Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Disapprove Of What You Say, And I Will Defend To Your Death My Right To Not Hear It!

Okay, that is not exactly how that quote went when Voltaire said it...

But then again, we in modern America have made a science of twisting the words of famous philosophers and statesmen to fit our own agenda.

I have a question for everyone...

Does Don Imus have Freedom of Speech?

Well, does he?

And if not, then why not?

Has the First Ammendment been repealed and the Drive-By Media failed to report on it? (Or were they restricted from reporting it?!)

Or does it only apply now to John Murtha and John F. Kerry and Cindy Sheehan when they speak out against the President or the War, or to Nancy Pelosi when she is negotiating with State Sponsors of Terrorism around the World?

Does it only apply to people who leak National Security Secrets to the New York Times?

Here's a shocker for you: I have the right to not listen to Don Imus!

And if I hear him accidentally, I have the right to ignore him.

And if he says something that I don't like, and I hear it accidentally and I am offended, then that's my problem.

And if that happens, then I have the right to call him an idiot, or a cadaverous old hack, or a no-talent bore, without fear of losing my job, or having my life ruined, or having to apologize to Al Sharpton.

If you don't like what Don Imus said, then join the rest of the vast, vast majority of Americans, and don't listen to him.

I don't like him. Not one little bit.

And I don't like what he said.

But I will defend to the death his right to say it.

Because at some point, I may say something that YOU don't like. YOU may say something that I don't like.

Where do we draw that line?

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