Tuesday, February 07, 2006

National Security v.s. Freedom to Break the Law...What's YOUR Problem?

Excerpt from the Washington Post...

Surveillance Net Yields Few Suspects
NSA's Hunt for Terrorists Scrutinizes Thousands of Americans,
but Most Are Later Cleared... (Emphasis added - TBC)

"The Bush administration refuses to say -- in public or in closed session of Congress -- how many Americans in the past four years have had their conversations recorded or their e-mails read by intelligence analysts without court authority. Two knowledgeable sources placed that number in the thousands; one of them, more specific, said about 5,000." ( Again, Emphasis added - TBC)

Did you catch that?

First of all, let me explain for a moment how the NSA Anti-Terror Electronic Surveilance Program works.

Under this program, people in the United States, (not necessarily U.S. Citizens, just people who may be here...) who make phone calls to, or recieve phone calls from KNOWN AL-QAEDA MEMBERS, may or may not have their calls intercepted and monitored by the National Security Agency.

And that article said that there may be as many as 5000 people in our Country who are engaging in that type of activity.

Thank God for the Bush Administration!!

Does anyone but me realize that it has been three and a half YEARS since our Country has been attacked, and we are at War? Have been at War the whole time?

Al Qaeda struck first, but for all of their threats, (and there have been plenty...) they have not hit us again since then.

That's a FACT.

This is not a co-incidence. This isn't just luck. It doesn't mean that Al Qaeda has lost their will to attack us at home.

Somebody, somewhere has been successful in thwarting their plans.

Plain and simple.

Today was the second day of hearings into the NSA Electronic Survielance Program. Televised Hearings. With very vocal Democrats questioning the propriety of this very valuable tool that our Government has been using for these past three and a half years to prevent attacks against us on our own soil by our enemies.

Let me ask you a question, and I ask you to forget partisanship, and hatred for the current President for a moment, and consider this logically.

If we are all concerned with National Security, and are interested in keeping each other safe from Terrorist Attacks on our soil, then why are these hearings being televised?

Why are we allowing our enemies to see these proceedings, and why are we allowing them to learn all that they can about this program by exposing it's details on national and international television?

Do you think that Al Qaeda does not watch C-Span?

Let me ask you another question...

If you are against this program, then why?

Why are you afraid of this?

Are YOU talking to Al Qaeda? If not, then what are you afraid of the Government learning about you?

Are you doing something illegal?

Would you talk about it on the phone if you were?

Are you that flippin' dumb?

If you are, then you deserve to be caught, and punished.

The simple truth about this whole issue is that there are some Americans who are more interested in making President George W. Bush look bad, or in trying to orchestrate a situation in which they might try to impeach him (just like the Republicans did to Clinton) that they would throw National Security by the wayside, and severely damage this valuable program to the point of uselessness, just to accomplish that goal.

They couldn't care less about National Security, as long as Republicans look bad, and Democrats regain power.

I sincerely hope that you don't fall into that category...

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