Monday, March 06, 2006

The Clinton (Dis)Connection...

From MSN Money...

Hillary Clinton 'unaware' of Bill's Dubai ties...

"Hillary Clinton, a leading opponent of DP World's takeover of some US port operations, was this week forced to admit that she did not know her husband had advised Dubai leaders on how to handle the growing dispute.
But former President Bill Clinton's ties to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates should not have come as a surprise to his New York senator wife."

"Mrs Clinton's own senatorial financial disclosure forms reveal that her husband earned $450,000 giving speeches in Dubai in 2002.
Officials from the UAE also donated between $500,000 and $1m to fund Mr Clinton's presidential library in Arkansas."

I don't know how your relationship with your spouse works, but if I showed up with $450,000, I would have to explain to my wife where it came from, whether or not she was a U.S. Senator who had to report our income and marital assets. (The Clintons ARE still married, aren't they?)

This Port Deal with the UAE has put everyone in America into a sticky position. (Everyone who pays attention, anyway...)

We have all been forced to either support the President on an issue that is a Political Turkey any way you slice it, or oppose him even though Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton both agree with President Bush. (Has that EVER happened before?)

So did Mrs Bill Clinton know that he was working to broker this deal?

We may never know for sure.

She has a notoriously bad memory when she has been questioned in the past, especially when questioned about subjects that may damage her politically.

If she knew that her husband had worked to put the deal together, and then came out and said that it posed an "unacceptable risk to National Security", then she has admitted that she believes her husband does not know what constitutes a threat to National Security. (And she would probably be right on that point. Had her husband chosen to take Osama Bin Laden into custody when he was offered, on no less than three seperate occasions, then the 9/11 attacks could have possibly been avoided.)

If she didn't know, then she should have known. What else is he into that she is unaware of?

The more important question is, if they don't trust each other, then how can we trust either one of them?

After what this Country has been through because of the Clintons, why would we want to?

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