Monday, January 08, 2007

Bored Beyond Belief...

I really have tried to stop Blogging completely.

I really have!

But I can't.

Since I last wrote a new post, I have quit my job, bought a brand new car, started my own business, and as far as anyone can tell, retired.

Well, not retired, exactly...

More like, found out why everyone is scared of buying their own truck and becoming an Owner-Operator.

I haven't worked since December 8th.

The company that I have leased to keeps telling me to hang in there, and that things will break loose in a day or two, and then, they will not have enough trucks to cover all the work they have...

But nothing yet.

So my new (to me) road tractor sits useless in the yard, and I sit useless in the house.

Right now, I am watching "Monsters Inc." on our brand new DVD player, (Thank you Donny and Bekah!) and thinking about how the reproductive process is going to work between the eyeball guy and the chick with the snakes on her head. (She has, like, eight legs... there is absolutely NO TELLING what is going on under that skirt...)

My Wife and I got absolutely everything we wanted for Christmas, and then some... Next year, we are seriously going to have to re-define the concept of a Wish-List. (We forgot about the fact that her Father is wildly rich, by our meager standards, and has absolutely nothing besides his children - and children -in- law - on which to spend his money.)

Not that I'm knocking it...

Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus, and his first name is Dan. (Thanks, Mr. Dan! We love you!)
As to the new car, my Wife had driven her 2001 Nissan Altima into the ground to the point that the down payment on a brand new one was cheaper than fixing and paying off the old one, so she now has a 2007 Nissan Altima, bought the Wednesday before Christmas. It had 7 miles on it when we test-drove it, and 19 miles on it when we signed the paperwork.

She is VERY happy. (And when Mama is happy, EVERYBODY is happy!)

We drove it to Bladenboro, NC, so that we could be at my parent's house for Christmas, and it was a very nice trip.

I miss my parents and my brother and sister, but for now I have to live in Florida, because that is where God has put me.

So, for now, I am a professional dish-washer, and movie watcher at "Chez Xena."

For a couple more days.

Maybe later today, I will write a real post, but for right now, I thought I should try to explain why I have been silent on the Blogosphere for the past few weeks.

I have honestly been too happy to Blog.

I have had almost a whole month at home to take care of my wife, the dog, and the house, we have a brand new car to ride around in, and the future looks very bright regarding my career (momentary setbacks excluded.)

This time next year, I will be filthy stinking rich. (Or flat broke, but better educated. It's in God's hands.)

So, Look for me to start posting regularly once again very soon. (Like later tonight...)

If you are still checking by here every day or two, Thank you. It means a lot to me.

If you stumble across my site, then welcome. Glad to have you!

I have missed all my friends on the Blogosphere, but they haven't changed, and neither have I.

I still believe the things I believe, so, if you disagreed with me before, you will disagree with me still.

And you will still be wrong.

Anyway, I'm back.

Watch this space!

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