Monday, September 19, 2005

Who REALLY Cares?

Well, the city of New Orleans is well on it's way to being fully functional. There is running water in much of the city, (although it has to be boiled if anyone plans to drink it,) and electricity and sewer service are being restored at record pace.

Mayor Ray Nagin is encouraging the citizens of his city to return as soon as they can. And they are.

Bourbon Street has several bars open, and even a couple of strip clubs are up and running, and they are even taking the FEMA $2000 debit cards.

There is one problem, though...

There is another hurricane coming.

Hurricane Rita, which, even as I write this post, is bearing down upon the Florida Keys, is projected to roar up the middle of the Gulf of Mexico later this week, and if it follows the yellow line in the middle of the "Cone of Destruction" from the National Weather Service's website, it will come ashore at Houston, Texas, as a category three storm.

(What do Houston, Texas, and New Orleans, Louisiana have in common?)

But a slight northward turn would bring Rita ashore exactly where Katrina wreaked havoc a couple of weeks ago.

Even if Rita goes to Houston, she will still bring storm surges, damaging winds and possible flooding to the New Orleans area. There is even speculation that the damaged levees may break again, causing another round of flooding.

That's the BEST case scenario.

Worst case is that another Category three or higher storm could possibly plow right into the same area that was just devastated by Katrina.

The President is urging Katrina evacuees to stay put until more is known about the path of this new storm. New Orleans is a compromised area. It is not a good idea to try to ride out a storm of ANY magnitude in New Orleans right now.

But Mayor Nagin says, "Come On Down!!"

From this I can only reach one conclusion...

Mayor Ray Nagin Does Not Care About Black People.

My Blogger buddy Mark has informed me that Mayor Nagin has changed his mind, and started telling the people to stay away for a few more days.

So I guess that maybe he DOES care about Black People after all.


Mark said...

Nagin changed his miond. he now says don't come back and is insisting that people that are in MO evacuate

tugboatcapn said...

I'm glad to hear that,Mark.
For a while there it was shaping up to be another bad, bad situation.

My major concern with Rita is the Oil Refineries in houston.

I don't believe that nearly as many people will stay behind in Houston, (I hope not, anyway...), but it is hard to move an Oil Refinery.

RebelAngel said...

Isn't Houston where most of the evacuees from NO are? So, if Hurricane Rita is predicted to hit either NO or Houston, does this mean God doesn't like black people? Just wonderin'...

o-likewoah said...

Are you serious rebelangel? cause its not a funny joke. dont put any of this on a God you don't respect.

Mark said...

Whoa! I'm staying out of this one!

(I know it was a joke, Rebel)

tugboatcapn said...

TC, I apreciate your sense of reverence and respect for God. It is a very admirable trait at a time in which so many young people have no concept of such a thing.

However, Angel didn't mean any offense. She just offered a joke in the same style in which my post was written.

I know that Mayor Nagin cares about black people, and Angel knows that God cares about black people.

And from what I know of Rebel Angel, she respects God as well.

Her comment was okay with me.

RebelAngel said...

Thanks, Tug.

Of course it was just a joke, o-likewoah, geez. If you don't think it was funny, that's okay. It wasn't really the kinda joke you get a belly laugh from anyway. I was trying to make a point, which you seemed to have missed.

But, this..."...a God you don't respect" bothers me. I'm not even sure how to respond to that. My relationship with Him is still a work in progress and it is between Him and me and very personal. I probably approach God a little differently than you do, but it is still with respect and usually on my knees.

Erudite Redneck said...

O-likeowah is one of them people who thinks if you don't think about God exactly the way he-she does, then yer a heathen. Clearly. Balderdash.

Tug, this is in response to the lil note you left at my joint last night:

Tug, I wish you wouldn't be a wuss. Hell, if I only read your blog when I agreed with it, I'd only read about 1 in 10 of your posts.

I don't know why you act surprised, either. I have made it pretty clear that as of about three weeks ago I repented of all tolerance for Bush's masquerade. ??

But, do whatcha gotta do, dude. I take the occasional hiatus from Mark's place to keep my own blood pressure down. Keep in mind, though that a couple of days is a looonnngggg time in the blogosphere.


tugboatcapn said...

Er, I am not being a wuss at all.

I am de-toxing.
I am prudently backing off before I say something extreme, and unnessecary, and destructive, that I may or may not actually mean.

I like you, ER.
I think that you are a very sharp, very articulate, very insightful man.
You are much too smart to waste your time and intellect by joining in with all of the other Bush-Bashers.

Don't worry, my friend, I'm not gone for good.
I'll be back before long...

tugboatcapn said...

And I think that o-likewoah mistook Angel's comment for a serious assertion.

I know her very well, and she is a fine, upstanding person, without an ounce of hatred or malice in her anywhere.

But she lives her faith every day, and in her circumstances, that ain't an easy thing.

Please forgive her for me. She meant no harm.

Erudite Redneck said...

Tug, OK.



o-likewoah said...

It has been a while sence i have been online and checked up on this- to rebel, my truest apology, i did mistake your joke. And honestly did not mean offense (wow it was way too harsh) there really arnt words to apologize for how disrespectful my comment about God was to you as a person- cause its true i dont know you. unfortunatly i cant remove my comment.

BRUISER said...

Bush hates facts people.