Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Killing The Golden Goose, American Style...

I hope that the UAW is happy.

GM has announced a new round of Layoffs, and Plant Closings.

An estimated 35,000 workers will lose their jobs.

The American Left should be dancing in the streets.

GM has been subject to an ongoing attack for several years now by the Left.

By "The Left", I mean the Labor Unions and the Environmental Lobbies.

By conservative estimate, it costs GM about 65$ per hour to employ a union member.

GM has aproximately 1.1 Million people drawing pensions and healthcare benifits, who no longer work for GM. They contribute nothing to GM anymore, they only cost GM money.

GM has aproximately 180,000 workers who actually do contribute to GM's profits.

In what Economics class is this equation sustainable?

If you want a GM product, I suggest that you buy it quick. GM won't be around much longer.

Those of you who work for GM now had better start looking for another job, for your own good. (Good luck finding one that pays as well...)

The Union is killing GM. Plain and simple. They threaten strikes unless GM provides benifits that no company can sustain. But this is not surprising. This is what Unions do.

They protect the unproductive, discourage innovation, and undermine profitability, without which no corporation can survive. They take the bargaining power away from the individual. They take away the possibility for rewards for individual excellence, and reward incompetence and derail consequences for substandard performance.

They are Socialist in their very nature.

I have never been a Union member, nor will I ever be. I hate everything that Unions are.

But then, I hate Socialism, in any form.

At the same time that this situation has been brewing, the Environmentalist Left has been engaging in an ongoing attack against SUV's, GM's best selling product, with gleeful help from the Media.

So the Left has successfully taken down another EEE-VILLL successful American Corporation.


I hope those of you who manage to keep your jobs enjoy paying the extra taxes and higher prices for your cars, and all of the other advantages that flirting with Socialism affords.

I just hope that the rest of us can learn the lessons of GM.

For all of America's history, up until the mid to late 1940's, the Tax burden in America was around 3% of the GDP. Now it is 27%, and growing every year.

What changed?

We began to introduce Socialism.

We need to arrest this trend, or the Federal Government will go the way of GM.

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