Monday, February 27, 2006

Controversy, Crap and Confusion...

Okay, let me tell you what happens now...

The UAE has requested, or agreed to, or however you want to look at it, an additional 45 day period during which the loudmouth dunder-head politicians in Washington who depend on the Media to find out what is going on in America will be brought up to speed on the details of the Dubai Ports World deal, and they will learn that it does not, and never has posed a National Security risk. They will then take this opportunity to attempt to expand their own power because of it.

When the 45 days are up, and they have exhausted the opportunity to expand Congressional power, they will flock to the cameras and microphones and announce that they have straightened it all out, and thanks to them, the deal can now go through, and we have nothing to worry about because they are on the job.

Then they will all rush home to watch themselves on Television.

This deal has been in the works since October of LAST YEAR. It was reported THEN in the Wall Street Journal. Look it up.

It only became a crisis last week. It only became a crisis when the Media realized that they could not make a criminal out of Dick Cheney over a hunting accident.

The week before that it was the NSA Domestic Spying Program.

The week before that, it was Scooter Libby.

None of these Scandals have removed the President from office. None of them have increased the popularity of a single Democrat.

None of it has worked.

None of it.

So now we move on to the next scandal, and we will all be informed how the whole Republican Party is a bunch of crooks and we should throw the bums out.

Here is this week's scandal.

By Jason Leopold t r u t h o u t
Report Friday 24 February 2006

The White House turned over last week 250 pages of emails from Vice President Dick Cheney’s office. Senior aides had sent the emails in the spring of 2003 related to the leak of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald revealed during a federal court hearing Friday.
The emails are said to be explosive, and may prove that Cheney played an active role in the effort to discredit Plame Wilson’s husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, a vocal critic of the Bush administration’s prewar Iraq intelligence, sources close to the investigation said.
Sources close to the probe said the White House “discovered” the emails two weeks ago and turned them over to Fitzgerald last week.
The sources added that the emails could prove that Cheney lied to FBI investigators when he was interviewed about the leak in early 2004. Cheney said that he was unaware of any effort to discredit Wilson or unmask his wife’s undercover status to reporters.
(Hat tip to Erudite Redneck. - TBC )

It won't matter that the Fitzgerald Commission never uncovered any evidence that any crime was committed, or that Valerie Plame Flame Wilson-Plame was not a covert agent, or that there was no National Security issue with this case at all, or that the whole investigation was unconstitutional.

This is the Scandal Du Jour.

Don't get bogged down with the facts... Don't try to educate yourself about it...

Just recite the talking points. Just repeat what the News People tell you to.

Don't form your OWN opinion...

Buy into the hype!

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