Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hillary For President!!

In a brilliant and inspirational speech before the DLC (Democratic Loser Committee) on Monday, the former First Lady Mrs. Bill Clinton articulated her plan for a totally new direction for the Democrat Party.

"Americans are earning less while the costs of a middle class life have soared..." she announced.

"A lot of Americans can't work any harder, borrow any more or save any less..." Clinton said. President George W. Bush and Republicans have "made a mess out of the country's finances."

The DLC's "American Dream Initiative," is a package of proposals that claim to make college and home ownership more affordable (?), help small businesses (by reinstating the Death Tax), improve retirement savings and expand health insurance coverage (by taking over all of it).

"This plan will make the basics of life in the middle class -- health care, education and retirement -- affordable for those who take responsibility... These ideas will make sure every American will get a fair wage, access to college and home ownership and a path out of poverty and into the middle class," Mrs. Bill Clinton said.

And then, for the part of the plan that is sure to sweep hordes of Democrats to landslide victorys in the next couple of elections, she announced the new and improved Bumper-Sticker Slogan...

"It's the American dream, stupid!"

So now, let's recap this shiny new plan that Hillary...uhmn, excuse me...Mrs. Bill Clinton and the Democrat Loser Committee have unveiled...

1. Bash the Bush Administration.

2. Talk down the Economy.

3. Capitalize on the incompetence and hopelessness of American Citizens.

4. Socialize EVERYTHING.

And last but not least...

5. Think up and announce a catchy, easily chantable slogan with which to shout down any opposition and divert any real, in depth discussion about the Democrats' plans for the "Workers".

Sounds a lot like the old plan to me.

It's Hillary Clinton, stupid!

Is this insulting to anyone besides me?

Why don't they just come right out and say it and stop beating around the Bush, so to speak?

"Vote Democrat, stupid."

I, personally, can not WAIT for 2008. Please, please, PLEASE, Democrats...choose Mrs Bill Clinton as your Presidential Nominee!

And while you are at it, go ahead and run Barack Osama Obama al Democrati for V.P. too. (We might as well get rid of him in 2008, too.)

We WANT you to!

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