Sunday, November 13, 2005

Get Killed or Die Trying

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Do you listen to Rap Music?

I do sometimes. It isn't my favorite genre, but I like some of it. I think that a lot of it is too violent, promotes the wrong stereotypes, and warps expectations and priorities, but I appreciate artistic expression.

The rapper Fi'tty Scent (Curtis Jackson) has released a new movie in a theatre near you. It is entitled "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'."

This inspiring movie chronicles the struggle of a young man, who at an early age realized the disadvantages of poverty. It tells the story of how he studied very hard, got really good grades, stayed out of trouble, went to college, and then worked his way up the corporate ladder to eventually become the CEO of a Fortune 500 Corporation.

Fans and Critics alike have sung the praises of this inspirational film, and I highly reccomend it, even though I have not yet seen it. (To those of you who are pigmentally challenged like me, I highly reccomend waiting until it comes out on home video.)

I believe that the youth of america need more positive roll models like Fi'tty Scent to help them find the path to success.

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