Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Memes, Memes, All Over The Place!

Sometimes it sucks to be popular...

My blogger buddies Mark, and ER, have both tagged me in the last couple of days, so I decided to answer them both in one post.

Mark's meme caused me to have to do the most actual work. (If this keeps up, I am going to just start numbering my posts, instead of naming them.)

Here it is.

1. Delve into your blog archive.

2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).

3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).

4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions. Ponder it for meaning, subtext or hidden agendas.

5. Tag five people to do the same.

Sounds easy enough...

Okay, Here y'go.

My twenty-third post (if I counted correctly...) was entitled "Side-Stepping The Real Issues."

The fifth sentence was:

"But then I realized that I had bought in to the slant (though not the way they wanted me to) that my local Media wanted to put onto this story."

Try as I might, I cannot for the life of me find any meaning, subtext, or hidden agenda in this sentence. (I am not in the habit of including any of these things in any of my sentences anyway, so this does not surprise me.)

My five victims are:

1.Rich Bachelor. (I'll teach you to comment on my blog...Tee hee hee...)

2.Daffy76. (I'll teach you to be my sister...)

3.Carrier1. (I'll teach you to be Rich Bachelor's brother...)

4.ER. (I'll teach you to meme me...)

5.Pastor Timothy. (I'll teach you Well, I'll think of something.)

ER's meme was a little bit easier.

And here it is:


Search your blog for the word "joy" used in the context of "happiness." If you cannot find the word in your weblog, you may use any of the select list of synonyms below.

"Joy, amusement, bliss, cheer, comfort, delectation, delight, ecstasy, elation, exaltation, exultation, exulting, felicity, gaiety, gladness, glee, good humor, gratification, happiness, hilarity, humor, jubilance, liveliness, merriment, mirth, pleasure, rapture, regalement, rejoicing, revelry, satisfaction, wonder."

Okay then.

My September 28th post was entitled "Oh Joy!"

It was about Tom Delay being endicted, and while you might think that I meant it sarcastically, I really am glad when real corruption is uncovered and dealt with in our Government. I don't think that it happens nearly enough.

I am basically a very happy person. I work very hard, and I have my share of problems, but God has been very good to me. I have a wonderful wife, and a spoiled rotten dog. (No children yet, but nature will eventually take it's course...) I have a big TV, a DVR, a yard full of cars, some junked, some not, depending on what day of the week it is... basically everything that a redneck could ever want.

Enough of this.

My five victims for this one are:

1. RebelAngel. (I'll teach you to...Nah. It was cute the first time...)

2. TC.

3. AJ.

4. Toad.

5. Xena.

So there you have it.

I have fulfilled my meme responsibilities for now.


Erudite Redneck said...

I want to know more about yer rotten hound, and why the heck haven't you put a pitcher of him up???


rich bachelor said...

Fantastic blog you have here. First time caller.
I think I already did this one about a month ago when ER hit me with it, but maybe not. In any case, I'll see you over at my place for the results.

rich bachelor said...

Actually, I'll just leave it here:

Matter of fact, as I have already mentioned, one can see many interesting things when one Googles the phrase "please stop tickling me". Mostly it's porn; "Please Master, please stop tickling me!" Sometimes it's some family's home page.

Pardon the crap paste job. I don't think I had any particular editorial slant or agendum (perfectly good word; don't see why we always use its plural form in its stead). As always, I was just fascinated by the 'net, and examining my own you-know-what.

tugboatcapn said...

Well, ER, quite simply because I have not yet mastered the art of posting pictures on my blog.

I'll get one of him up here soon.

His name is Sydney, and he is a seven year old, 18lb, Blonde Lhasa Apso. (We got papers on him and everything.)
When he was new, he cost more than I have spent on any of the vehicles that I drive every day, but I got him for free when I married the wife. (He came with the package.)

He's an agressive little sucker, and very protective of his Mama, so we have to kiss goodbye every morning with one hand on the dog, but I wouldn't take a share in a railroad for him.

He's my buddy.

Erudite Redneck said...

That means, you realize, that Sydney is your stepdog! I have one, myself. :-)

alaletos said...

Ill a "search for joy" and have it up asap.