Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Occasionally when a left leaning ideaologue visits my blog, or when I visit their's, I get called a Fascist. I assume that they assume that the term "Fascist" means "Extreme right wing", and it is usually associated (within this context) with Hitler, or being a Nazi. They do this, (again, I am assuming,) because they need a scary, evil sounding label to brand me with, in order to attack my credibility with any hapless reader who may happen to stumble across my writings.

(Hitler was a Socialist, by the way. Mousilini was a Fascist.)

The problem is that no one has ever used this term correctly.

I am not a Fascist. I am a "Free Market Capitalist." A "Laissez-Faire" Capitalist, which, loosley translated means a "leave us the hell alone" Capitalist. I believe the less Government interferes with the "Free Market" economic system, the better off everyone is, and the stronger our Economy becomes. (Sorry, ER, you still haven't convinced me...)

I believe that if a businessman figures out how to turn profits with his company, legally, then that businessman should be allowed to keep those profits. I also believe that if anyone, businessman, or private citizen, fails, due to bad decisions made while exercising their own freedom to make bad decisions, then they should be allowed to fail, so that the rest of us can be allowed to learn from their mistakes. So that THEY can be allowed to learn from their mistakes.

I am not, however, heartless. I do not believe that anyone in America should be allowed to starve. I also do not believe that anyone who has failed in life due to decisions that they have made while exercising their freedom to make bad decisions, should be allowed to live the same lifestyle (supported by the rest of us who have not made such bad decisions) as a working couple, both making their own income, and trying to manage their money wisely.

(How about THAT sentence?)

My point is that the term "Fascist" has a specific meaning, and it ain't "Extreme right wing."

If you look up the term "Fascist" on Dictionary.com, it says:

"fas·cist ( P ) Pronunciation Key (fshst)n.
often Fascist:
1) An advocate or adherent of fascism.
2)A reactionary or dictatorial person. "

Well, I have no interest in setting up any kind of dictatorship in America. I like our system of Elected Representative Government just fine.

The strict definition of an Economic Fascist (as I understand it) is "Someone who believes in the Government control of privately owned businesses."

I say all of that to say this.

There are evidently some real Economic Fascists in our Government.

Next week, the chief executives of all of the major oil companies are being called before the Senate to explain why their profits climbed as high as 9% during the last business quarter. (9% is not an outrageous amount of profit for a business to make, in case you didn't know...)

The Senate is also expected to demand that these oil companies "give back" some of these exorbitant profits to help pay for heating costs for "the poor".

The confiscation of profits from privately owned businesses for the public good is called "Fascism."

Do you know who the most prominent "Fascists" (by this definition) in the Senate are?

Republican Senator Charles "Chuck" Grassley of Iowa, and New York Senator Hillary Clinton. (We all know what she claims to be.)

I will say what I said on another blog recently about Wal-Mart.

If I owned Exxon-Mobil, I would shut it down.

Then watch what would happen to gas prices, and oil company profits.

Watch what would happen to consumer confidence, the stock market, inflation, and unemployment.

Do you want high gas prices?

Then support people who, for political advantage, would take the profit out of the oil industry.

How high do you want the price of a gallon of gas to go?

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