, without which YOU would die as well.
In order for anything to be valid in court, you have to have paperwork, which Michael Shaivo DID NOT HAVE.No one REALLY Knows what Terry's wishes were, NOT EVEN YOU.
And by the way, What's a virgin??