Saturday, August 27, 2005

Disclaimer?...Retraction?...Explaination. There we go...

I think that maybe I should explain myself regarding that last post...

That whole "rant", as ER called it, (And the term is appropriate...) was directed at one specific individual who showed up on the comments page of that post about Pat Robertson. This person immediately insulted my intelligence, accused me of making things up, challenged my ability to find factual information, and then informed me that he hated me and everyone like me.

When I responded to his challenge with a list of sources to back up my point, my response (because it was worded in such a way that it took a little bit of thought to understand) went way over his head, so HE called ME a fool, then asked me if I was drunk.

After a while our discussion had degenerated completely into personal attacks and trash talking, and he bailed out. His parting shot was...

" anyways, I'm done until your next post. if I push it anymore I will probably get deleted.
so,adios and farewell
I will miss your pretty eyes "

What happened next was that I decided to write a special post just for him. I let my inner Right Wing Kook run free. I tried to make it so partisan, so offensive, and so divisive that he would either dismiss me out of hand, and leave me alone, or that I would just have fun with him over the weekend.

I think he dismissed me, at least he said he did.

In any case, If I offended any of the rest of you, I apologize. That was not directed at all Democrats. I believe that the majority of Democrats and Republicans are good Americans, we just believe in different roads to get to the same destination. I know that Democrats want a strong America, same as Republicans do. Most Democrats do not want to destroy corporations and ruin the economy or punish rich people, any more than Republicans want to starve children or pollute the air and water, or kill all brown people in the world.

There was a time in America when all this was a discussion, instead of a fight. I hope that we can soon get back there before the fight becomes a war.


screwball said...

oh well, you got me. you got me pretty good.

I would like take a moment, though, to point out that the comments of mine that you took so much offense to were meant only in jest and were not anything to be taken personally (I do not, in actuality, assume all truckers are meth heads). And, I do mean the comments before your rant. the ones after, on the other hand, were fully intended to be taken personally--because I was offended, obviously.

still, none of that matters now. I intended to get you "riled up," and in return you got me "riled up," and in the end it was I who was the fool. so, in good sportmanship, allow me my extend my hand in hearty congratulations.

well played.

and, thank you for thinking so much of me that you dedicated a whole post to me. that is an honor that, in many ways, makes it all worth it.

tugboatcapn said...

You're Welcome.

You are a newcomer here. The guys who hang around regularly know that while I will get extreme sometimes, and I always lean pretty far to the right, I am a basically good natured guy.
I do, however lose my temper from time to time.
I love the exchange of well thought out opinions, when they are based in fact and logic. And while I will occaisionally engage in personal or ad-hominen attacks, I generally do not like those tactics.
Another thing that I hope everyone here realizes is that I do not set national policy, and neither does anyone else here (as far as I know.) We are just talking. Expressing opinions and relaying information. I am probably never going to change your mind or general ideology, and by the same token, you aren't going to change mine either.
I have said it before, and I will say it now. This is a video game.
That's all.
That said, If you have anything to add, welcome to the forum.
All I ask is that you try to keep it clean and civil.

Erudite Redneck said...

I hope that, it bein' a high holy day and all -- the Bristol night race -- that y'all are lettin' by-gones be by-gones. :-)


Mike said...

Quit apologizing to these left wing radicals in our country ...

You know our party wants to kill brown people...we all know this

tugboatcapn said...

Well, Mike, I try not to advertise that too much...