Thursday, December 01, 2005


The Wife and I are currently in negotiations to buy a house in North Carolina.

If we get it, we are going to move back there.

The house that we are looking at needs a little work, so our original plan was for me to go ahead after the first of the year, and move up there and work a job there, and work on the house, and for her to stay here and finish out the school year.

But after sleeping together on it, I have come to the realization that I just can't leave her behind alone.

I just can't stand the thought of her being in Florida without me when it gets hot.

And I also know that it will get hard on me, and when it does, I will want her to be there.

Now don't get me wrong. I know how to handle myself, and I'm sure that she does as well, but it's just better if you have a partner.

And I know how I am, (I was single for a very long time...) and with temptation of all kinds lurking behind every Convenience store counter, there is no telling what I might get into, if I am left unsupervised. Things could get sticky and messy.

And I know that she could be tempted as well, and if she is lonely and some handsome guy comes along, she might blow it.

(Not that I'm worried...)

So after an all night session of, uhm, discussion, we have decided to get our things together and try to come at the same time.

I am sure that as long as we continue to focus on each other, and be there to fulfill each other's needs, that we will have a happy ending.

Relationships are tricky at best, and when you find one that fits, you need to work on it at every opportunity, and hang on to it.

After all, a perfect pair only comes along once in a lifetime...

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