Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Bush Agenda

According to Carrier1, a frequent commentor on my blog, President Bush is not very popular.

"Polls taken from the last two weeks concerning the president's job approval:

Newsweek 36%
FOX 39%
NPR 39%
CBS 34%
PEW 33%
AP 37%
ABC 41%"

According to Carrier1.

How can this be?

We are at War.

Wartime Presidents are supposed to be popular. Wartime is supposed to be a time of hightened Patriotism and National Pride. This should lead to heightened poll numbers for whoever happens to be the President.

I know the answer...

Would you like for me to explain it to you?

Here it is.

President Bush is the most Liberal President America has ever had.

Yes, I said it. He is a Liberal. (When it comes to Domestic policy, anyway.)

But while he is a Social Liberal, we have the War going on, (which was necessary and unavoidable,) and he has been strong on National Security, which makes Liberals hate him.

So the Conservatives hate him for his Liberalism, and the Liberals hate him because of his Pro-War Stance, and because of his strong stance on National Security.

Everybody hates President Bush. We all think he is a moron.

Which brings me to the point of my post...

President Bush is not a Conservative.

Nor is he a Liberal.

He is an Anti-Democrat.

Think about the things that have happened over the last few weeks.

Democrats have begun to scream about who America's enemies are. Until about four weeks ago, you couldn't get a Democrat to admit that America HAD any enemies (that we didn't create.) (Purposely and unjustly.)

They insisted that the whole War on Terror was a construct of the Bush Administration, put into place in order to justify the Government spying on average, everyday American Citizens.

Now, according to most Democrats, and some Republicans, NO A-rab is to EVER be trusted, under any circumstances, for any reason. (This is the party of understanding and Racial Diversity, to hear them tell it...)

Lately, I have seen and heard several far Left Wingers complaining about run-away Government Spending.

Have you EVER heard of such a thing?

Government Spending under the Bush Administration has reached an all-time high.

And Democrats are the ones complaining about it.

The reason Spending is out of control is because of Bush's new Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit, the estimated cost of which has more than tripled since it was passed a couple of years ago.

What President Bush did with this program was to give America a little taste of Socialized Medicine. (A major plank in the Democrat agenda.)

And by all accounts, Democrat and Republican, it is way too expensive. It cannot be sustained.

I believe that he did this on purpose. He did it in order to show America the folly of Socialized anything. To ruin America's appetite for Government Give-away programs.

This explains one of the reasons Liberal Democrats hate him, in spite of his support for their most prized programs.

While they are theories, these programs are supportable. When they become reality, the numbers can be run, and the problems with these type of ideas can be undeniably demonstrated.

I think he did this in order to ruin America's taste for Socialism. In any form.

This means that President Bush is far smarter than anyone has given him credit for.

I think that President Bush's REAL agenda is the systematic dismantling of the Democrat Party.

His plan is to assign them a place of irrelevence for the next hundred years or so.

This explains, (to me, anyway,) his unwillingness to address the attacks against him and his policies from Democrats. He wanted them to go ahead and dig their own holes as deep as they could dig them. (Notice the documents released this week from the Department of Defense linking Iraq and Saddam Hussein to Al Qaeda and the 9/11 attacks.)

This explains (to me, anyway,) his proposal of Socialist Government Give-Away Programs, and his allowing Government Spending to get out of hand.

Americans do not like Socialism. Some think that they do, but most of us realize that when you take away from one man, and give to another, you have made Slaves of BOTH men.

We do not want that.

President Bush's Approval Numbers are low. That's a fact.

I think he wants it that way. For now, at least.

Most Americans live their own lives as Conservatives.

President Bush knows this.

I think that his Agenda is right on track.

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