Wednesday, November 30, 2005

OK, Dems...NOW What?

From Condescending News Network . Com...

White House: Document spells out Iraq strategy
Wednesday, November 30, 2005

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- In an effort to address criticism that the United States has no clear plan for winning the war in Iraq, the White House Wednesday released a 35-page document that it says maps out the national plan for achieving victory.

"National Strategy for Victory in Iraq," a National Security Council document, attempts to define what victory in Iraq means in the short term, the medium term and the long term."

You wanted an exit strategy, well there it is.

Now what?

Or more importantly, what is the Democrat strategy for ending the War? Cut and run? Increase the number of troops? Finish the job? Announce to the Insurgents a specific timetable for pulling the troops out?


I'll tell you what the Democrat strategy is.

Hammer the President.

That's it. The Sum Total of the Democrat strategy regarding the War in Iraq. Just bash and accuse and undermine and oppose the President.

They have no interest in winning this War. They roundly ignore news of anything positive coming from Iraq, even when it comes from one of their own, preferring rather to focus on trumped up accusations of lies as to the reason we went to War in the first place, and to attempt to position themselves to take credit for any reduction of troops in Iraq, when it inevitably happens. (READ THAT LINK. Its the only morsel of real truth regarding the situation in Iraq that has come from any Democrat in a LONG, LONG time),

They are truly pathetic.

It's okay, though. President Bush's approval numbers are at about the same level as President Lincoln's were at the height of the War of Northern Aggression. Today history recognizes President Lincoln as one of the Greatest Presidents of all time, and the liberator of the slaves.

In a few years, history will recognize President Bush as one of the Greatest Presidents of all time, the Liberator of Twenty Million Iraqis from Tyranny, the Founder of Democracy in the Middle East, and the Stabilizer of the region, in the face of strong domestic opposition.

And history will remember the Democrats as the people who fought the liberation of the Iraqi people and the stabilization of that region for political advantage.

Which side of this conflict would you rather history remember YOU as being on?

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