Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tug Get's Noticed!!

Did you hear it?

I did...

Rush Limbaugh used my post from last night as an outline for his second hour monologue today.

He started with "Bad news for Democrats today..." and then basically hit my main points, in order. Granted, he went into a little more detail than I did, but he was talking, and I was typing. (And he is a LOT better at talking than I am at typing...)

So, you're welcome, Rush. Feel free to use my Blog any time! We are, after all, on the same team, and God knows I have used your show and website for inspiration from time to time. I'm thrilled that I could return the favor.

Sean Hannity touched briefly on the idea as his show opener as well, but he didn't follow my basic outline as closely as Rush did.

I think that Rush actually read my post, and was so excited about how brilliant it was that he called Sean on the phone and told him about it. (That's my theory, anyway...)

Made me proud!

So to all of you in the New Media...

Don't worry, guys...

Your show prep will continue...

After these comments.

(Tee, hee, hee...)

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