Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cindy Sheehan, Go Away.

Are you sick of the Karl Rove story NOW??

(WHAT Karl Rove story??)

Where did Karl Rove go? And Tom Delay? I thought that these were the worst scandals since Watergate(Gasp!).

Poof. Gone. Vanished, disappeared, evaporated, no longer here, ceased to exist, out of sight, out of mind...
What has taken their place?

Cindy Sheehan.

"CRAWFORD, Texas — Bothered by what she laments as mounting "distractions," Cindy Sheehan sought yesterday to refocus her peace vigil near President Bush's ranch on her central anti-war message." (http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/nationworld/2002441709_iraqmom16.html)

Peace Vigil? No. What she is conducting is an "Aggravate the President Vigil."If she wanted peace, she would be outside of Peter "Dick" Durbin's gate, trying to make him support the military and stop undermining the war effort. The only pathway to peace is victory. This isn't rocket surgery.

She was an anti-war activist before her son was killed, and his death only provided her with another weapon with which to beat the President over the head in the media. She may as well be dragging her son's dead body back and forth behind her as she marches in front of the President's ranch.

I have the utmost respect for her son and the sacrifice he made in giving his life to try to secure freedom for the Iraqi people.

I have no respect whatsoever for his loud mouth mom. She lost any right to my respect or sympathy the minute that she sold her son's memory to the media for the purpose of embarrassing the President.

Her Husband is divorcing her, and her family has asked her to shut up.

And the media are falling all over themselves to plaster this nutcase all over my TV and radio. Why does anyone think that I would be the least bit interested in her opinion of how to handle the Israel/Palestine situation, or her opinion of why we went to war, or her accusations of Presidential homicide?

What I WOULD be interested in is the opinion of some of the OTHER moms who have lost children to the war. (The media can't seem to find any of them. Huhmm...) When the media can produce a majority of moms of fallen soldiers who disagree with the war effort, THEN they might have a story. Right now all they have is one nutball making an ass of herself in a ditch in Texas.

She should be ignored.

So my plan is to ignore her.

Maybe her circus will soon go the way of the "Tom Delay" story. And the "Karl Rove" story. And the "Dan Rather Memo" story. And the "Git'mo torture" story. And the "Awol from the National Guard" story. And the "GWB Drunk Driving" story. And everything else that they have tried to throw at the President...

I can only hope.


Mark said...

I just heard on the news this morning that Ms. Sheehan accused the neighbor of shooting AT her, not up in the air.

This is symptonmatic of what I mentioned on my post. She will grasp at any straw for attention, when she feels that she is losing the publics interest in her. Even if she and everyone else know it's not true.

BRUISER said...

hahahah..grasping at straws?? is that what that republican did by mowing down crosses and US Flags with his piggummup truck ??

The Karl Rove story has not gone away in fact it has taken new twists and turns and with a great investigator like Patrick Fitzgerald indictments will be handed down quicker than bibles at a Bush rally...

Unlike Bush, Novakula, & Rove ...Patrick Fitzgerald is able to stop this administration from leaking names et. all.....

Mark your a poor excuse for evolution try thinking for yourself instead of using your FUX NEWS talking points...

tugboatcapn said...

No, mowing down the crosses was an act of protest kinda like burning a bra or an American flag.

Do us all a favor Bruiser, take a deep breath and hold it until the indictments come down against Karl Rove.

tugboatcapn said...

Mark, what channel is Fox News? I should really start watching that...

Erudite Redneck said...

I heard, but do not know for sure, that there was supposed to be a Cindy Sheehan support event of some sort tonight at the Oklahoma State Capitol, which is about 15 miles from my house. At work, I wondered aloud whether I might should run home and pick up my trusty Mossberg and drive down and fire it in the name of dove season. Some of my coworkers were not amused. :-)

carrier said...

Tens of millions in this country believe the war in Iraq is wrong. Tens of millions in this country believe the war in Iraq is right. On whichever of the fence you fall, protest or support, exercising the right to do so shouldn't make you a nutball. What it does make you is an American.

tugboatcapn said...

Accusing the President of murder, and saying that the whole thing is because of Israel, and aligning yourself with the likes of Michael Moore and Moveon.org makes you a nutball.
She absolutely has the right to protest.
And I have the right to call her a nutball if I want to.
What she is doing is helping no one.
How dare she use the death of an American soldier to make a political statement! I don't care who he was.
It is offensive to every soldier that has died, every soldier still in harms way, and to every family who has lost a loved one, or has a loved one currently serving.
It is disgracful, and I am sick of watching it. Sick of listening to people defend this type of ridiculousness.

Mark said...

Bruiser says I use talking points. That is an unfounded accusation. When I said, "I just heard on the news this morning that Ms. Sheehan accused the neighbor of shooting AT her, not up in the air." I was referring to a Sound bite they played of HER VOICE accusing the neighbor of firing at her. Since when is quoting a liberal a conservative talking point? Bruiser, I don't believe in abortion but I would make an exception in your case if it could be retroactive.
Bruiser, I don't insult assholes like you in my comments. I would think that you could extend the same courtesy to me.

carrier said...

Like it or not, political statements built on the bodies of the dead happen all the time. Even worse than citing the death of a soldier is using the deaths of innocent civilians to make a political statement, as has been the case concerning those that died on September 11, 2001.

Erudite Redneck said...

The only political statement I've ever made about those who died on 9/11 is "enough." My world changed, forever -- and no one can tell me it didn't, because it's MY world that changed.

And if the rest of the damn world is our enemy, then let's fight the rest of the world. I'm SICK of surrendering who we are for the sake of "getting along."

I agree with whoever noticed that the rest of the world was on our side just after 9/11, because we were on our knees. Screw that.

I am a Dem. On many, many things I am a liberal. I am a damn HAWK on this war. I am to the right of this admninistration on it.

President got us into this predicament, and now, to say we can't accomplish what originally was intended (OK, secondarily intended, since the first reason was WMD, NOT), is an insult to the military and to ourselves.

This damn war is bigger than Bush, bigger than the Republican Party, bigger than the two-party system. If we LOSE this sonofabitch for lack of will power, we WILL be the laughingstock of the globe, a poor pitiful shell of our former national self.

I'll be blunt: We have to help erect something similar to a republic in Iraq or we will lose face, which is as important as capital in the world market of ideas.

Could be that losing the war is inevitable. The leftist pusses in this country might come around after L.A. goes up in a huge puff of radioactive smoke, but I doubt it. And I will go down fighting, in any case.

GOD, I need to kick somebody's ass. My neck HURTS it's so glowin' red right now.

rich bachelor said...

You've really gone sideways of late, Press. The reason that the kids of America are dying there currently is actually the fourth reason or so, and "laughingstock of the world" is what we already are.
And you know what? I don't care if you're in the mood to kick some ass. Let's be clear: what we're doing makes nothing better for no one, and to be all cute about it is to side with genocide for profit. Remember!

rich bachelor said...

Anyway, the Rove thing did just get deeper, but I suspect the crybaby corporate press will do nothing with it, as it is too complicated for our retarded polity to comprehend.
Jus' kiddin'. As it happens, Abrahamoff seems to be going down, but if/when he does, he'll take down as many Dems as World Destroyers. He's worked for everybody. If it leads to the destruction of Rove, more to the good. As I've often said, politics is an inhuman realm. If a bigger lie trumps the obvious truth, let it be, friends. One less snake, certain to be replaced by ten more.

rich bachelor said...

And of course, for those who were noticing, I'm a fool. The Abramoff thing is part of the Delay thing, and has nothing to do with Rove.
Although I think that Karly would agree with me that morality and politics don't square up, not by a long shot. He's spent too much of his career trashing people for things that were untrue. He also is too intelligent to think that what he does actually helps anyone. He knows that very soon he will no longer have a job in government, and will take a better-paying job on the lecture circuit, or in a think tank, or just crafting policy that doesn't have his name on it for the People Who Want The Apocalypse.

Erudite Redneck said...

Don't insult me by not taking me seriously.

I, to my bones, disagree with this: "Let's be clear: what we're doing makes nothing better for no one ..."

It is one hell of a gamble, sure. And if you think we're a laughingstock now, wait until we pull out having done nothing but stirred up a hornet's nest. We now have a moral obligation to kill those hornets -- and I'm saying we can do it. Somebody dig up Truman! (Oh, sorry, I'm being "cute" again!)

Oh, and genocide? Surely that's the whiskey talking, rich. The last time this country was guilty of genocide was with our own natives. A long time ago.

American Mike: Your own past political affiliations certified you as a loon. (He said, glancing up to admire his 20-year-old Ronald Reagan doormat, tacked on the wall.)

Toad734 said...

Oh, was it Durbin who cut vetrens benefits and extended their tours?

tugboatcapn said...

Toad, try to make comments that actually apply to the subject matter of the post from now on, or refrain from commenting.
Good God, you're stupid...

And Bachelor, If politicizing the war, and 9/11, is so repugnant to you, then maybe you guys should STOP DOING IT.
Do you remember the former Clinton administration, and even Clinton HIMSELF lamenting the fact that nothing like 9/11 happened on his watch, denying him the chance for greatness that GWB had immediately following 9/11? Or do little things like that conveniently slip your mind?
I remember it.
I have a suggestion for you and Carrier both.
Why don't you go down to Wal-mart, and purchase a crow-bar, and a Come-Along, and a can of WD-40, and see if you can get your heads out of your asses for a little while.
This war is not a game. It was not caused by George W. Bush.
It was declared upon the United States by a foriegn body.
When Democrats were in power, they chose to ignore it. (Do a google search on Able Danger.) When 9/11 happened, the party that was in power (Republicans) were forced to take action of some kind, and they have done so over the screaming objections of every single Democrat who could find a microphone and television camera.
I support the duly elected President of the United States. If I disagree with any part of the war, it is the fact that the U.S. Military is not yet contributing to Global Warming in the Middle East.
And your crack about the corporate media just proves to me that you are disconcerted that the Liberal Media can no longer sway public opinion the way they did in Viet-Nam.
Are you an American? Then ACT like you love and support your country!!

Erudite Redneck said...

"That's Tug, ropin' idiocy from the right. And I'm ER, reining it in from the center-left. Courage! And good night!"

(Harry S Truman, if yer hangin' around, show yerself.)


Erudite Redneck said...

Zell Miller in '08!

Bob Barr for veep!


tugboatcapn said...

I'd gladly run out to the polls and vote for that ticket,ER!!
(And I wouldn't even hold my nose while I did it!)

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Toad...I dare you to go here for your veteran's benefits comment: http://factcheck.org/article149.html

And Press? That is some of the funniest stuff I've read in a while.

As for the topic, I don't mind all the attention Cindy Sheehan gets. I think she's getting to a point of hurting her cause more than she is of helping it. And the more media attention she gets....well, I say more power to the oversaturation.

tugboatcapn said...

You guys, stop trying to argue with Toad. He sets a new standard for missing the point with glee and abandon.
He is NEVER going to get it.
Any corespondence with him is wasted time.

mikeprice04203522 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
carrier said...

"The greatness GWB had immediately following 9/11"...did you really say that? Are you suggesting this country's darkest hour was George Bush's greatest moment?

And you're right, Bush didn't start the "War on Terror." But he did direct the invasion of Iraq.

Erudite Redneck said...

Br(lose)r has it so he can leave his mental meadow muffins here, but we can't go to his house and do the same. I'd say that qualifies him to be permanently bounced. But this ain't my house, so I'll just hold my nose whenever he drags his sorry a-- in.


rich bachelor said...

Sheesh. I never got around to reading the fallout on this one. For starters, I guess that we've decided that name calling and bad words are okay if You're the one dispensing, Cap'n?
Second of all, I wasn't decrying the politicization of the war: all wars are political. I was saying that this one is a bloody, stupid lie, and those of you that seem to like it so much aren't impressing me as especially rational individuals.
And no, I don't remember that Clinton lamentation. Maybe I missed it, maybe it was quoted out of context by the professional Bubba-bashers. I have been calling the media corporate for much longer than the current presidency, by the way...As long as I've had eyes to notice, in fact. So I guess that "we" "lost" the "control" "we" had over the media in the '70's.

Erudite Redneck said...

Can't speak for the others, but I've reread what I wrote here and I don't see anything irrational about believing that, as wrongheaded as the war in Iraq may or may not have been in the beginning, it would be despicable of this country to just walk away from it having accomplished so little of what we set out to do.

"That's irrational" is often the last cry of one who can neither sway his opponent nor let his own mind be swayed.

tugboatcapn said...

Okay, here we go.

I have endured far more insults, name calling and condescending remarks from you guys than I have ever dished out, but while we are on the subject, this is MY blog. I can say whatever I want. My guests will behave themselves. (You see, the thing about Nazis is, they don't believe in freedom of speech.)

And on the Clinton lament, you missed it. He said it. The thing about (most) liberals is, they can only hear what fits their template. If it doesn't make President Bush or the war look bad, then it rolls right over them.

And about America's darkest hour being the President's greatest moment, those were Clinton's words, not mine. Guess you missed that too.

Nobody "likes" war. ANY war. but to call those of us who agree that SOMETHING HAD to be done the people who "seem to like the war so much" is to suggest that we are sociopaths of some kind. I don't appreciate that insinuation either.
And the very fact that you would phrase your comment to me the way you did after I have had to listen to you guys wish aloud for the defeat and embarrassment of the U.S. for years now would be enough to earn you a bloody nose, were we having this conversation face to face.

I meant what I said. I am sick of listening to your crap. Whether you agree with how or why it started, it has to be finished now. Get on board or shut up. Your ridiculous little opinion has been duly noted, and will be ignored in the order it was recieved.

tugboatcapn said...

Oh, and Bruiser has been permanently jacked. Anything he leaves here will be deleted as soon as I see it.

So long, Sucker!!

carrier said...

And what exactly is the mission? Are we going to stay in Iraq until every insurgent is dead? Are we going to stay there until the Iraqis finally draft a workable constitution and finally manage to field some kind of reasonable armed force? They don't seem to be in much of a hurry to do either knowing that whenever we do finally leave there is going to be civil war, no matter how long we stay. What is the plan?

The reason I ask these questions is because I do love my country. I was in the army. I believe in what this country stands for and that those standards should be defended regardless of the price.

So we went to war why? To get rid of the bad guy and his buddies. Fine, mission accomplished. Now two and a half years and almost two thousand US soldiers dead...not to mentions tens of thousands of INNOCENT Iraqi citizens...here we still are. Mired in a place where things have not gotten a whole heck of a lot better. No more torture chambers or rape rooms, but people continue to die just the same.

Don't give me that crap about me not caring about my country. I most fervently do. But don't expect me to sit quietly by while the captain steers a course that in my opinion is destined for failure.

You may think my brother and I have our heads up our a***s, but you have yours buried firmly in the sand. Multiple polls show that as much as 60 percent of the country believes we have been in Iraq far longer than we should have been or needed to be. We are in the political minority, but you are in the opinion minority.

And not a single unseemly name did I call you.

Erudite Redneck said...

Carrier, you answered your own question:

"Are we going to stay there until the Iraqis finally draft a workable constitution and finally manage to field some kind of reasonable armed force?"

Yes. I think that is the point.


carrier said...

And that will be how long? Forever or until the Bush clan and company have squeezed as much money as possible out of the deal.

Yes I know how 'unpatriotic' that makes me sound. But this thing isn't ever going to work itself out in any reasonable sense anytime soon. It has been going on for thousands of years after all.

tugboatcapn said...

Carrier, first let me say that I appreciate your civility. Thank you.

My head is not in the sand. I (unlike the rest of the MTV generation,) realize that Rome was not built in a day, it took several HUNDRED YEARS. There is no such thing as instant gratification. It takes as long as it takes.
Once again I will remind you that if Oil, and Money were all that the U.S. was after, Venezuela or Kuwait would have been a much softer target than Iraq. The reason that the U.S is in Iraq is because of the U.N's unwillingness or inability to deal with Saddam Hussein's refusal to comply with U.N directives. Every U.S Senator voted to go to war with Iraq. On this point, the arguments of the Left do not make sense.
The U.S. has not completely pulled out of Germany yet after WWII. does this mean that we are trapped in a quagmire in Germany? No. Does this mean that we occupy Germany against their will? No. Does this mean that nothing good has been accomplished in Germany? No.
Things will eventually calm down in Iraq, and the people there will be infinitely better off because we were there, provided we don't listen to the impatient Left, and pull out before the job is done.
I have confidence in my Country to do what is right. We do not invade and enslave other countries. We Liberate people so that they can be free and govern themselves. We Lead and Guide. We do not oppress.
Never have, never will.

cats dig me said...

Yah, I agree. I can't stand it when the media and people in the opposing political party constantly bad mouth the President of the United States. Don't they realize that he is a highly patriotic man, doing his very best under trying circumstances? One stupid accusation after another for several years now and nothing has been proven. We should ALL support our president at all times. Griping and whining about petty nonsense only serves to shift focus away from the important decisions that our Commander-in-Chief must make every day. I say whether you voted for him or not we must all pull together as Americans and give our complete allegiance to our leader. I just can't fathom why the media won't leave President Clinton alone!

carrier said...

We had no excuse to force our way into Venezuela, but if one comes up I'm sure the prez will waste no time.

As far as liberating goes, why not North Korea or any one of a dozen or so places in Africa. Not enough oil in those places I suppose.

Good point Cats, dissent was just dandy when Bubba was in the White House but now it's taboo. What's up with that?

tugboatcapn said...

That was cute, Cats.
When was I supposed to support Clinton now?
When he was selling missile technology to the Chinese for campaign money?
Or maybe when he was bombing aspirin factories in Afghanistan to take the spotlight off him during the Lewinski scandal?
Or perhaps when he was lying under oath to a grand jury?
Or how about when was refusing to take Osama Bin Laden into custody when the Sudan offered him up no less than THREE TIMES?
How about when he directed Jamie Gorelick to prevent the sharing of information between the CIA, the FBI, and Military Intelligence which allowed 9/11 to be planned and carried out?
Or should I have supported Clinton in 1998 when he said that the U.S "should adopt a policy of regime change in Iraq?"
Maybe when he said that Saddam Hussein was actively pursuing a WMD program and "must not be allowed to aquire Nuclear weapons?"
If Clinton had handled business when it was his problem, the U.S would probably be done by now in Iraq. 9/11 would have been prevented. The world would be a better place, and Clinton would not have to be so concerned with his legacy.
But he didn't.
But I don't think it matters anyway. I don't know if you guys would support a war of any kind, no matter what the situation, no matter who the President was...

cats dig me said...

Well, you should have been supporting him from 1992 - 2000, just as you are expecting us to support Geo. Bush now. It always seems that when people get a guy they like in office that they won't put up with any dissent heading his way. It also seems that that the dissent becomes no-holds-barred when a guy you don't like is in power.

Have you used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain a hard copy of the orders Clinton signed to bomb an aspirin factory? Sounds like an unsubstantiated rumor to me. Do you seriously think that President Clinton would do that? I've accused Bush of a lot of things, but never something that overtly insane.

As far as Osama Bin Laden goes...he was not a wanted fugitive in America at the time. There was no reason for Clinton to ask for or accept extradition. Back then Bin Laden was still considered a hero of the Afghan war against the Soviet Union and therefore a friend to the United States.

I would like to read up on the rest of your comments. That is if you can quote a publication other than The Weekly Standard or The National Review. Perhaps you could quote Time, Newsweek or U.S. News & World Report?

We have not conversed before, so I will forgive your comments about my support of "any" kind of war. Unlike many of my liberal colleagues, I do occasionally throw my support to one war or another. Personally I thought if any war was about oil and money, it was the first Gulf War. C'mon! We were liberating Kuwait?? Right.
Now this latest Gulf War I thought wasn't all that bad of an idea. Certainly taking Hussein out was a noble undertaking no matter what our leaders' ulterior motives may have been. I too thought the evil bastard had weapons of mass destruction (he, in fact, was a WMD himself) I just wish that Bush had a little more foresight when it came to the aftermath of the military victory. No, I don't think we can pull out of Iraq now. It would be viewed as abandonment by the entire Arabic world, as was our pullout from Afghanistan.

I do not profess to know the answer to getting out of Iraq with our balls intact. I do think Bush should have had the answer before uttering cryptic lines like "Bring 'em on!". They are bringin' em on now and what can we do?

carrier said...

Despite all the right-wing conjecture and innuendo, twenty four thousand innocent Iraqi civilians didn't die because Clinton told a lie.

tugboatcapn said...

No, and they didn't die because President Bush told a lie either.
President Bush DID NOT LIE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE OR THE WORLD ABOUT OUR REASONS FOR GOING TO WAR WITH IRAQ. I understood it all along. And you accuse me of having MY head in the sand.
The whole world believed that Saddam Hussein had WMD, Hussein himself said he had them, and WMD was not the only stated reason that we went there in the first place.
I'm tired of explaining this to people like you.
I will say it again. You guys only seem to hear what fits your template.
Clinton lied. Bush did not.

tugboatcapn said...

Whatever happened to "Politics stops at the water's edge?"

Don't you guys understand that YOU are undermining our Country's credibility and respectability around the world with your obvious hatred of our elected leader?
The whole world looks at you guys and says "See, Democracy and Freedom does not work. Look at all of the dissent and discord..."

tugboatcapn said...

Cats, you're right. we have not conversed before, so I will forgive your condescending tone and incorrect assumptions regarding my sources.
I do not know for sure what your particular stance on wars happens to be, but then again, I was not responding to you exclusively.
The information that I convey in my posts and comments is readily available from a multitude of sources, if one is inclined to pursue the truth beyond the template provided by the "Corporate Media" (To borrow a phrase from my friend Bachelor.)
I tell the truth here, as nearly as I can find it out.

cats dig me said...

Condescending? No, that was me being polite. I am a guest on your blog and have been refraining from politically incorrect behaviour.

My assumption that you would garner your information from the particular sources I mentioned stems from years of debate with conservatives. I find those to be the most oft quoted magazines. If you have other sources I would seriously like to know what they are. I am not trying to be cute here. I am attempting to ascertain bibliographic material.

I naturally thought that you were including, and indirectly specifying, me in your "I don't know if you guys would support a war of any kind"" statement as it was included in your reply to my comments.

My stance on war is this: They are something to be avoided except when avoidance becomes impossible. If we do go to war, we hit the enemy with all our might and power. We end the war(s) as quickly as possible and have a clear and concise plan for doing so. We do not spit on soldiers when they return and soldiers should respect ALL civilains. It is true that the US would not be in existance if it were not for our vets and it is equally true that the military would not exist if there were no American public to protect. Yin and Yang, my friend, everything balances.

Yes, I recognize that we cannot plan for every single contingency, but we should plan for all that we can. That's why we have guys like Colin powell.

Whether Bush lied or not is a matter of opinion. My opinion is that he did lie, on several occasions.

screwball said...

illegal wars should not be supported. those who do should go join it and leave our country in peace:
(Oh, don't stop reading now)
so go on, cross those oceans, traverse them sand dunes, find yourself in fertile mesopotamia, raise that rifle to your shoulder pick off little arab children from the rooftops, the alleyways, because your methed up mind sees them all as unarmed snipers or potential terrorists. lay the bible on their corpses and continue on your way. you could be the killin' gideon and save the world.

aloha and amen