Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Thinking Outside The Box...

One of my jobs as a member of the human race is to try to come up with solutions to all of the World's problems. This is a responsibility that I take very seriously.

We have a LOT of problems.

So I try every day to devote a little of my time to solving some of these problems, in the hope that maybe I might stumble onto something that no one else has thought of yet.

Today I might have done it.

I was thinking about the problems of Global Terrorism, Illegal Immigration, and the brewing conflict with Iran over Nuclear Weapons.

What is the stated source of conflict in the Middle East?

Israel, right?

America's support of Israel is the cause of Muslim hatred toward America (or at least a major sore spot, by all accounts) isn't it?

Iranian President Abu Musad Amadinejad recently suggested that Israel be re-located to Germany, and then they (the Muslims) would all behave, didn't he?

I think that this idea may have merit.

Stay with me now...

Let's re-locate the nation of Israel...to the U.S./Mexico Border.

We could set aside an area of land equivalent to the strip of land that Israel currently occupies, or even larger, complete with an exact replication of the city of Jerusalem, and an exact replication of every Israeli home and business,and move all of the citizens of the nation of Israel there.

The current owners of the land could be compensated through the Defense Department, and the Supreme Court has already paved the way for dealing with any holdouts through Imminent Domain.

It would be far cheaper than a twenty year War against Terrorism. The Israelis would have the same things that they have now, only it would all be brand new.

The terrain is about the same, and we could even provide them with a functioning sea port.

The Palestinians could have their "Homeland" back, Israel would prosper, Terrorism would cease, and everybody would be happy.

I think it could work.

I mean, the Nation of Israel is a post-WWII creation of the United States in the first place, according to the rest of the World, isn't it?

Why can't we re-locate it in order to secure World Peace?

Mr. President, and Ms. Rice, (I know that they both read my blog...) if either of you would like to propose this idea, feel free to let the World believe that you thought of it. (I am not in this for fortune or fame...)

This idea has a couple of other added benefits...

One, if any Muslim Nation wanted to push the Nation of Israel into the Sea, they would first have to take over the Nation of Mexico, or the United States to get to them.

The threat of genocide is completely eliminated.

And two...

The Israelis will not put up with a steady stream of illegal immigrants flowing over their borders. They would STOP that in it's tracks.

Several birds, one stone.

Now if we can only talk Israel, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona into it...

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