Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Let's Party!!

Today I was listening to the Sirius Satellite Radio, to the talk show hosted by Mike Church, on my way to work.

He was talking about Mardis Gras.

He was pointing out how wonderful it is that after this short period of time after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans was throwing the biggest party in America.

Then came the News Break.

An interviewer from ABC News asked a New Orleans Resident how she felt about the Celebration going on on Bourbon Street.

Her response was "Sure they Partyin' over there, but what about tha peoples who still sufferin' over here?"

I screamed at the radio, "They need ta get up off they butts, and quit sufferin'!!"

Then Mike Church continued his coverage of the party going on all around him, and continued to recount his participation in it so far, and to announce his plans to participate in it tonight,(Fat Tuesday) and his plans to party for the rest of the week.

I was struck by this thought.

The woman in the News Cast had a valid point.

If there are still people suffering in New Orleans, then this is no time to party.

Couldn't the money being spent on Alcohol and Beads and Hookers and food and nudity and debauchery and gambling and sin and partying be better spent helping the needy, helpless, unfortunate victims of Hurricane Katrina?

I mean, where is the compassion of these revelers?

Don't they know that people have lost EVERYTHING?

How can they party at a time like this?

This leads me to the only logical conclusion.

The people of New Orleans do not care about Black People.

No wait...

If the data collected SINCE Katrina is to be believed, then more White People were affected by the Hurricane than Black People...

So the people of New Orleans do not care about White People??

We all need to pitch in and help these White People out, right?

Three Hundred Billion Dollars of taxpayer money promised to help the people of New Orleans.

Three Hundred Thousand Million Dollars.







Taxpayer money.

And they are having a party. The biggest party in America.

To me this seems to be the epitome of misplaced priorities.

If they can afford to have a party, then everything must be back to normal, and the Taxpayer obligation to help the people of New Orleans has been fully realized, right?

Or are we, the taxpayers subsidizing their party?

With the money that we worked for?

Isn't Big Government Great??!!

Tell me again what the Constitutional provision for Federal assistance for Natural Disaster victims is...

I can't seem to find it...

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