Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Abortion Works!

China brags: One-child per couple policy has reduced global warming...

Of Course!

I mean, after all, a Human Being exhales an awful lot of Carbon Dioxide over the course of a lifetime...

Most of you do not know that I am 100% Pro-Abortion.

It's true!

I just think we are doing it WAY too early.

We should be waiting until the child is about twelve years old or so.

That way, we could objectively evaluate the child to be Aborted, and determine if he or she will ever be a productive member of society, or if he or she will be an Idiot all their life, and add to our collective problems, like Poverty, Crime, Liberalism, Homelessness, and, going by the example set by the Chinese, Global Warming.

It makes a lot more sense than destroying children based on the opinions of women who are so careless (or stupid, as the case may be...) that they cannot, in today's society, figure out how to avoid getting pregnant if they do not want children...

It would add a whole new meaning to the assertion "I brought you into the World, and I can take you out!..."

Think of how things would improve!

My Wife and I have a baby on the way, due sometime in November.

And I fully intend to tell that child (when he/she is old enough to understand the concept...) that they are not the first child I ever had.

But the earlier one would not mind me.

I'm going to have VERY well behaved children...

I'm going to be a GREAT Daddy!!

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