Monday, May 21, 2007

The Wrong Thing For The American People...

From Chicken Noodle News Dot Com...

Martinez: Immigration bill could save GOP

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Republican National Committee Chairman Sen. Mel Martinez rejected the claim that the new immigration bill will anger conservatives and destroy the GOP's chances to win in the 2008 election.

On CNN's Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer Sunday, Martinez said immigration "could be the saving of the Republican Party, frankly. And to do nothing would be the wrong thing for the American people." Martinez is optimistic that the controversial legislation will make it through Congress, and he is counting on President Bush "to get us over the finish line."


Guess what, Mel...

I am a Republican. A devout, hard-core, hard-headed one. And in MY opinion, YOU have been wrong on the issue of Illegal Immigration each and every time you have ever opened your mouth about it.

I apologize to America for voting for you when I sent you to Washington, and I solemnly swear on all that is dear to me that I will not repeat that mistake.

And I DO NOT like this Immigration Bill, and I will not vote for any politician who supports it.


"And to do nothing would be the wrong thing for the American people..."

No. Wrong.

To do THIS would be the wrong thing for the American People.

Folks, let me explain the Illegal Immigration Issue to you, so that you will all know what is going on.

The "Baby-Boomers" are soon going to retire, and they expect to draw Social Security checks. (Whether they need them or not.)

President Bush recently signed Medicare Part B into Law, which means that those of us who work for a living will now be required to foot the bill for the drugs required to extend the lifespan of those very same "Baby-Boomers" who will no longer be working.

The Children raised by the "Baby-Boomers" have aborted 45 to 50 Million of their own children, and an aborted Baby has absolutely no ability nor responsibility to pay Taxes. These aborted babies will soon be (already are) conspicuously missing from the American Workforce, and from the roles of the American Taxpayer.

Big Business sees a crisis looming on the horizon, which is this: There is soon coming a Labor Shortage in the United States which would require wages to sky-rocket for even the most menial of jobs without some type of outside manipulation.

The Democrat Party sees a future in which every American who is willing to work for a living can and will make a very GOOD one, without Government help.

THEY see a future shortage of helpless victims, a situation which would be disasterous for Socialistic Liberals.

An influx of cheap, unskilled Labor from an outside source, with limited Constitutional Rights (because of their compromized Citizenship Status, and limited ability to communicate effectively) would solve all of these problems. A reinstatement of a form of Slavery in America.

BOTH sides believe that they can convince the entire population of Illegal Immigrants to vote for THEIR Political Party as a mindless block.

Long story short... America's Politicians think that legalizing the entire population of Illegal Immigrants in America will be good for THEM.

The truth is that it will be BAD for the rank-and-file, Middle-Class American Worker.

But they are going to do it anyway. (Because they believe it is good for them.)


Understand this... The power to solve the Illegal Immigration Issue lies in the hands of the American People.

Not the Government, not the Congress, nor the Senate, not the President, not the Supreme Court.


Don't hire them. If a Hispanic person (or a person obviously of another Nationality) cannot prove their Citizenship, or Legal Right to Work in the United States, or if their paperwork does not check out, don't hire them.

Don't rent to them, don't do business with them, don't talk to them.

If WE THE PEOPLE ignore them, and I mean ALL of us, they will go away.

No new legislation needed, no Political advantage to be claimed by either side, no Government Programs required.

So we may pay a little more for our Strawberries and Tomatoes.

But we get to keep our Country, and our Culture.

That's a trade I will gladly make every day.


Are we Free Men or not?

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