Saturday, October 22, 2005

Here It Comes...

Well, as Lorena Bobbitt said, it won't be long now...

I am going to make a prediction, based on the way that Harriett Miers filled out her questionare, the fact that her "Courtesy Calls" to several Senators have reportedly not gone well, and based upon other top secret evidence that only I have access to...

Harriett Miers will withdraw her own name from consideration for the Supreme Court vacancy sometime next week.

And I don't blame her if she does.

She showed up to work one morning, and the President dumped this situation on her. I don't know if she ever asked him to consider her or not. She and the President have been friends and associates for a long time, so if she wanted the job, she has had a lot of chances to let him know, but the fact of the matter is, it is up to the President to nominate who he wants for this spot on the Court.

Suddenly, Ms. Miers was thrust into this National debate, with the Libs (Who have no problem, by the way, with other Presidents putting people like their wives in charge of restructuring one SEVENTH of the U.S. economy) screaming about "Croney-ism", and demanding her to state beforehand how she will rule on specific issues, while Conservatives are running around questioning the brightness of her bulb, her lifetime achievements, her sexual orientation, her qualifications to even be in a Courtroom, even her personal financial situation.

Does anyone out there think that Harriett Miers was the first person that the President asked to fill this spot?

I don't.

Let me tell you why we wound up with Harriet Miers as a nominee in the first place.
This has all been brewing for a while. Back when the Democrats were threatening to filibuster John Bolton as Ambassador to the U.N., (Note: "Threatening." The Dems don't actually HAVE to filibuster anyone, they can hold up the vote with a THREAT...) The President finally got tired of all of the shenanigans in the Senate, and installed Bolton with a recess appointment, showing the Senate that he would actually go around them if he had to.
So the next time the filibuster issue came up, we got the "Nuclear Option" debate, and the "Gang of Fourteen" nonsense, effectively derailing the "Nuclear (Constitutional) Option", and keeping the filibuster issue alive to smack the President with later.
Why seven Senate Republicans thought that this was a good idea is totally beyond me. (To make sure that the "minority" still had a voice? You can believe that if the rolls were reversed, Democrats would show Republicans no such consideration...)
(But then again, Republicans like to believe that THEY take the high road in matters like this...)
So the President, faced with this controversial appointment, (The "Swing Seat," whatever that is on a body that is presumed to be objective and apolitical...) knew that he could not count on his Republican Senators to support him if things got tough.

So he nominated someone who NOBODY wanted.

Someone who the Democrats probably would not filibuster, but who would leave a bad taste in the mouth of the Conservative base.
If she made it through the confirmation process, and was installed on the Court, she would do a good job, rule fairly, and not engage in activism from the Bench.
If not, then he could use her to wake the Republicans in the Senate up, galvanize his troops, and maybe get someone a little more demonstrably Conservative through and onto the Court to counter some of the activism from the other side.

Win, win.

So, Republicans don't want Miers, and it looks (to me, anyway) like she will go away.

Let's just hope that we are ready for the REAL fight, when the NEXT nominee (the one we SAY we really want) comes along.

It won't be pretty, but it will be worth it.


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jgaoehals14962 said...

I hope she doesn't go away. I hope she ends up on the bench. I like what I've read about her so far... she's the perfect antithesis to Ruth Bader Ginsberg.... and I think she will really irritate Ginsberg as well.

BTW, you can get rid of those anonymous ads by adding the code device for people to make comments.