Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Three Out Of Four People Make Up Seventy-Five Percent Of The Population...

The News man on my local radio ststion informed me this morning that eighty percent of the American public believe that the Bird Flu will eventually reach the United States.

He neglected to tell me where eighty percent of the American public studied Epedemiology, where eighty percent of the American public got their Medical degrees, or why what eighty percent of the uninformed American public thinks about anything should matter to me one whit.

This was an ABC News poll.

You remember ABC News, don't you?

They used to be a very influential and reliable news source, back before the advent of the New Media, Talk Radio, and the Internet.

Back before people had access to information from other sources.

Before ABC News got caught forging documents to support their agenda.

A couple of days ago, I was informed by this same local radio News man of a poll stating that 46 percent of the residents of California believe that illegal aliens (I REFUSE to call them "undocumented immigrants", They are invaders and criminals) have a positive influence on local economies.

On this poll, he neglected to tell me that the poll was of just over 500 residents of Los Angeles, and that the poll was given in both English and Spanish, and that nearly HALF of the respondents were not registered voters.

My question on this one was, why didn't they just go to the border, and ask the illegals what they thought of it as they came across the border?

These are the same type of polls that tell us that the President's approval numbers are the lowest ever, for any President.

It occurs to me that News polls are simply the Media's way of judging how effective they have been at pushing their own agenda.

If the President's approval numbers were to come in at seventy-two percent on one of ABC News' polls, do you think you would ever hear about it?

I don't.

I have no idea how many times a week they run these polls.

I have no idea what geographic location they run them in.

They mean absolutely nothing to me.


Stop reporting to me how effective you have been in manipulating the ignorance of the American public.

Stop telling me what the idiots that I work with think.

Stop trying to manipulate my opinion through peer pressure. (That didn't work on me when I was twelve. It CERTAINLY isn't going to work now.)

Just tell me what happened. Tell me who did it. Tell me what happened to them because of it.

Tell me what whoever (important) said about it.

Don't insult my intelligence.

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