Thursday, August 25, 2005

Democrats And The People Who Love Them...

I have been working on this post for a couple of weeks now. I was unsure as to whether I really wanted to write it or not, because I knew it was going to stir up a lot of hatred and negativity on my comments page, and I really don't like to be attacked. But I realized that the reason that I started a blog in the first place was to say things that I felt needed to be said, and that everyone else seemed to be afraid to say, so here goes.

Why has America lost respect in the modern world?

Why were we attacked on 9/11?

Why are insurgents (Radical Murderous Islamic Scum) from Saudi Arabia and Syria and Iran opposing us in Iraq? (Not Iraqis, they love us...)

Why is Terrorism a problem to America at all?


There. I said it. Democrats are the reason that the whole world thinks that America is a Paper Tiger, and that we are all mouth, and no action, and think that they can do whatever they want, and that we will do nothing to stop their inhumanity and evil deeds.

The world thinks that half of America loves Peace more than Freedom. The world thinks that half of America doesn't mind debauchery and sex parties and BJ's in the oval office as long as our economy is good.

The world believes that half of America thinks that confiscatory tax rates are okay, as long as the non-productive are taken care of.

And from what I can tell, they are right. Roughly half of America DOES think that achievement should be punished, and sloth and non-productiveness and even counter-productiveness and anarchy should be rewarded.

Roughly half of America believes that compromise, even if it undermines our Lifestyle, Economy, Sovereignty, National Security, and National Interests is preferable to War, Whatever the stated cause.

Roughly half of America is so afraid of Nuclear weapons that they scream in protest at the thought of Nuclear ANYTHING, From Nuclear Weapons, to the Nuclear Family, to Nuclear Power plants, to the Nuclear Option to eliminate the filibustering of President Bush's choices for the Federal Bench.

Roughly half of America believes that they should be held to no standards at all. If it feels good, do it. Never mind the consequences. Nobody has the right to judge anyone else, on anything.

And meanwhile, the divorce rate goes up, teen pregnancy goes up, taxes go up, the number of fatherless children goes up, the number of people on Government Assistance goes up, our level of Respect around the world goes DOWN.

And that all seems to be okay with Democrats. (Most of them.)

Democrats will complain that George W. Bush used the "dirty trick" of doing exactly what he said he was going to do, and then claim that everything he says is a lie.

Democrats will complain about the President's perceived lies, and then say that people should vote for someone as shifty as John F. Kerry, who said that he voted for the war before he voted against it, and says that he earned a legitimate Purple Heart for a splinter from a grenade that he HIMSELF threw. He also said that he was in Cambodia on Chritsmas eve, 1968, when NO american military personelle were supposed to be there then. If he was there then, he was AWOL.

Democrats will say that the battery that President Bush has recieved at the hands of the Press was well deserved, even though more than half of American voters voted for him, and that Clinton got a raw deal, even though he was legitimately convicted of wrongdoing in a court of American Law.

Democrats will contend that Michael Moore is a reasonable and informative political commentator who makes a lot of sense, whereas Rush limbaugh is a raving, drug befuddled, hate mongering Lunatic, Even though Limbaugh can quote legitimate sources for almost everything he says.

Democrats also contend that there is absolutely no left leaning bias in the mainstream press, but Fox News is so far to the right that nothing that they say can be taken as fact.

Democrats (most of them) are motivated more by their hatred for the President and their hatred of Republicans than love of their Country, but they call conservatives and Christians "Evil."

Even if they don't really believe these things, they come off that way.

When President Carter failed to adequately adress the Iran Hostage Crisis, the world lost a lot of respect for America. When Ronald Reagan was elected, the Iranians could not release the hostages fast enough. They were free within twenty minutes of his inauguration, because the Iranians knew that Democrats were no longer guiding the American response to this outrage. I was a young teenager when this happened, and the impression that this event left on me has never been dulled. What it taught me was that the Republican Party was the party of decisive action, American Power, and worldwide respect, and the Democratic Party was the party of compromise, begging, and weakness. I would much rather be respected than loved.

President Reagan and his policies were responsible for the downfall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, and he was despised by every Democrat who knew his name.

President Clinton and his administration was responsible for a quantum leap in the technology of the Chinese's Missile Technology, the festering of the Terrorism problem due to his weak response to the first World Trade Center bombing, and the U.S.S. Cole attack, and his refusal to take a pro-active response to the Bin Laden problem. He knew that Bin Laden was planning attacks against the U.S. but he was more worried about public opinion and his legacy to do anything about it.

And in spite of all that, so many Americans voted for Al Gore, that the election was so close that it had to be decided by Lawyers and Judges. (America once again lost some respect.)

John F. Kerry got more votes than Bill Clinton did in either election, but still lost (Thank God.)

The world does not respect us anymore, because half of us don't believe in our own system of government anymore. And the world never will again, as long as half of us refuse to support our leaders and national objectives. As long as half of us refuse to support an attitude of national strength and power.

Now don't get me wrong. I have no hatred for Democrats, or Liberals, or anyone who takes an Anti-War stance, I only think that these people are a little mis-guided, and do not fully understand world opinion, and the reasons that we now have the problems that we have. I think that they have the best of intentions, but do not fully realize the effect that they have against America. Maybe someday they will understand.

I know that this post will make some of you mad, but this is how I feel, And this is MY blog.

I can say whatever I want.


alaletos said...

Hey man was up??
I went to NC, met the man. I approve. Drop by my blog, I changed the background and whatnot. so If it looks weird thats why.


screwball's final words said...

well, after our little talk I walked away thinking that I was wrong about you. I said to myself, "even if I don't agree with him he's still a reasonable man." then I read your latest post and my head cleared. what's amazing is you say you have nothing against liberals yet you say such horrible (and wrong) things about us.

that's not reason! that's just contradictory bull. it is as though you ass raped me, but kissed me on the cheek when you were done.

well, I don't want anymore time wasted (tug's or mine, Rich?) I'll stop it here. there's no use going further, you deluded man.

you know nothing of the world.

so, enjoy your freedom of speech (a liberal concept I would like to point out). anyone can have a blog--anyone can have a voice. too bad not everyone can have brains.

all I ask, Tug, is, since I won't be adding my voice to your comments board, keep this one to remember me by.

amen, brother, I'm done.

tugboatcapn said...

Once again,


tugboatcapn said...

Reminds you of a Rush lyric, don't it Daffy?!

tugboatcapn said...

Freedom of speech is only a Liberal concept when it pertains to spreading peanut butter and mayonaise over your naked body and dancing in public, and saying the "F" word on the radio, or in front of my grandmother.
When it pertains to political speech, Liberals would squelch it when it disagrees with their position (in most cases). (See the McCain-Finegold act... Or the Kerry campaign's threats to sue the publishers of the Swift Boat Veteran's book)

rich bachelor said...

And of course, when it comes to a confiscatory tax, yes: you're right. I would rather not pay the better part of ,my salary to this war machine that does not make my life better, and indeed doesn't make yours better either.
And as to why the hostages were released twenty minutes after REagan was elected, there are books on the subject, though you might judge the credentials of their authors as suspect.

Erudite Redneck said...

Why, this is a nice rant.

Not an essay. Not really reasonable, or very rational even. But put plainly, for what it is.

A rant:

n 1: a loud bombastic declamation expressed with strong emotion
[syn: harangue, ranting]
2: pompous or pretentious talk or writing [syn: bombast, fustian,
claptrap, blah]
v : talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner [syn: mouth
off, jabber, spout, rabbit on, rave]

Seriously. I won't pick it apart because, as a rant, it's not meant to be engaged. Just received.




carrier said...

Well you're half right. Lack of respect around the globe for our country can be contributed to about half the people here. But it's the half (some of them) that is forever trying to kill them.

Daffy76 said...

Tug, I wondered when you would expand on that principle.

Kudos to ER for your understanding of the opposition. Even when I don't agree with you I have to respect you.

Mark said...

Well, Tug, you asked for it. I'd hate to be you right now. It will only get worse from here. :)

As to your comment:

I am reading a book right now, that asserts, among other things, that Democrats were in charge everytime the United states lost a war since WWII.

I won't go into more detail here, as it would require copying the entire 1st 3 chapters of the book to explain it here. However, should anyone insist on details I will get the book out and cite examples.

rich bachelor said...

Well yeah, the Dems have been pretty big on starting wars, no doubt about it. The last one we lost, though, was on a Republican's watch.
But that's being simplistic. The first advisors went in to Vietnam under Eisenhower, the thing expanded under Kennedy and Johnson, and was expanded further under Nixon...And we got booted outta there under Ford. Some folks might still blame that one on a largely Democratic congress.
So, I guess if someone wants to make a larger point about Dems and Failure, go ahead, but I just don't view it as being that simple.

Toad734 said...

If you had condensed this down to the size of a dictionary I may have read it.

tugboatcapn said...

Like you never write long, ponderous, boring posts, Toad...
Go read Bruiser's blog if mine is too tough for you to understand...