Monday, September 12, 2005

Conspiracy Theory...

An idea has been gnawing on the corner of my brain for the last couple of days, and I have been debating with myself over whether to post on it, or not.

My last post may have been a little cryptic, and for that I apologize. It was a trial balloon, of sorts. I wanted to find out if anyone else would be disturbed at the idea that someone, who from what I can tell, has no reason to be suspicious of our Government, would distrust our elected officials so much as to state, as fact, that the government only wants to take over with Military Force, and enslave the population.

I guess it didn't bother anyone but me, so I guess that makes me the Kook.

But that's okay. I can live with that. I've been called worse.

You see, it gradually dawned on me over the weekend what was actually attempted by the Louisiana officials when Hurricane Katrina came ashore.

First of all, the Mayor refused to issue a mandatory evacuation order, then the Governor refused Federal help.

Then they emptied the jails.

So now all of the criminals who were jailed in New Orleans were running around in the streets, and there were just enough innocent citizens left behind to provide victims for these criminals.

Then they waited for the President to (illegally) send in federal troops, to restore order.

He didn't.

So the world was treated to a week of News footage of looting, stories of rape and robbery, and gunfire directed at relief workers trying to rescue these poor unfortunate victims from the floodwaters and the criminals, while the Democrats and the Media steadily screamed in the background,
"Why doesn't George Bush DO something??"

Instead of what they really wanted.

What they really wanted was a week of footage of federal troops, under the orders of George W. Bush and Karl Rove, sweeping the streets of New Orleans with their rifles in their hands, gunning down young (mostly) black men whenever and wherever they saw them.

Fortunately, the President did not fall for it. He let the local officials have the chance to straighten out the mess, until they asked him for help, through the proper channels, and when it was legal and apropriate to do so, he then sent in the troops to restore order.

But think for just a moment about the political fallout that would have enveloped him if he HAD fallen for it.

If you think that the news coverage of this tragedy has been overblown now, you haven't seen anything like the images you would have been subjected to if the Media had just ONE video clip of a looter getting shot in the head by a National Guardsman, under the orders of the Bush administration.

It would have been 50 years before another Republican won the White House.

The President would have been impeached, and imprisoned, and would have gone down in history as the Racist Republican Butcher of New Orleans.

But like I said, he didn't fall for it. He outsmarted the opposition again, and therein lies their anger.

I am not yet to the place in my Kookiness where I would actually believe that elected officials in America would indeed hatch out and enact such a plan, but obviously there are people in our Country who WOULD believe such a thing, just not about Democrats. (See my last post...)

But you have to admit, if such a plan were afoot, it could not have been enacted any more smoothly than the events which took place in New Orleans. The only snag was that the President didn't fall into the trap.

God help us if this is actually what was attempted...

By the way, as of about 16:00 today, the official death toll for ALL OF LOUISIANA, not just New Orleans, was 279,000. No wait...27,900? No that's not right either.
2,790? Nope.
It was 279.
That's it.
I am DONE listening to the Main Stream Press. About ANYTHING. EVER AGAIN.
If I pay any attention to them from now on, it will be for the purpose of picking them apart, and making them look foolish.
They are no longer informing. They are pushing an agenda, and selling death, destruction, and hopelessness.
And I have HAD IT with them.
All of them.


Erudite Redneck said...

Dude, the MSM was QUOTING PEOPLE with those number. OFFICIALS. If the officials were wrong, or making stuff up, take it out on them.

This country does not deserve a free press. You're really channeling Dale Tribble in this one.


Mark said...

Well, that's wierd. Your post says you have 2 comments but when i click comments there's only one here so far. Oh well.

I heard a report that those shots that were fired at the helicopter were not fired directly at the helicopter but rather, the shooters were attenpting to get the pilots attention, which makes more sense to me.

tugboatcapn said...

Well, we certainly don't deserve the one we HAVE, that's for sure.

They were all too happy to report whatever was out there, no matter who said it, as long as it was worse than what the last guy said, whether it was true or not.

I'm sorry if I offended you, ER, that was not my intention.
But it is getting so that you cannot trust any story, any number, any account or statistic you hear from the Media.

tugboatcapn said...

Well, maybe so, Mark.
But the Media reported it for two days as looters shooting at relief workers.
Another illustration of what I said that got ER worked up.

Erudite Redneck said...

I guarantee you that way more of what was, and is, reported is accurate than not. Whether it's "true" or not is something else.

If people say it, and it's reported faithfully, it's accurate. Most times, especially in a crisis like Katrina, it's reported on the fly out of necessity. Context comes slowly. Context is coming now.

Grrrr. Dang right it stirs me up.

"I hate truckers. You can't trust any of them. You know how I know? Because even though I couldn't drive a truck if my life depended on it -- OK, maybe I could, actually, in that case -- um, even though I've never driven a big rig, any dang monkey could do so, judging from the way I see drivers act on the highways and streets. They always ride my butt. They always speed. They always fudge their logbooks and they always write hot checks and ... and ... and ... we, by God, deserve BETTER!"

Bull. All of it.

Some truck drivers suck. But I'm smarter than to dismiss the whole dang interstate transportation system because of the sins and transgressions of a few. And you're smarter than to dismiss "the Media" for the same dang reason.

There is one difference. It's not just that the Constitution "allows" for the media. The Constitution positively declares special protection FOR the media. Because the Founders knew that this country NEEDS an independent fricking press, even one that can be so sollectively stupid sometimes, even if it's just to piss people off and get them talking about facts, and accuracy and truth.


tugboatcapn said...

Okay, ER, you got me.
You guys are not all bad.
But you have to admit that a lot of the media have become caught up in the 24/7 news cycle, and they feel that they have to be as sensational as they can possibly be, whether what they report is true, accurate, or necessary.
I have expended an enormous amount of emotion where this storm and the ensuing political blame game are concerned, and every day I am informed that some of that emotion was misdirected, or spent for nothing more than a headline grab.
It has become very frustrating.
This blog is where I vent my frustrations.
(And your's, occaisionally...)

tugboatcapn said...

On your blog, I mean...

RebelAngel said...

Tug, the media probably got relief quicker to the people in the Convention center because of their reporting there -- they knew about them and their suffering before FEMA did and very likely got help there sooner because of their reporting.

Because they've shown people on TV looking for loved ones, they've been very instrumental in helping families get back together.

I had to roll my eyes a little when they started predicting a death toll in the tens of thousands, but you know, they're not a perfect group and it is a very competetive business, so I think we can cut them a little slack. I am a total news junkie, even listen to talk radio in my car, and I think overall they're doing a good job.

And, guys, who the hell is Dale Tribble??

tugboatcapn said...

He's the dude who tied me to my chair, and took over my blog, Angel...

Other than that, I must confess that I don't know.

Even a Google search turned up nothing of any relevance to this discussion.

Beat's me...

tugboatcapn said...

Angel, I want to tell you how cool it is that you are watching and commenting on my little blog.
I take your interest as a real compliment, and I appreciate it very much.

I will add you to my blogroll.

You are absolutely right, by the way.
The News media did in fact help to speed relief to some of the victims, and help displaced people begin to find loved ones from whom they had become seperated.
The also, however, led the charge in trying to lay the blame for the shortcomings of Government in this tragedy at the feet of the President.
I cannot tell you how sick I got of hearing about how the President was on vacation, when he was making speeches and visiting with foriegn dignitaries every day, (all of the things that I like to do to relax when I'm on vacation...), and then hearing on the one hand about how he was clueless and out of the loop, because he made a speech on another subject while people were dying, and then on the other hand about how he should be the president of ALL of the people, not just the ones who voted for him.
Either he is the President of ALL of the people, or he isn't.
Whether I like the Media or not, the Media hates the President.
They (most of them) want everything that happens in America to look as bad for the president as it possibly can be made to look, and I don't like it anymore.
I didn't like it when it was Clinton they were hounding, and I don't like Clinton, not even a little bit.
That's what me an' Dale Tribble think, anyway...

RebelAngel said...

Thanks, Tug, for adding me to your blogroll. I've enjoyed reading your comments on ER's blog and reading your posts here. I'm sure I'll be a regular over here, too!