Monday, February 20, 2006

Does This Seem Kooky To You?

I'll go ahead and warn you right off the bat...

I've got my tin-foil hat on today.

Had it on all day.

I have a tendancy to dream up conspiracy theories, and wild ones at that. Always have. I can't help it. Sometimes logic and reason just can't explain the things that I see happening around me.

Here is the conspiracy theory that has been gnawing at the corner of my brain all day today...

There seems to me to be a deal of some kind between Republicans and Democrats in our National Government to keep the House and Senate pretty evenly divided.

The 2006 Congressional and Senatorial Elections looked like they were shaping up to be a bloodbath for Democrats last week. The "Controversy, Crap and Confusion" Press, or CCCP for short, (I'm not going to call them the "Mainstream Press" anymore, because the Blogosphere and Talk Radio have become more mainstream than the Antique Media is now...) made absolute asses of themselves all week long over the Dick Cheney Shooting Incident, and Democrats en mass rushed to the microphones and TV cameras to display their lack of class and statesmanship.

It looked like the elections were a wash for Republicans.

But that was last week.

This week, we have this to deal with.

The headline reads The Wrong Way to Guard the Ports ...

It's all about the sale of the operations of several U.S. ports to a state owned corporation from the United Arab Emirates based in Dubai.

Not the SECURITY of the ports (which is what the Democrats want you to believe), the OPERATIONS. Paying the power bills. Negotiating the contracts with the Labor Unions. Keeping the parking lots and loading yards paved, scheduling the trucks and ships.

The security will still be handled by the Coast Guard. The U.S. Coast Guard. Same as always.

But that won't stop the Democrats from casting this whole situation as the Bush administration putting the Fox in charge of the Hen House, whether that is actually the case or not.

If President Bush was aware of this as it developed, and chose to do nothing about it, then maybe he really is too naive and simple to be the figurehead of the Republican Party. If he was told by his advisors that this would be okay, then he needs to fire everyone within 500 feet of him, and start over with all new advisors. If he didn't understand the political ramifications of this situation, then I don't know how to help him.

He should know better.

This is custom-made for Democrats in an Election Year.

Republicans could not have handed the Democrats a better stick to beat them with if they had assembled a Bi-partisan Commission to design it.

This looks for all the world to me like the Republicans in general, and the Bush Administration particularly are throwing a political bone to the Democrat Party.

This looks for all the world to me like an attempt to maintain Governmental gridlock.

I have long had a suspicion that our elected leaders do not really run things, but that there are a handful of people hiding behind the chair in the Oval Office who really control things, no matter who we elect, and this looks like the type of thing that they would cause.

How else would you explain it?

I think that I will chose not to let it worry me very much, though...

As a general rule (if History is any teacher...), you can believe that if is upset about it, it is probably alright. If Americans Coming Together is screaming about it, it is probably a good thing for America. If the commentators on the Daily KOS are coming unglued about it, then we should go with it.

If these groups are FOR something, it probably is a bad idea.

(If History is any teacher...)

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