Friday, November 18, 2005

The Religion Of Liberalism.

In a comment responding to another Blogger on my last post, I refered to Environmentalism and Liberalism as Religions.

The person to whom I was speaking accused me of "spin".

Since then I have been thinking about this subject more and more, though.

Is Liberalism a Religion?

Sure looks like one...

It believes in an omnipotent benevolent Creator and Protector, (Government,) that can be called upon to help you in your hour of need.

It requires a tithe (taxes.) (If only the Liberal Tithe would stop at 10%...)

It oppresses other Religions (Christianity) as a matter of Good v.s Evil.

Un-believers are labeled as heritics and lunatics, and must be converted, or silenced and forced to go along with the priciples of Liberalism whether they believe or not.

It's believers follow unquestioningly the edicts of it's Priests (Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, The Clintons), and chant it's prayers (Bush Lied, War For Oil, Halliburton/Cheyney/ Wal-MartBigOilBigTobaccoSuv's are Evil, Help the Poor/Children/Minorities/Women).

It's followers believe without a doubt that they are doing Good, without regard for the results of their policies, and they will never admit failure.

It may even be the last religion on Earth (unless there is some Pagan or Satanic Cult that I am unaware of) that practices Human Sacrifice (Abortion) by which unborn children are sacrificed to the gods of convenience and momentary pleasure.

There are Fundamentalist Jihadist Liberals, and Moderate Peaceful Liberals, who basically believe the same doctrine, but have varying levels of committment.

To a completely impartial observer, Liberalism qualifies as a Religion on almost every level.

So I say we call a spade a spade. (So to speak.)

Let's declare it a Religion. Let's give it it's proper due.

(I'll deal with Environmentalism on another post.)

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